Samavedula Venkata Rama Sastry, former Superintending Survey Officer at Singareni Collieries Company Limited (1974-2012)

Smt. Indira Gandhi declared Emergency in 1975. In 1977 elections People defeated her party and herself in protest against emergency. In 1980 The same people voted for her and given absolute majority in protest against in fighting of Janata Party Government.

This happens only in India.



When I was student my classmate asks for co operation in exam, which meant allow him to copy my answer.


We all wait for our turn in Railway Reservation Queue. Then some person enters through main door and does reservation for a number of applications taking almost 45 minutes. We are all silent.


People do not show respect or concern for our father or mother who are old . We even do not give them sufficient food. But after their death we perform rituals with arranging food for 100 or more persons.


People help a blind person for crossing road. Help a physically challenged person to climb train or bus. But pelt stones over mentally challenged person.


An old couple reserves two lower berths well in advance for a night journey. One young couple comes and requests them to go to upper berths as they are newly married.


In movie theaters the persons sitting in front row always masks our view and talks loudly with each other disturbing others. Nobody intervenes.


If a verbal or bodily fights happens in a street ,lot of people gathers, but no body tries to stop the fight.


You tease girls in college and be proud of it. If your sister complaints about any body teasing her, you go and beat him.


The candidate acquiring 75% marks did not get seat, where as a candidate gets seat for only 50% of marks. Reason.Reservation.


There is no ban on hearing cricket commentary in office.But ban on hearing music.(1960’s joke)


We use public urinals and toilets , but ignore flushing.


The entire family of 4 or 5 travels on two wheeler.


We ignore good software jobs in India and travel to USA for mediocre jobs


People abuse our father of nation publicly. Freedom of speech


We negotiate price in vegetable market. but buy the same vegetables in malls without negotiating.


We talk a lot of politics, but on a voting day we will not go to voting booth but simply enjoy our holiday.



Amit P Kumar, Founder & CEO at ProfshineTech.com (2017-present)

Sadly, Most of the answers here are showing the negative aspects of India (No offence), But there are also some positive aspects that very few of the below answers are indicating -

Anyways here are some of the very positive things that only happened or happening in India…

1.India launched the cheapest mars mission called Mangalyaan in its first attempt. and India’s the only country in this world to do this, No country has ever done this miracle in its first attempt.[1]





2.India has the best remote sensing capabilities in the world[2][3][4].



3. India is the largest Mango production country in the world, and mango is also the national fruit of India.[5]



4. India is world's largest de ocracy with over 814.5 million voters.[6]



5.During Mughal Empire, India was the world's largest economic power, accounting for 24.4% of world GDP. which is largest of its time and also one of the largest GDP rate till date. Have a look at current nominal and real GDP rate.



6. India is the only Asian country where people speak more than 700 languages.
7. India is one of the most craziest country, in terms of breaking world records


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