2,500 oxygen plants commissioned across India in record 112 days



NEW DELHI: In a record 112 days, a total of 2,494 Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) oxygen generation plants have been commissioned at go nment hospitals across 736 districts with a capacity of producing 3,324 tonnes of medical oxygen per day.


This includes 1,183 PSA plants sanctioned under the PM CARES Fund.


“We are confident of commissioning the remaining 41 PSA oxygen generation plants approved under the PM CARES Fund by the end of this month. This task has been carried in a mission mode and was an example of the ‘whole of go nment’ working together. Simultaneously, 1,311 plants have been commissioned which were sanctioned by central PSUs and funded by other entities,” said housing and urban affairs secretary Durga Shanker Mishra, who was tasked to lead this programme.


According to a status document on the PSAs built utilising the PM CARES Fund, 100% of the sanctioned plants are operational in 22 states and UTs; in nine other states and UTs over 90% plants have been commissioned; and in the remaining five states less than 90% plants are operating.


Mishra said the go nment turned the crisis into an opportunity to install these plants at hospitals which had to depend on supply through cylinders. “Now these facilities will go a long way to meet the medical requirements across districts. Under this programme, we also trained nearly 7,000 people with technical background to operate and maintain these plants,” he said. The secretary said these plants are equipped with Internet of Things and by December all will be covered.




Amazing achievment! The first Indian govt that tirelessly worked for the people!!




Bijoy Kumar Sinha

Exemplary display of will power of New India.




Ajit Leo

A great job; the Central go nment has done its best in a short period. The people forgot that the state go nments have s and duties towards the citizens. Many oppositions ruled states always look for the centre to do everything.Such leaders were not in public when the people suffered during the last one and half years.




Oh god, what excuse Kujri will give now ag inst the Centre..?? Poor guy..has to break his head to invent some new topic..!!




Sujit Jadhav

India should increase expenditure on health infrastructure in the country. The Pandemic should have one silver lining and that is a big improvement in health infrastructure in the country.


Chalu Pande

yes, by keep increasing patrol prices



Priya Saxena

Should've been done before the second wave, but still a great commendable job even now. Modi hai to mumkin hai !!



Mohankumar Venkatarnappa

while Modiji and central govt work day and night like donkeys.

some States like Delhi, maharastra, TN, Andhra, West Bengal, jharkhand, chattisgarh, punjab...... ruled by dynastic loers,nuatanki nethas act like mokeys to destroy, destabilize, loss huge economic loss and job loss.



Jitendra Desai

Great achievment in such a short period. This will become long term assets of those hospitals if maintained properly. This will also eliminate costs of buying and transporting cylinders. Regular audits of these plants by independent agencies will ensure proper upkeep.



User India

I am sure Rahul (Pappu) brigade is ready with abuses for Modi since they or Pappu have no understanding how this was done. They will find faults. Go ahead !!



Ruchir Kant

Well Done.



Santosh Kumar D

Well done if this is true. Medical Oxygen is avaiable



debashis mallick

I hope they meet the quality standards and no ine else has to die of oxygen shortage in hospitals. may the souls of people who perished in covid rest in peace ! om shaanti




If they had only been provided on time, lakhs of lives could have been saved. Unfortunately, the priorities then were different for those in power who spectacularly failed to comprehend the enormity of the second wave and were resting on their laurels with deep seated prejudice, trumpeting, chest thum and a sense of denial which caught them unawares when the pandemic stuck from nowhere and they were caught nap very badly letting down the country and causing all-round panic, chaos and devastation.



Chalu Pande

now it's our duty to test it .. go mask free this festive season



achan kunju

BJP work when crises emerge. 2500 plant is a good move, having said that one should admit there were O2 shortage in pandimic time. Now next is Coal. Centre simply say no problem




When Indians were dying by thousands for lack of oxygen, the go nment was slee. Now when Indians need coal for energy, the go nment is providing cms of oxygen generation. When there will be shortage in near future for food, Modi will cm credit for giving extra coal to Indian citizens at that time.




Few people walk the talk, while most people only shout , po iticise & criticise, with zero real contribution for the nation.



Mangapathi Sriperumbuduri

A mechanism should be evolved to mon or working of these plants on monthly basis.



Jai Hind

simple question : as central go nment denied parliament " nobdy died due to oxygen shortages becoz thr was no oxygen shortage during 2nd wave" thn why thy did this in record time ?? ( God knws these quantities actually thy build or not)



Liam Singha

Excellent and this just make a compulsory requirement in any hospital who has more than.20 beds.


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