Sri Lanka blocks visit by Chinese vessel after protest by India


NEW DELHI: Following a strong protest by India, Sri Lanka has blocked the proposed visit by a Chinese "spy vessel’’ to the Hambantota port in southern Sri Lanka. In an official communication, the Lankan foreign ministry asked the Chinese embassy in Colombo to defer the arrival of the ship "until further consultations."



India had earlier raised the issue with Lankan authorities in Colombo and sought to know the purpose of the visit. The research vessel Yuan Wang 5 was scheduled to arrive in Hambantota, a port built by the Chinese, on August 11 and conduct ``space tracking, satellite control and research tracking in the northwestern part of the Indian Ocean region’’. The issue had been raised in India’s Parliament and concerns expressed about the likely activities of the ship.


"Sri Lanka first disregarded India’s security interests by agreeing to let a Chinese military ship to dock at a commercial port, despite knowing that the surveillance vessel was involved in map the ocean floor for potential anti-submarine operations against the Indian Navy. Only after India protested Sri Lanka’s action did Colombo urge China to defer the ship’s arrival date,’’ said strategic affairs expert Brahma Chellaney.


只有在印度抗议斯里兰卡的行动后,科伦坡才敦促中国推迟舰艇的抵达日期,”战略事务专家Brahma Chellaney说。

"Letting the Chinese military vessel dock at Hambantota would have compounded Sri Lanka’s other India-unfriendly actions since 2014, when two Chinese submarines separately docked at a new, Chinese-built container terminal at Colombo Port,’’ he added.


TOI had reported on August 2 that India had taken up the issue with Sri Lanka. The joint approval by the foreign and defence ministries for the ship to dock at the Hambantota post was given days before the new Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe assumed office. China had defended the visit asking all ``relevant parties’’ not to interfere with "normal and legitimate maritime activities’’.




N C Joshi

Sri Lanka has not stopped but just deferred. Its not a solution but only a temporary action. We need to to stand with the truth and correct mistakes of previous governments by refusing as China's part.




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If Sri Lanka is alive today as a country and not grabbed by China owing to its default then it is all because of India being present as a strong neighbor. The sooner Sri Lanka and its Govt understand it, it is better for them.



sankar subbaraman

Thankless country. Despite getting help from India during the crisis they are allowing actions inimical to Indias interests. They are still friendly with China who destroyed their economy. The current president of Sri Lanka appears to be following Rajapakshas policy.




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Now idiot Pappu will jump up and comment that Modi is unnecessarily interfering in Sri Lankan matters and it is a grave threat to de ocracy.

现在拉胡尔会跳出来评论莫迪干涉斯里兰卡事务,这是对皿 煮的严重威胁。


Vinod Aggarwal




User Hiranandani

srilanka and Bangladesh should merge in India.



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As per 1987 bilateral agreements both Srilankan and India have signed a treaty that Srilanka port will never be given to any other countries for future security points of view.



SK Associates

Do not help Lankans they are not trustworthy people this is proved in Ramayan too...



Asok Datta

So Sri Lanka now has the will and power to refuse a Chinese advance- very good to see!



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china is after all islands. Taiwan srilanka Maldives likely Japan continent of Australia Greenland and carribean next!



Sanjoy Pandey

We must thank the Modi government for timely protest against the Chinese attitude.



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By the time Chinese must've mapped the work they have come for


Rathna Thayyil

Are you aware of satelite ??? Are aware how many countries have that. And so you know it's possible to trace a single small animal walking on this planet.





User Mohan

After all damage done Sri Lanka now started listening to India... good sense



User Mohan

Now Sri Lanka has to listen to India otherwise no one would help the island



Dr Neeraj Tripathi

Despite Sri Lanka's economic caos the disrespect to it's 1987 treaty shows the value of India. Why not RAW eliminated the then Lankan president Rajpakshaw who was working against India's interests ?? For want of money Lanka will do everything in the future also.





Jagdish Chandra

There is no denying that China is the second largest economy and military power in the world, even challenging the authority of the developed world as well as the unique supper of the globe, the USA, on both economic and military fronts. Sri Lanka is in the midst of an economic crisis due to heavy investment by China, so it is Colombo's accountability to how to deal with the looming threat of China, but there is no reason to be concerned for India.





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Take Akshai Bharat



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Chin spy ship



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Russia just annexed ukraine because it let its enemy into the neighborhood ….. india has right to do the same to protect its sovregnity




Sri Lanka needs to know that if India can help Srilankan people, they should not take India for granted. If Sri Lanka does anything to harm Indian interest, India can also make Sri Lanka disappear from planet!!

Hopefully Sri Lanka knows what is right thing to do.





Sandeep Singh

Modi sent aid to Lanka. now perfect time to Lanka to backstab India


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