From Bengaluru’s first family to UK’s first lady: The hidden Murty


Akshata Murty, the first lady of the United Kingdom, is ‘namma hudugi’ (our girl) from Bengaluru. Born in her mother Sudha Murthy’s hometown of Hubballi in northern Karnataka, few would have foreseen that 42 years later, this Indian citizen’s home would be No 10 Downing Street.

英国第一夫人阿克莎塔·穆尔蒂是来自班加罗尔的“namma hudugi”(我们的女孩。这位印度公民在母亲苏达·穆尔蒂的家乡卡纳塔克邦北部的胡巴利出生,很少有人能预见到42年后,她会入住唐宁街10号。

After doing her schooling in Bengaluru, she moved to Claremont McKenna College in California where she graduated with a dual major in economics and French and later did a fashion designing diploma from Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. She had short work stints at Deloitte and Unilever before she went on to pursue her MBA at Stanford where she met Rishi Sunak.



Of the two Murthy children, Akshata has inherited the entrepreneurial genes of her famous family. “I come from a family of entrepreneurs—my mother on the social side through the foundation world and my father onthe corporate side. I was raised with a view that entrepreneurship can change people's lives,” Akshata was quoted in an article on the Stanford Graduate School of Business website.


She was raised in a middleclass home in Jayanagar, a suburb of Bengaluru, with nobirthday parties or much pocket money. “She is a simple, family girl. Her middle-class upbringing has kept her family’s value system intact,” said asource close to the family.


Akshata is fiercely private and has tried to maintain the lowest profile possible. But her fashion choices and penchantfor expensive clothes have been fodder for the paparazzi in the UK. Her recent attempt to woo the press by offering waiting reporters outside her London house hot cups of tea created a stir for the £38 mugs used.


Her incredible wealth ($600 million), from her 1% stake in Infosys, almost derailed her husband’s prime ministerial ambitions in the last round. As an Indian citizen, Akshata had opted for non-domiciled status which ensured she did not have to pay UK taxes on her non-UK income. While perfectly legal, it created a storm with Akshata later agreeing to give up her non-dom status and henceforth pay UK taxes on all her income.


The couple has two children, Krishna and Anoushka,and are frequent visitors to Bengaluru. They were last publicly seen in the city for their uncle Rohan Murty’s wedding to Aparna Krishnan in November 2019. Sudha Murthy, a prolific writer, has dedicated her recent books to her two grand-daughters.


Akshata’s love for fashion from her younger days caught her engineer parents by surprise. That perhaps stirred her entrepreneurial ambitions and prompted her to work with local artisans in India and she eventually launched Akshata Designs, a fashion label that preserved Indian tradition and craftsmanship in 2009. It wound up in 2013.

阿克莎塔年轻时就热爱时尚,这让身为工程师的父母感到意外。这或许激发了她的创业雄心,促使她与印度当地的工匠合作,最终她在2009年创立了时尚品牌Akshata Designs,保留了印度的传统和工艺,该公司在2013年倒闭。



Raja Desikan

Though the family history are not of much interest in general, the over all interest lies in seeing how well the PM Mr Rishi performs and carry the Nation United...Kingdom on his shoulders, and succeed in making the Country grow much stronger as spelt out by him, the new PM.



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Don't know how Bhakts will react to his Non Veg food habits and his statement on protecting Beef and pork industry



V Ravikanth

Akshata, the daughter of Murthy and Sudha has not come from a middle-class family, as her father and mother already excelled prior to her birth in their respective fields.



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Congratulations to all my fellow countrymen/women.,This is the greatest day in the history of our country. A trueborn Indian with pure Indian blood running through his gigantic veins and arteries, is going to run the country which used to rule us.,I never thought I would see this day. This is a landmark achievement by our nation.



Jaise Ko Taisa

Modi, BJP and Sangh Pariwar should learn what Democracy and Democratic values are, a Minority Community with a Foreign Country of Origin can become PM of the UK will ever Modi, BJP and Sangh Pariwar have these Democratic values inculcated in them, and respect for Minorities.

一个祖籍外国的少数族裔可以成为英国首相,莫迪、人民党和Sangh Pariwar应该学习什么是皿煮和皿煮价值观。莫迪、人民党和Sangh Pariwar是否会向他们灌输皿煮价值观?会尊重少数族裔吗?


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We don't know extra ordinary achievement of Akshata except wife of Rishi Sunak and daughter of Narayan Murthy.



Christopher Paul

Triumph of Good over Evil."20" Times more sweet. Triumph of Knowledge over Ignorance. Rishi , Guru.



Nallamuthu Naa

Godi media is entertaining 24x7 for this news. They should also write whether in India any minority can reach top post or not. LOLs.


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Why not ask this to your Congress masters. They ruked uninterrupted for decades. And by minirity is it muslim because we have had Sikh as a PM for a decade


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Mr Manmohan Singh who is sikh was our prime minister for 10 yeras . 4 presidents were muslims . Dr Abdul Kalam , Dr. Zakir Hussain, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed ,Mohammad Hidayatullah. Current President Mrs Draupadi Murmu is from minority adivasi community . As an Indian you should know this .

曼莫汉·辛格是锡克教徒,他当了10年总理。印度有过4位总统是msl,Abdul Kalam博士、Zakir Hussain博士、fakhhruddin Ali Ahmed、Mohammad Hidayatullah。现任总统穆尔穆女士来自少数族裔adivasi社区。作为一个印度人,你应该知道这些。



Over the centuries, the biggest curse of Indian subcontinent has been islamic fundamentalism. Despite atrocities of several centuries and severel rulers, Hinduism could not be destroyed. But the fact that it has grown more relevant and in this year 22, Hinuism is a single more relevant religion of the subcontinent and now, Hindus have global presence in the form of CEO's, professionals and businessmen around the world.



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why are we Indians so excited or the media so excited. He is a British citizen and not an Indian .


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because we are indians.



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old habit of Indians wanting attention from former masters lol



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We Indians are proud of PM Sunak and Akshata his better half not only for their great achievements in life but more so also for treasuring the progressive and ancient Hindu culture and civilisation. Sunak will prove to be an asset to Britain as PM



rajesh joshi

We call lot countries/people as Racists. Infact we should top that list. We always talk of north India, South India, tamilians, kannadigas etc.. I don't know how much of good will happen to India if an India n Origin person makes it big. We should stop bragging about ourselves/region/caste. Let us just be Indians.



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Really don't understand all this India ethnicity obsession....what exactly is India's contribution to RS's current poll success, that Indian media is jum all over the place..



Shailendra Mathur

UK allows an Indian citizen to be first lady? India itself is less kind to a lady from Italy.


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More than of being origin, She is one of the most corrupt politicians around in India piggybacking on a falsely claimed family name …



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UK selected Rishi sunak, who is born and brought up in UK not her wife the first lady. Don't you see the difference?



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Everyone is obsessed by her wealth because we've all heard how middle class they all were now it turns out she is richer than croesus



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Stanford MBA college is for education or dating platform


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