Can India beat China in the next 10 years? | India vs China economy

印度经济能在未来10年超过中国经济吗?印度经济 vs 中国经济



Muhammad asif M

I would like to add one thing most people in India do not get a quality education.



Subhajit Chatterjee

It's not Bangladesh GDP which is ahead of India now, I guess  it's GDP/capita



Yang Ji

in the age of supply chain break down, only the one with complete supply chain can keep up with economic growth. So my advice is that India should build a competitive domestic supply chain, control most of the core technology, and build up its infrastructuring. China had moved on from semi-skilled labour intensive manufacture. China gonna move to robot intensive and capital intensive high value added manufacturing and manufacture related servicing. It will take at least another two decades to get to where China is today, if India can manage to have a whole of society political reform and legislative reform. Otherwise I am not really optimistic about India's economic future.

在供应链崩 溃的时代,只有拥有完整供应链的企业才能跟上经济增长的步伐。



如果印度能够进行整个社会的政 治改革和立法改革,至少还需要20年才能达到中国今天的水平。否则,我对印度的经济前景并不乐观。



top most indian problems are include - politics n currption

印度最主要的问题包括政治和腐 败



Unfortunately we will not, because of the politics and our mindset.

Its so unfortunate




ndia will grow no doubts



Super game

I think India's MOAT is Indian youth who are excelling in IT sector, start ups and even in blockchain. But government is not taking any initiative or support to take advantage of it. On top of that they are becoming barrier as we saw how they imposed irresponsible and stupid tax policy on crypto. That's why our youth go to silicon valley and end up becoming CEOs of top companies.




Indian Army

India is going towards dissolution im saying this because most of the people of our country is not raise voices against inflation, quality education, rise of petrol prices or food products prices or injustice. but raise voice against azan unnecessary. within 10 years India economy will fall down as srilanka and we will be whole responsibile.

印度正走向解 体,我这么说是因为我们国家的大多数人并没有对通货膨胀、汽油价格或食品价格的上涨或不公正现象发出反对的声音。不出10年,印度经济就会像斯里兰卡一样崩 溃,我们要负全部责任。


Saurabh Jain

Absolutely agree. I’ve been saying since ages that not having most women in india employed is a major problem. It can really have a big positive impact on a family’s well-being.



Raghav Sridhar

Sir India is never going to be china

In china land approval is very fast

Still we are struggling for basic infrastructure where as chima is way ahead





Sumeet Shekher

What I personally think about the current problem with unemployment is that we are too dependent on IT Services. As a country we should emphasize a lot on local manufacturing facilities as a country we aren't even capable of manufacturing quality stationary products for export markets. We are so happy with mediocrity. We are good servers but not good producers.  india is predominantly a poor country on  alot of standards.




China's GDP in 2021 is 17.7 trillion. If this year's relatively low growth rate is 4.5%, then it can be expected that China's annual GDP growth in 2022 will be about 800 billion US dollars. This is 1/4 of India's total GDP (about 3 trillion). That is to say, even if China's economy is no longer growing, they will create 1 India every 4 years, which is the reality.



anonymous anyone

Unification is much more difficult to achieve in India as there is much more diversity compared to largely homogeneous Chinese society, whether it is differences in religion, reservations in jobs, rich vs poor etc. this is a matter which can never be solved because you cannot appease one section without the other section feeling alienated or offended. But we can overcome this to an extent by instilling a Uniform Civil Code which will help reduce differences. Also lower taxation for middle class ( both direct & indirect) to bolster their purchasing power.







The main reason for Venezuela's downfall was US Sanctions.... Not just welfare politics




It's convenient for govts to give freebies to poor (to get votes) and tax/loan waivers to rich ( to get donations). Actually growing economy is difficult.




I worked with Chinese, they are very bright and hard working, many of colleagues who studied in US and they came back to china for the growth of there nation.

In India ppl go settle in US rather coming back after there studies.

We should create strong education ecosystem and also create good intellectual property asset.

We are noway near to US and china in innovation and R&D spending.




Aditya Sharma

Biggest reason for india lagging behind : corruption

印度落后的最大原因是腐 败



Will try to contribute as much I can.



Padmaja Divakar

Well explained about Chinese economic growth Akshat!




Beating China is a tall order but I think we will reach 6.5tn-7tn GDP by 2030 which is absolutely possible as long we don't get tangled up in a war.



Ramachandran Murali

India has done amazing reforms for ease of doing business from 2014.



Rangaswami TV

While doing a comparision, at the end of the Mao era it is likely that the literacy percentage in China was far ahead of India.  Without the building block of basic education nothing worthwhile is possible



Krishna A

Build wealth and then talk about distributing it - well said




Great video once again...rotten political system and corrupt politicians are the biggest hindrance in the path of growth.



Arshad km

Yes India will become next China, in another 100 years



An Indian

Wrong Title bro, first we have to Beat Bangladesh then eligible to think about China, at least during MODI Tenure No way to beat china,




China started dum in tones 10 years back only that time people were making fun of its product but clearly they were having options for each and every small and large , product many countries politician and knowingly ignore it, China slowly improved on it fixed supply chain issues, created end end chain of Chinese suppliers and now slowly almost acquired all important ports




unless we come out of the mindset of just replicating China we can't do anything...why replicate? why can't we think of India's own pathway to achieve such huge GDP




Madara Uchiha

India can never be the next China India will always be India and we can beat China if we boycott them.



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“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” — Gandhi

“ 要想世界改变,必须先改变自己。”——甘地

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