Brahmins are 'twice born, have good qualities': Kerala high court judge



KOCHI: A sitting judge of Kerala HC has stoked the debate on whether reservation should be on the basis of community or caste alone, suggesting that Brahmins being “twice-born” and blessed with “all good qualities rolled into one” needn’t necessarily preclude them from voicing concern over the absence of a quota system based on economic criteria.


In a viral video of his speech at the recent Tamil Brahmins’ Global Meet here, Justice V Chitambaresh can be heard saying, “it’s time for you (Brahmins)” to question the basis of reservation. “Occupying a constitutional post, it may not be proper for me to express any opinion. I’m not expressing my opinion. I’m only reminding you that there is a platform for you to agitate or to voice your concerns about reservation.”

法官V . Chitambaresh在最近泰米尔婆罗门全球会议上发表讲话时表示:“是时候让婆罗门质疑这种预留制的基础了。我担任宪法职务,可能不适合发表任何意见。我不是在表达观点,只是想提醒你们,有一个平台可以让你们表达对预留制的担忧。”

He adds, “There is 10% reservation for economically backward classes. But a son of a Brahmin cook, even if he falls within the non-creamy layer zone, will not get any reservation whereas a son of a timber merchant — who belongs to ‘other backward communities’ — will get a reservation if he’s within the non-creamy layer zone. It’s time for you to deliberate and put forward your views.” While arguing that Brahmins being denied any kind of reservation may be unfair, he didn’t hold back in describing the “qualities” that seemingly make a Brahmin first among equals.



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Veer• Veer•USA•5 hours ago

Reservation is a curse, it has created a corrupt and incompetent soceity. Help poor people for education. There should be no reservation of any kind either in education or jobs.



Dwarkish• Veer•Delhi•52 mins ago

Yes Agreed but now a days everybody want to be under reservation group to have free facilities ?



Samuel•4711•Influencer Wordsmith News King • Veer•Bengaluru•5 hours ago

reservation formula, created by upper caste to rule society for centuries



Mahesh• Samuel •Hyd•3 hours ago

British supressed Brahmins to conquer India culturally as Brahmins were (are) talented, meritorious. British used Gandhi and Ambedkar for this agenda of supressing Brahmins and convert lower castes to Christianity. Even now, Brahmins are least corrupt, believe in Karma.



IndianForever•202• Indianforever•4 hours ago

I m a brahmin and i strongly demand that all reservations should be abolished.



Kapoor A•10037• Kapoor A•Delhi•4 hours ago

Reservations kill the country. Mandela had said so. Reservations should not be on Caste Basis. It should be ONLY on Economic Criteria.



Sandeep Mandal•21752•Influencer Wordsmith News King • Sandeep Mandal•Mumbai•3 hours ago

Brahmins(of Brahiminism belief) are born to eat, and feast at the cost of others



Shaji•2478•Member • Shaji•4 hours ago

If brahmins have such good qualities then why don''t they let women perform the rituals and duties of the priests? Not a single temple in Varanasi has a female priest and that is the central pilgrimage spot for all hindus.



Samuel•4711•Influencer Wordsmith News King • Samuel•Bengaluru•5 hours ago

reservation for priesthood for upper caste is also wrong, govt should make a move that all dalits so called lower caste be trained and ordained as priest



Lalit Prasad•730•Influencer Wordsmith Frequent Flyer • Lalit Prasad•3 hours ago

This Judge should be impeached immediately. All his judgements should be reviewed for caste bias. Such useless obscurantist mindset people get into judiciary, speaks volumes on the quality of judges. How the hell he thinks all Brahmins are superior to other Indians from various castes and creed.



SG• SG•India•4 hours ago

Such false perceptions divide the society and brings the community to the destruction. I have seen many such people how lacks the ability of clear thinking but possess arrogance in the their attitude as their birth right. Such hierarchy system must be torn down and not to be lauded.



Truth Hurts•2646•Wordsmith News King Frequent Flyer • Debasish Bhattacharya•Mumbai•2 hours ago

Scrap reservation in the basis of caste. Everyone is born equal.



El Che•5238•Influencer Wordsmith News King • Debasish Bhattacharya•1 hour ago

I have a Brahmin friend who has not studied anything. He joined the temple as priest where his father was working and became priest after few years. Now he gets salary and also lotta money in the form of dakshina..



Parth Garg•5040•Wordsmith News King Frequent Flyer • Parth Garg•3 hours ago

It is strange that such "Manuwadis'' are holding the pious post of a High Court judge. He should resign first and then express his worthless opinion.



Srinivasan Jayaram•1671• Srinivasan Jayaram•2 hours ago

A time has come to withdraw caste based reservation which is spoiling India''s potential growth and need to be abolished when we celebrate 75 years of independence.



Bharatputra•670•Wordsmith News King Frequent Flyer • Bharatputra •3 hours ago

This is the very mentality among brahmins has sustained caste system for so long. They have the superiority complex and yet want to avail the benefits provided to lower caste people.



Prince India•6039• Prince•3 hours ago

Abolish Caste system as well as Reservations then only India will progress.



Paresh R•11• Paresh•3 hours ago

brahimns don't have to prove them selves How sure r u that u were not biased when a accused brahmin was tried in your court please try n clear pending cases first.



ifthekarahmed killedar•Member • Ifthekarahmed•2 hours ago

It's True. I support Brahmin Reservations



Sudarsan Parthasarathy•2720•Influencer Wordsmith Member • M N Khan•2 hours ago

Correct, nothing special about Brahmins. Caste based reservations should go



Timur Kumar•5816•Influencer Wordsmith • Timur•3 hours ago

brahmins are 5000 years of reservation product....don't talk of equality....it looks disgusting.....


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