India plans military drill with US near China border


NEW DELHI: India has lined up a flurry of combat exercises before the year ends to further bolster military interoperability with friendly countries, which includes the Malabar quadrilateral naval wargames off Japan, infantry exercises with Australia and three Asean countries, and high-altitude warfare drills with the US near the Line of Actual Control (LAC) with China.

Warships, submarines, fighters, aircraft and helicopters will be deployed by India, the US, Japan and Australia off Yokosuka in Japan from November 8 to 18 for the top-notch Malabar exercise, with the four 'Quad' countries having firmly declared their intent to deter any "coercion" in the Indo-Pacific with an eye on China's aggressive expansionist policies.





The Quad and AUKUS, the trilateral pact among the US, UK and Australia to help Canberra acquire nuclear submarines, are important components of this policy.

While dispatching multi-role stealth frigate INS Shivalik, anti-submarine corvette INS Kamorta and a P-8I long-range maritime patrol aircraft for the Malabar exercise, which will be preceded by Japan's international fleet review, India is also gearing up for the major land exercise with the US.

The battalion-level 'Yudh Abhyas' exercise between the Indian and US armies will be held at Auli in Uttarakhand, barely 100 km from the LAC with China, from November 15 to December 2.




"With around 350 soldiers from each side, Yudh Abhyas will witness employment of integrated battle groups in mountains and extreme cold climate, along with heliborne elements and an integrated surveillance grid," an officer said.

With India also steadily enhancing military ties with Australia, their armies will now also conduct the first-ever 'Austra-Hind' infantry combat exercise at the Mahajan field firing ranges in Rajasthan from November 28 to December 11. "It will promote the capability to operate together in semi-desert terrain," he added.

India on Wednesday kicked off the SIMBEX naval exercise with Singapore in the Bay of Bengal.





Scott J•12142• Scott J•4 hours ago

Don't do this. US has cheated everyone they partnered with, except Pakistan. US is not reliable. Currently they are screwing up Ukraine. They'll use India to counter China. After that they'll support China to counter India. You can't trust US, especially Democrats.

别上当了。美国欺骗了除了巴基斯坦之外的所有合作伙伴。美国不靠谱。他们现在把乌克兰搞得一团糟。他们只会利用印度来对付中国,然后再扶持中国对付印度。千万不能相信美国啊,尤其是不能相信美国民 主党。


Voxpopuli•839• Scott J•1 hour ago

Yes, you are right. UsS is not reliable. But why is India having these military exercises with all these Western powers.? In the meantime, stop buying anything from the US...from boing aircrafts, H1B visas to iPhones etc. Don't curse the country that you depend on so much.. Start getting your stuff from the Commies in Russia.



zopdiwala•600• Voxpopuli•16 mins ago

Why can't they catch about 50 crore slum dwellers and send them to fight insurgents and rogue armies with bare hands?



Manas Sarkar•6498• Scott J•14 mins ago

India is with the US only to counter China. India never ditches our long-time friend Russia for the US. The present govt of India knows well how to balance inside world politics.



Antony George•5012• Scott J•1 hour ago

The end game will be on what you have mentioned, they will use and throw India, but we have no options.



JJ• Scott J•JJ•9 mins ago

The only country right now to help India is the US. India is too weak to take on China, that is why joint military exercises and joining Quad. The government knows very well that Russia today will back China against India, may not be open but they will surely not interfere if there is a war and they may even supply them with weapons like they did with the S400 which is positioned against India even before India bought the same weapons from Russia. The reality is India does not have any real allies unlike NATO countries.





Bala Srinivasan•37931• Bala Srinivasan•saginaw USA•5 hours ago

CHINA won't have a moment to relax with muliple nations excercising in INDO-PACIFIC to KEEP CHINA on tender hook.



Muhad Asghar• Bala Srinivasan•3 hours ago

These are just Indian desperate but useless shenanigans against a well-organized and mighty China.



csronan• Muhad Asghar•1 hour ago

Muhad, How is the weather in Pak today? Someone recently said that if Pak sends astronauts to the moon, they will refuse to go back to Pak, since the moon is better. True?



Bala Srinivasan

.CHINA might appear mighty on PAPER[paper TIGER} until it can prove.

中国也许表面上看起来很强大,但除非她成功,否则就只是一只纸 老虎。



mm•5198• mm•4 hours ago

It is like WWIII is brewing, GOD FORBID.




Rational Corp•24520• Rational Corp•3 hours ago

If India is not careful, the US will fight China to the last Indian.



Ivan Wolf•21168• Rational Corp•32 mins ago

Not a chance.Indians knows how to run away as fast as cheatas



Suresh Datta•3799• Rational Corp•2 hours ago

India is not that foolish , its a new India and very smart , don't underestimate it



Rational Corp•24520• Suresh Datta•2 hours ago

Hope the smartness, does not rival Ukraine.




vijay thommandra•31667•2 hours ago

India should be very careful in not becoming a pawn in its aggression against China like Ukraine which was instigated by the West against Russia. The West does not have blood on its hands except military supplies to Ukraine. The very purpose of this war is to deal a serious blow to Russia at the cost of Ukraine. Similarly West will use India against China. India must be ulta careful in not falling into a trap of West.




telveer•13592• vijay thommandra•Hyderabad•1 min ago

Dunces..What has thia to do with Ukraine? Don't post brain dead feku comments.




Anil•2649•Rajkot•2 hours ago

We have been aggressive with China under Prime Minister Modi's leadership. There is no going back as it is the only way to resolve all disputes with China. It was congress calling - Hindi Chin bhai bhai and China stabbed us on our back.



Guest•24921• Anil•2 hours ago

idiot trade deficit with china widens at a record pace under your feku




Sanjoy Pandey•116777• Sanjoy Pandey•Kolkata•2 hours ago

It is essential to keep China and Pakistan always under pressure.




wisemarko•1471•3 hours ago

Russia is now a headache for India. Their relationship has diminishing returns and they are lapdogs of China. We have to be global partners with Japan, the Philippines, Australia, Vietnam and US in Indian Ocean to counter China.




Voxpopuli•839• wisemarko•1 hour ago

Now, India is desperately trying to cozy up with the West, specially the US. India heavily depends on the US for most everything, but it gets it's OIL from the Ruskies, and some outdate arms.




Now Then•75•Guangdong•2 hours ago

a good call if it’s Made with, by, in India, it would be utterly wise to think twice if it’s the US calling the shots.




Guest•2162•1 hour ago

India should and will do everything to protect its sovereignty! Congress has given away POK and lot of land to china already.. we will have to be aggressive.




Harvey Specter•184•2 hours ago

The Indian Tiger, the Japanese Macaque Monkey, the American Bald Eagle and the Austrailian Kangaroo will take on the giant Chinese Panda with this Quad. The snakes of Pakistan will also have to sink in with fear.




Ravi•29877• Ravi•Bangalore•2 hours ago

This is good but trusting America is like having crackers under ur seat. When it will burst no one knows.




mm•5198• mm•4 hours ago

This would be the strategic move. Need of the hour and it is a long overdue. However, we should not ditch Russia and if possible, bring Russia on board. Well, it is easier said than done.




Ivan Wolf•21168• Ivan Wolf•3 hours ago

India 107/126 on world HONOR list but number ONE on warmonger list. Modi just claimed India never for war, but everything in India is for war




AK•2 hours ago

If war breaks in pacific then India would have to make a decision soon which side of battle they will go, one in Europe and another in Asia wants to control the world , which will soon lead to world war-3 and it can destroy the humanity if any one uses nuke, because weapons of this century is far dangerous than the one which was use during world war-1 and world war-2.




RAVI RAMASWAMY•24789•Chennai•2 hours ago

Indian foreign policy had always been not to allow foreign troops on Indian soil. Modi is reversing everything that too favoring US. Opposition parties should not allow this. Modi is destroying our country. Wake-up people.


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