92次出访,涉足57个国家: 莫迪总理出访取得了哪些成就

 92 trips, 57 countries: What PM Modi achieved on his foreign visits

92次出访,57个国家: 莫迪总理出访取得了哪些成就


NEW DELHI: As Prime Minister Narendra Modi bids for re-ion, his has said his skillful diplomacy on the world stage has increased India's global stature and brought in a flood of investment.

新德里:  在印度总理纳伦德拉·莫迪寻求连任之际,印度人民党表示,莫迪在世界舞台上娴熟的外交提高了印度的全球地位,吸引了大量投资。

But what exactly have PM Modi's foreign travels achieved? With 92 trips to 57 countries since coming to power in May 2014, Modi has flown abroad nearly twice as much as his predecessor Manmohan Singh in five years.


While Modi's visits have won praise from supporters for boosting India's global profile, the costs associated with them — and the optics of traveling abroad so often in a country where many farmers are struggling — have triggered some criticism. Congress presi nt Rahul Gandhi has accused Modi of ignoring problems at home.



A closer look at Modi's trips show that while some have yielded vague agreements that may not develop into anything substantial, doubters may still be exaggerating the negatives. Summit meetings accounted for roughly a third of Modi's visits. And his arrival in each foreign capital made a symbolic statement about New Delhi's world outlook.


Modi also made a point of repeatedly meeting leaders such as Japan's Shinzo Abe and Russia's Vladimir Putin, whose countries provide much-needed industrial investment and defense technology.


Here's more:

Record FDI

Foreign direct investment into India in Modi's first term amounted to $193 billion, 50 percent more than the preceding five years.




Energy security

Under Modi, India started purchasing crude and liquefied natural gas cargoes from the US for the first time. In the last five years, he struck deals from Russia to the Middle East securing oil assets for India. He got the world's biggest oil exporter Saudi Aramco to agree to invest in India's largest oil refinery, and the UAE to fill up strategic oil reserves, reducing the strain on state finances.



Big projects

Modi has tried to tap a number of countries for strategic projects, which has occasionally brought him po itical grief.

After making the first-ever visit to Israel by an Indian premier, Modi has continued to seek advanced defense and water technology from Tel Aviv. With Japan, India is building a bullet train in Modi's native state Gujarat — although the slow pace of land acquisition has led to criticism.

In 2016, Modi signed an $8.7 billion deal for 36 Rafale fighter planes from France. The move has come under intense scrutiny since then for alleged rule violations, which his go nment has denied. Opponents have continued to use the deal to question the go nment's anti-co ption credentials.





Soft power

Modi has tried to use his trips to bolster India's global image as an investment destination and a rising global power. He's addressed the World Economic Forum in Davos and the Shangri-La security dialogue in Singapore.




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Suman Bhat • Blore • 1 day ago

Rs1,484 crore was spent on Narendra Modi''s travels abroad. The amount of FDI that came in from 2014-2018 is 15,32,157 crore; that is 1032 times the amount spent.The foreign tourist arrivals in India has gone up from 70 lakh in 2013 to 1 crore in 2017. This is an increase of almost 45%: How much Ma-Beta spend on foreign tour & what they get back to the country



Suman Bhat • 13 hours ago

FDI india was assured as it is a growing economy.



Ravindran Nambiar Menaputhiyaveettle • Hyderabad • 1 day ago

Unfortunately opposition who critizize Modi day in and day out do not see positive aspects but only see imaginative negative aspects. Problem of Congress is loss of huge commissions in last five years, further loss of commissions will strike at the root of their estence.



Nemam Natarajan Pasupathy • Hyderabad • 1 day ago

What has India gained? Wait for 23 may and count the number of world leaders personally congratulating Modi! You will then understand!

印度获得了什么?等到5月23日,看看有多少世界领导人亲自祝贺莫迪! 你就会明白的!


Nemam Natarajan Pasupathy • New Delhi • 18 hours ago

Certainly they will. He had bought Helicopters from US, Rafale from France, Speedy Rails from Japan, Outdated wons from Israel, Gas fields at High prices from Russia, Bullet Train from Japan..... Very fruitful travels...



dhanjay • 1 day ago

also compare the money spend by modi for these trips and mounmahan''s 42 trips. modi''s 57 trips cost almost same as manmohan''s 42 trips.



Samir Rajput • 13 hours ago

ask us..we NRIS feel proud as modi is our PM. World recognise india''s power now.



ku Singh • 1 day ago

No mommy / daddy / grandparents mollycoddling like the Gandhi family. I like & respect self-made people NarendraModi



Makdxb • INDIA • 1 day ago

Don''t ever expect a positive word from opposition as most of them in the opposition are power hungry people. Even if they see good they can''t agree with it.



Narem Ss • 13 hours ago

Go abroad, you will know what PM Modi has done. He is the face of an -Indian



Deshbhakt • Mumbai • 13 hours ago

Sir. Modi is real patriot and real national !!!



Manu M • 1 day ago

It is far better than the previous go nment elites to loot the treasury of the nation and stash the money in foreign countries and get the relatives become richer at the countries expense.



Anand Deshpande • Singapore • 13 hours ago

Other countries giving him awards . Corrupt Scamgress is Jealous



Dilip • 12 hours ago

International India is become more powerful, strong, admired , Indians in foreign countries get respect recognition, status better than before . The most corrupt nation ranking has improved, there are endless other benefits which we have gained by choosing a powerful PM Modi. Last but not the least Pakistan has been tamed well by this 56 inch Sher -Tiger and will not dare to repeat such attacks, knowing well they will be dest yed without any warning



Ashok Kth • Udupi • 13 hours ago

Modiji made India stronger and Richer ...He made and Pakistan poorer and poorer..



Anil • 11 hours ago

Dumb Rahul Gandhi and his corrupt won't be able to understand this.... Shameless Rahul Gandhi only knows how to spread lies.... People in India will slap on his face soon



Lla • New Delhi • 12 hours ago

The most sincere PM India has seen in decades.



Lla • Bengaluru • 10 hours ago

The biggest liar this nation has produced!!!



Prakash • 12 hours ago

Modi changedthe status of India to a new high



Chandrasekaran Krishnamurthy • 6 hours ago

What is not achieved in 65 years has been achieved by Modi in five years beyond doubt.



Lakshminarasimha • Bangalore • 12 hours ago

This is his first term as PM and he has achieved this much. What did Congress achieve in 10 years? You have unreasonable expectations. Be practical and unbiased

这是莫迪的第一任期,他已经取得了这么大的成就。国大党10年内取得了什么成就? 大家要实事求是,不偏不倚。


Lakshminarasimha Sharma • 8 hours ago

what has achieve by Modi?? He hasn''t done anything what he had promise to the nation instead indian suffered because of him.open your eyes and you will see whats infront of you.



Vijay Kumar • 12 hours ago

Outcomes of Modi external visits are far greater than any pm in Indian history. He is the best pm one can get for any country. Only anti national and anti socials oppose him.



Ajitkumar Vijaya • BANGALORE • 12 hours ago

Indias one and only truly globalised prime minister who brought dignity and honour back to our country



Sandeep • 12 hours ago

i cannot expect pappu to do even 5% of these.



Rohit Mohan • 11 hours ago

Taxpayers money really well spent.



Jai Gupta • 12 hours ago

Prime Minister is actually did nothing except foreign visits... He is actually foreign Minister of india not sushma swaraj....v



Pritam Dhal • Toronto, Ontario • 12 hours ago

This will happen if we make a chaiw to PM



Zenith India • 13 hours ago

Achieved NOTHING .... World Tour Package


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