Tesla sold 100,291 China-made electric vehicles in Nov


SHANGHAI- Tesla Inc delivered 100,291 China-made electric vehicles (EVs) in November, the highest monthly sales since its Shanghai factory opened in late 2020, a inhua report said on Monday.

The number marks a 40% increase from October and 89.7% more than a year earlier after the U.S. automaker ramped up output at the Shanghai plant, cut prices for the best-selling models and offered incentives to Chinese buyers.

However, BYD led all brands in China's November EV sales at 229,942 electric cars including plug-in hybrids and pure electric vehicles, three times more than a year earlier and more than double Tesla's tally, China Passenger Car Association data shows.

BYD was the top-selling car brand in China in the first four weeks of November, data from China Merchants Bank International shows, outperforming the Volkswagen brand in a reversal that highlights the pressure on legacy brands in the world's largest auto market.







Ramesh Sargam

When the iphone manufacturer Apple decides to wind up its production in China, Tesla continues. Both are Americans. Why one prefer China and the other dump China?



User K

Musk is compensated for Twitter deal by hidden hand of China



Be Kind

Tesla is growing, increasing production and profits while legacy auto is cutting overall production and drowning in debt

特斯拉正在发展,增加产量和提高利润,而传统汽车正在削减产量并陷入债 务陷阱


Simon Pannett

Could BYD or Tesla units in Europe compete with China made + transport??? Quite some challenge!



mel leblanc

If Tesla wants a bigger market share in China they will need more models and more factories, it will come for sure, A new plant for model 2 must be next, then another for tax/van, and another for semis. To get even 10-15% of the China market + exports will require at least 4 giga factories in China! Watch the next 5 years....


下一个是model 2的新工厂,然后是出租车、面包车的新工厂和半挂车的新工厂。



Wolf Heilmann

Car sales in China will drop, as longevity of BEV is double to triple of that of ICE. So Sales in 2030 will be maybe 15 million cars, and in 2023 it'll be 10 millions max. But there will be still more cars on the road as they last so long.



Lime Anrepid

I wish Tesla all the best, but for me I can’t see buying one



Dwayne the Fitness Guy

Impressive Tesla numbers in China



Dennis D

The media sentiment is truly hilarious; this "demand problem" leads to record production and sales (which I could see coming).
The competition is here, but Tesla and the Chinese ARE the competition. Good luck to everyone else.




Sam Wang

If the trend should continue for 3 more years, MB, BMW, and VW may have to follow the footsteps of Volvo, ie., sell their brands and debts to the Chinese while it is still worth something.



Victoria Homeproud

YES. come to Canada!



Grzegorz Kapica

After the chip embargo Tesla's position in China can change. Chinese may not want them there anymore.



Steven Jones

How many of the 1.2 Million cars manufactured by Tesla in China will be exported ?




Tesla needs a compact soon to keep satisfying the Chinese market. Competition on price will be of more importance the next years, especially with these recessionary economic conditions. Hope that they have it in their sleeves and it can be delivered in 2024.



Elon Musk Built the first Tesla Factory in China in about 10 months. It may take years to build the same factory in India.




India's business climate is not friendly to foreign investment.
The government and various local organizations regard foreign investment as the enemy and fat sheep.

After the investment can not bring out profits, even the principal can not be taken out, the risk is too great.
Despite the trade war and technological war between China and the United States, the United States enterprise has no influence in China, and the business environment is more stable and secure.





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