Chinese Shipbuilding: An Incredible Story of the Chinese Economy





Im a seafarer and have experienced drydocking in China twice, both in Guangzhou. I can say that they work really fast and efficient. Great people to work with.



Roger Rinkavage

I'm glad to see people discussing china so candidly




Can you do a video on Shanghai's Yangshan port?  It is supposed to be a deep-water manmade port that was built because Shanghai wanted to stay on top as the preeminent ship port in the world even though the area immediately around Shanghai was shallow water.




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I worked at DSME in Okpo korea about 10 years ago. already back then, build carriers were being built in china... then container ships... now they are getting into LNG carriers... They just get better and better




To give you a perspective of how large Zheng He's armada: his fleet had 27,000 men. London population at that time was 60,000. There's about as many men in that Armada as all of London.



Chef Alex

Let's give them the brilliance credit they deserve.



Chee Soon Lee

2:03s correction. China do not have an expansionist agenda. Proven by their actions: they reached Malacca but didn’t colonize it even though they had the manpower to do so. They reached Kerala, at that time in history of a fractious India, but didn’t colonize it. They instead taught the locals to catch fish using nets just like in China. Some in Kerala still fish the same way.

中国不奉行扩 张主义的政策。他们的行动证明了这一点:他们到达了马六甲,但没有殖民,即使他们有能力这么做。他们到达喀拉拉邦,当时的印度乱糟糟的,但他们没有殖民。相反,他们教当地用网捕鱼。喀拉拉邦的一些人仍然用这种方式捕鱼。


Dave Cai

Thanks for the great piece, Simon. The rebirth of China shipbuilding was almost like a kung fu fantasy paperback, where a poor boy from a broken grand house, picked up some martial art bible, learned the trick, and came back to become the top fighter and restore all glory of his ancestors.

It would be extremely interesting to see how China is going to lead human beings toward the future once its glory is restored -- from ocean to space, perhaps? Now that China has become the de facto leader in space exploring (saving SpaceX), it would certainly look so.



Russell Fitzpatrick

It remains one of the biggest surprises of the past 4 decades how China rose from the depths of  and has become the major player ii is now.  Yes some of the earliest products were quite literally cheap and cheerful (and shabby) but, with practice and with increased income from those said products, they have built a scarily efficient shipbuilding industry




Imagine if China was this dedicated to make space ships lol. We’d all have friends living in Alpha Centari



Andrew Mole

Quite outstanding piece in many ways. A straightforward assessment.



Franklin Zhang

It's so rare to have someone on YouTube to talk about China in a unbiased manner. Thank you for that, Simon.



Ranjus Ranjus

When was the last time you heard a western leader talk of free trade? Not lately. Once they realized they were being beaten by China, the tone changed. Its now all about national security ad containing China




The story showed us that you just allow the people to do their thing,development will come naturally




Just for a perspective of the years of relative prosperity that brought about , the Chinese history books refer to the period surrounding the opium wars 'the century of humiliation'. You can say there was a bit of distrust between our cultures.




People who complain about Chinese "quality" are the same people buying the cheapest goods from amazon/walmart. Those products are sourced by their own country's importers so who is to blame? LOL



max wang

As someone coming from China, I learned something about China here. Thanks.



Kevin McGinness

This is great, never heard much about what makes China tick. At the same time Peter Ziehan is predicting a rapid fall of the Chinese economy

太棒了,我从来没听说过中国是怎么发展起来的。与此同时,Peter Ziehan预测中国经济将迅速下滑


Daniel Gomez

The bottom line is that stuff can be made for a lot less money in China and consumers like lower prices.




You need to do a video on China’s space program…




One of the difference between the West especially US is that China is not afraid other country will over takes it as number one economy in the future. This is evident from their quest to help Africa develop. China believe the next number one economy will be in Africa after China. The Ying and Yang are forces of balance and cannot be curtailed. So instead of wasting time and resources over such nonsense, China wants to help and establish good relationship so China will still continue to reap the rewards even when it is number 2.



Sean Simms

Chinas ship building capacity is crazy and historically has always been, lucky for most of the world China hasn't been "united" long considering its long history, unfortunately for the world , the Chinese Han are the most numerous people on Earth, a united China can truly only be challenged by Alliances, hence the Alliance of 8 Nations against China, England, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, America and Austria Hungrry, aka G-8.



Mrs Farzana

Thank you for not being a Western propagandist. We respect you for being as neutral as possible.




Next thing you know, Chinese ships are banned for NATIONAL SECURITY'S REASONS lmao



ꜱᴏʜᴀɪʟ ᴠʟᴏɢ

I am very to see one man talk about positive side of china



Teong Beng Ang

Thanks for sharing the truth




I believe Korean shipbuilding is more advanced than Chinese shipbuilding, but interesting to learn this kind of story



Drumman Sam

With near 2 billion people it would be hard not to have control or the most influence



charles sterling

You can be the best in the world at anytime if your allowed to lose money on everything


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