'Please help us get married': India-Pak love story ends behind bars


NOIDA: Pakistani woman Seema Haider, who entered India without a valid visa, and her boyfriend in Greater Noida Sachin Singh were arrested on Tuesday as the law took its course amid emotional appeals by the couple to allow them to get married.

诺伊达:巴基斯坦女子Seema Haider在没有持有效签证的情况下进入印度,她和大诺伊达的男友Sachin Singh周二被逮捕,这对恋人情绪激动地呼吁允许他们结婚。

Police said Haider (27) was booked under relevant sections of the Foreigners Act and The Passport (Entry Into India) Act for illegally entering the country.


Sachin and his father Netrapal (48) were also booked under sections 120B (criminal conspiracy) and 34 (common intention) of the IPC for hel thePakistani woman cross the border into India and hosting her at their home in Rabupura, Greater Noida.

Sachin和他的父亲尼Netrapal (48岁)也因帮助这名巴基斯坦女子越过边境进入印度,并在他们位于大诺伊达的拉布普拉的家中接待她,而被根据IPC第120B条(犯罪阴谋)和第34条(共同意图)立案。

Haider and her four children had left Karachi in the second week of May and flown to Kathmandu in Nepal via Dubai. The five of them slipped into India illegally in a bus from Pokhara, Nepal.


Police got to know about her presence in the city from a city lawyer, who Sachin and Haider had approached for help to get married last week. They were caught on Monday after they were intercepted in a bus while they were on their way to Ballabgarh.


Before being taken into custody on Tuesday, Haider and Sachin asked cops and the Indian government to let them get married.


“I am requesting Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath to help me get married. I haven't committed any crime. I love Seema. Police have only arrested me because she is Pakistani,” Sachin, who works at a grocery store in Rabupura, said at the Greater Noida DCP’s office.


Haider also said she was ready to face legal action but asserted that she hadn’t done anything wrong. “I am ready to die here. I will never return to Pakistan… I have no one there. My husband divorced me a year ago. I love Sachin and I want to marry him,” she said.




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Though my concerns for the duo and 4 children,this matter is serious.U can never tell what Pakistan is upto and impoverished Pakistanis would do anything for a fee.



SP shetty

ITS time to fence nepal border...with bad economic situation in pakistan...they wil try to come and stay in their relatives houses here..god knows how many more staying illegally in india..its wake up call..we dont want another partition of india with these people coming in



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Put all of them in jail and feed them biryani.



Aditi Sharma

Indian men ,Give 100 lectures to Hindu girls but don't pay attention to wat they r doing . Let alone other religion they fall for terrorisst country's women



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Who will feed the 4 children ?



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No mercy….: Let law take it’s course…… everything looks fishy



Kali Amma

If she is willing to embrace the dominant dogma why not?




Wow! Nearly 200 comments on this topic. And hottest year in history, 300 million Indian people may die from climate change, drought and heatwaves soon, gets only 28 comments. Aplog Kya dhakkan public ho yaar?



Ananda Padmanabhan

Send them back to pakistan,or this will encourage others to follow they can easily dupe Hindu boys..After settling they will show their real intention..



Allahuakbar Quran

Has Sachin circumcised?...both these people should be put inside a diving bell and the bell must be put in deep waters of arabian sea



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Lovely,What is a woman with kids going to do? Let them live and get married and have more kids



Buddhi Bharat Bharat

Send this guy to Pakistan



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Let the authorities verify them . Then let them get married.



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This seems to be a ISI plan to plant a spy in India with ulterior motive as the report suggests.



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Now cross border love jihad. A woman with 4 kids traps a 22 year old youth. “Love” is no excuse for sheltering illegal infiltrators. If at all he should have obeyed the established process. Moreover, how is a grocery store worker going to support 4 children? But in all likely hood SC would side with the criminals!



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we can't trust this Pakistani women and her 4 childrens they might be from tertorist trained once they settle here they start anti india activities.



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Hindu's should let them marry and convert to hinduism. best chance to demonstrate the work vaishav kutumba



Ashu Singhal

Honey trapped for sleeper cell.



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This kind of Indians is very dangerous to India. when and how will these people learn?



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What marriage? Put them in jail forever for trespassing and spying charges.



Nelanuthula Krishna

Lovers can met in heaven without passport & visa and that is safe heaven. Please send them to heaven .


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