Covid-19: Delhi inflated oxygen need by 4 times during peak, says SC panel



NEW DELHI: The SC oxygen audit team has put the Kejriwal go nment in the dock for exaggerating the oxygen requirement in Delhi by more than four times during the April 25-May 10 peak period of the second Covid-19 wave and informed the SC that supply of excess oxygen to the Capital could have affected supply to 12 high caseload states.


The report of the SC-appointed oxygen audit sub-group said, "There was a gross discrepancy (about four times). The actual oxygen consumption cmed by the Delhi go nment (1,140MT) was about four times higher than the calculated consumption as per the formula based on bed capacity (289 MT)."


The Petroleum and Oxygen Safety Organisation (PESO) told the sub-group that "National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCTD) had surplus oxygen, which is affecting liquid medical oxygen (LMO) supply to other states" and apprehended that the situation could lead to a national crisis.


Moved by the AAP go nment's rm about oxygen shortage in the Capital, a bench headed by Justice D Y Chandrachud on May 5 had directed the Union go nment to maintain supply of 700 MT of oxygen to Delhi even as SG Tushar Mehta had presented a calculation devised by experts to peg the requirement at 415 MT of LMO.

由于平民党政府对首都氧气短缺发出警告,5月5日,由法官D Y Chandrachud领导的一个法庭指示联邦政府保持向德里供应700公吨氧气,尽管SG Tushar Mehta使用专家的计算公式,算出需求为415公吨。


Amit Ghosal

This shows that the judiciary should not interfere in every matter what that matter is handled by experts.The motive of Delhi go nment was only to defam the central go nment.



Anil Hans

Chor Arvind Kejriwal ... He can do po itics on anything ... Shameless liar



India First

Now it's turn of the Center to s m the judiciary for their unwarranted intervention. Kejriwal Govt. should be dismissed for criminally causing deaths in other states



Ananthagopal Kp

SC & HC judges should learn from this and keep off the domain of the executive !



A Raj

AAP and Kejriwal are representatives ed by vers. Sad, but that is the truth.



Tarunkumar Mishra

Kejriwal wanted anarchy in the country .He created panic. He wanted to defame central go nment. He wanted more deaths not in Delhi but in whole country.Congress was accomplice .Nowhere demand of oxygen was trumpeted at high decibel as was done in Delhi.



Sharat Sahu

Now what will their Lordships who supported Delhi govt view mindlessly, be sacked ?



Nuranis Ravi

Every one except probably the SC judges knew that oxygen shortage dr in Delhi hospitals was a stage managed show by Delhi go nment to hide it's mismanagement.



Shyam Sunder

This is the problem when SC judges try to act as experts in areas where thry have no knowledge whatsoever.



g sekar

the supreme Court should stop playing to the gallery and work with common sense.now it should take the delhi aap govt to task



Avinash Rangra

The Supreme Court Justices need to banish the very thought of getting involved in managing affairs.



Johnny Indian

Shouldn't Kejriwal and his bunch of idiots be made accountable for this humongous mismanagement? Shouldn't he tried for gross neglect resulting in death of thousands?



rajendrakumar talukdar

Criminal prosecution should start immediately ag inst Kejriwal and his team.



kapal nilanch

These Pseudo secular leaders (ARVIND KEJRIWAL) will go to any extent for defaming Modi Govt. Shame on AAP

GOVT. for Inhumane activities.



KG Shey

Problem is with judges . Thy take po itical cases that thy have no business getting involved in . Judges think they are suppose to run go nment;. JUdge who order 700 mt should be suspended for life.



anish kumar

Kejriwal should pay for his deeds lots of deaths are on his head, god will never forgive him.




cheating not just public but sc too



Nemam Natarajan Pasupathy

Kejriwal is not only anti national but also anti human. Shame!




Kejriwal is a congenital liar. It is in his genes. This report proves it yet again. This scoundrel should be hanged in public.



Shiva SS

Court should keep out of the executive. Any action on the judges who had passed the order?


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