What can be a family earning 60,000 Rs per month called in India, middle class or rich?




Yasser Raja

Considering today’s prices and assuming that you are living in a developed city in India, then you need to consider the overall income in a family and categorize them as per the standard below:


30k and below is considered poor for a family of 4 or 5

upto 60k - Lower middle class

upto 1 lac - Middle class

upto 1.5 lacs - Upper middle class

2 to 3 lacs - Borderline rich

5 lacs and above - Rich

10 lacs and above - Affluent

50 lacs and above - Super wealthy and HNI












Tarun Kumar

It is middle class by all means . If you are in a metro city then only basic survival is possible in this amount . Even in Tier-2 cities though you can lead a comfortable life , but by no means you will be called rich.






Middle class for sure if they pay Income Tax and Rich if they are part of the 98% who don’t pay tax but enjoy all the benefits!!





Meghna Sampath

Being middle class is not determined by the money you earn. Rather, it is determined by how you earn your income.

To understand this, we need to go back in history. During ancient times, there were only two classes.



The Aristocracy. These were the nobility who owned all the lands. They did not have to work for a living.

The peasantry. They did not own any land. They worked in the aristocracy fields to make a living. On days they worked, they earned a living. On days they did not work, they did not earn anything.



So, who are the middle class?

With the industrial revolution, society needed people who were a bit trained in operating machinery. Since, they need to be trained, they were hired on a weekly or monthly basis. This is to ensure those who were trained, stayed to work. Thus we get into the concept of monthly salaries.



Middle class does need to work for a living. They are not aristocracy who did not need to work.

Middle class were not peasantry as they did not have a day to day exstence. They received a monthly salary and had job security.

So, in short, you are middle class if you need to work and you get a monthly salary. Does not matter what the salary is. If you receive regular salary, you are middle class.







Maulana Oraf

Family of how many? If it's a family of 4, it's middle class. Or slightly above middle class. GDP per capita of India is $1877 a year. Middle class earning 60k for 4 members comes out to $2400 a year for family nominal GDP so yeah they'd be considered middle class. Ur upper middle when ur income is 3x GDP per capita and wealthy when its 25x more and elite when u 100x more PER HEAD per household not per gross household. I'm assuming s normal Desi home where 1 guy works and has housewife and 2 kids. GDP per capita per head in that house is 15000 rupees a month. Or $2400 per annum.





Srikant Bharadwaj

Is 50,000 INR salary per month enough to live in India?

The first and most important factor to consider for this answer is your age. Next is your family status, whether you are married, whether you have dependents.

For most people in India, 50,000 still remains an unbelievably large amount. India is a poor country with very low per capita income. So in general, it is a very good salary.




However, that is not to say it is sufficient for the life you want to lead, that will depend on your personal desires and needs.

Comparing your salary with your peers is not going to do you any good. You should see whether it fulfils your needs. And when I say needs, I mean needs, not as in iPhone, as in a decent place to live and good food.



Most people are never happy with their salary. I know people earning over a lakh every month, yet not satisfied. Again, I know people earning 35k and satisfied. I also know someone to whom his own income never mattered, all that mattered was that his friends are earning more - eternally depressed.

You can fulfil all your goals in life with a starting salary of Rs. 50,000. For this you need financial discipline. If you are a bachelor and don't have dependents, you should aim to invest 50% of your monthly income. Living within 25k is very easy, if you make it a habit to invest 25k every month.







Is 50,000 INR salary per month enough to live in India?

Believe me or not but 50k salary per month is considered very good job in india.

but it fully depends on your life style. if we go in details let me give you details of salary for very reputed profession in india

middle school teacher gets45 k, bank manager gets 50k , central gov grade b employee average salary is 50k, a bank clerk get only 25k and even this job is considered very good .

if you have a job which give you 50 k then you got loan easily for you car home and other heavy expences. so if you asked me is it enough , my answer is MORE THAN ENOUGH.









Glad Kerketta

How much should you earn per month to be considered rich in India?


India is a vast country and divided into many states and some are Metropolitan cities and some are tier 1,2&3 so income may vary …

I think in Metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta, Chennai etc you should earn more than 5 lakhs a month and a net worth of 25 crores to called Rich.



For cities like Ranchi, Pune, Lucknow, Jhansi, Patna (tier 1&2) a per month income of 2 lakhs and a net worth of 10 crores in enough to called rich.

Small cities (tier 3)- A income above 1 lakhs and a net worth of 1 crore is more than enough.

Village- In a typical village if you own a duplex house of 1000 sq.ft and an income of 50000 per month can consider very wealthy (Rich).







Manish Chauhan

How much should you earn per month to be considered rich in India?


I am sure you will agree that its always very subjective thing and not absolute, if you earn X , there will always be a set of people who will consider you RICH, but other set will consider you still need to do more to consider yourself to be RICH .

But anyways coming to numbers, I think if you are in a small town (tier 4-5) , then Earning Rs 50,000 is a very big thing and people see you are a RICH person



Coming to Tier 2-3 towns (Indore, Jabalpur, Ludhiana, Varanasi) , earning Rs 1 lac a month will be considered cool and you might be called RICH

And then Delhi and Mumbai , it has to be in several lacs, and you might be referred as RICH

But then RICH is very debatable word , what is RICH exactly ? Is it money you earn per month, or is it your Networth (property and assets) , or is RICH a function of how LESS you need in life to live happily!







Mukesh Patel

How much should you earn per month to be considered rich in India?


At least 40 to 50 lack per month, I think a person to be RICH who decide to travel by air then don't think about air fare while focus on his destination. He only think about his comfort and time, not the fare.

When a person decide to purchase a cloth without seeing a price tag or doesn't care about it, how much costly is it?, while focus on looks and fitting.

Same for the food, care about taste and hygiene, never looked on the menu price.







Nikhil Kizhakkedath

There are roughly several categories of rich in India

30 LPA to 50 LPA will be generally called well -to-do or near-rich Indian household

50 LPA to 1 CrPA - will be moderately rich Indian household




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