'Can't take beatings anymore': Uttar Pradesh woman in New York sends dad video of husband's abuse, kills self


BIJNOR: A Bijnor-born woman living in New York since 2018 killed herself shortly after sending a heart-wrenching video to her father in India saying she "couldn't take the daily beatings (at the hands of her husband) anymore". Though the video was sent on August 1, details of the sordid case are tumbling out just now.


The woman, 32-year-old Mandeep Kaur, also sent several videos to her family over a period of time, captured on CCTV, documenting the domestic violence she was subjected to. A mother of two girls, she was allegedly tortured for "not being able to produce a male child" as well as for bringing inadequate dowry.


In one of the unverified videos that was widely shared on social media, her husband, Ranjodhbeer Singh, can be seen thrashing her while their two little daughters are wailing in the background, shouting, "Papa, na maro mumma nu (Dad, please don't hit mom)".

在社交媒体上广泛分享的一段未经证实的视频中,可以看到她的丈夫Ranjodhbeer Singh殴打她,而他们的两个小女儿在一旁哭泣,喊道,“爸爸,na maro mumma nu(爸爸,请不要打妈妈)”。

Kaur, in one of the final clips that she sent to her family in India, said, "My husband assaults me repeatedly. He has illicit relations with several women... (my father) had filed a police case against him back in India but he pleaded and asked me to save him... and I did. At first, I thought he would mend his ways, but the atrocities kept increasing. I cannot bear this anymore. I am going to kill myself... Forgive me, daddy".


The video sparked anger in both the US and India. It was shared widely by the Kaur Movement, an organisation that works for sexual and domestic abuse victims, focusing mainly on the Sikh community. Soon, there were online campaigns seeking 'Justice for Mandeep' and the hashtag was trending on Twitter.





Besides the obvious culprits her parents n family should also be taken to task. It wasn't the first time...nor were they unaware... but they didn't take any action. Shameless mentality.Failed to teach their daughter to stand up for herself...nor did they stood up for her.




User badal

Such core issues of women are not cared a bit which is rampant in Indian society. Dowry should be banned as illegal and crime.



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What were the girl's parents doing for 8 yrs when such inhumane act is happening???Why they did not take legal action




Counselling to Couples at, during & after Marriage etc Must be Compulsory to Reduce All Marital Frictions to Reduce Sufferings (of Wife-Wife-Children)



Abdullah Khan

This woman was a liar n fraud. Many times parents give their bipolar daughters for hand in marriage n want husband to take care of mentally ill girl. This girl was mentally ill n she had suicide thoughts all the time. Shame on the girl for destroying life of husband even after death.





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These criminal minded stupid people must be told that it's only the father's XY chromosomes decide whether it'll be a boy or a girl! The mother has no role in sex determination!




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I still believe that parents of Indian girls(especially Punjabi families)will not learn any lesson from this horrific and unfortunate incident and still will be looking for USA/UK/ CANADA tagged grooms for their daughters in greed of visas of respective country seeking greener pastures there.



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It doesn't matter how many nukes, Tejas or 6th gen fighter plans we get. We'll really not be able to strong enough until we get rid of this type of stupid mentality.



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This article has shown the real life story of the woman who was weak and she allowed her husband to torture her and she committed suicide when cannot bear his physical & mental tortures.,Women should be brave not weak. They shouldn’t allow anyone to torture them. Stop the beast at the first incidence or leave him at the first incidence of physical or mental abuse.,Drunken men are not humans they are the beasts roaming around in the society to torture women.,Leave them or kill them for the benefit of the society.











User Rana

What a heart wrecking news! May her sould rest in peace and justice is served ASAP.




User now

Girls in india are crazy about a foreign based groom, even if he is a cobler there



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The father saw this coming, yet i do not know if he made any efforts to bring her back. as much as the husband is responsible, so are her parents for making her live in hell. parents need to pull back their children in the very first instance of abuse.



Kumar Sen

First punish all the relatives along with the cruel mad husband and make every paper to publish.




Hang him there



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Why she did not take the help of Indian community in NY OR call 911. Her life would have been saved. Punish the Man severely under the law.



Hiten Indie

Tragedy. Only if she could call local police and share the evidence. The man will get arrested anyways and children will be orphaned. At times seeking divorce and protection from police is better and long term solution. Domestic violence isn't specific to Indians, it is in west as well



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Take action against husband and all elders both sides.... What are her parents waiting for all these days??? An innocent life is lost



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Male chauvinism, dowry, inability to produce a male child AND cruel mothers-in-law are the biggest enemies of a married women. An understanding husband could change almost everything.



Sahil Samandar

This demon should be hanged in public.



Shekar Natesh

A male who illtreats a female is not a male at all.


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