Haridwar: Casteist slurs, abuses thrown at Olympic star Vandana Katariya’s family



HARIDWAR: Hours after India went down to Argentina in the women’s hockey semi-final at the Tokyo Olympics on Wednesday, two upper caste men began circling Vandana Katariya’s home at Roshnabad village in Haridwar. They burst crackers, danced in mock celebration and hurled caste abuses at her family, saying that the team had lost because it had “too many Dalit players,” Vandana’s family told TOI. One of the accused has been detained by police.

赫尔德瓦尔:周三,在东京奥运会女子曲棍球半决赛中,印度被阿根廷击败数小时后,两名高种姓男子开始在赫尔德瓦尔罗什纳巴德村凡达娜·卡塔里亚(Vandana Katariya)的家周围转圈。他们放鞭炮,模拟庆祝跳舞,并对她的家人进行种姓谩骂,说球队输了是因为“达利特球员太多”,凡达娜的家人告诉《印度时报》。其中一名被告已被警方拘留。

“We were upset after the loss. But the team went down fighting. We were proud of that,” Vandana’s brother Shekhar told TOI. “Suddenly, right after the match, we heard loud noises. Crackers were being burst outside our house. When we went outside, we saw two men from our village -- we know them and they are upper castes -- dancing in front of our house.”


When they saw Vandana’s family step out, they unleashed a stream of casteist abuses. “They used caste slurs, insulted our family and said the Indian team lost because too many Dalits have made it to the team. They went on, saying that it’s not just hockey but every sport that should keep Dalits out,” the complaint filed by Shekhar said. “Then, they took some of their clothes off and started dancing again … It was a caste-based attack.”


An FIR is yet to be registered on the basis of the complaint at the time of filing the report. “One man whose name came up has been detained,” SHO of Sidcul police station LS Butola told TOI.


He didn’t say who the person was. “We have received a complaint and inquiry is on, after which a case will be filed.”



Suren Abreu

How sad and sick. Our team worked as a unit and reached higher than ever before. This sort of casteist behaviour shames us all! Sports teaches us to keep divisions aside and work together.





Mack Mallya

if women wins medal in Olympic. She is "desh ki beti".If she loses she is dalit ke beti...

Shameless society....

如果女子在奥运会上赢得奖牌,她是“desh ki beti”。如果她输了,她就是达利特。




Instead of celebrating Vandana for her historic hattrick of goals , these goons seem to be hurling abuses. Quite Certain that these goons have little knowledge of hockey and the performance of Vandana and the team in general



Asha Mishra

Shameless people who can't even achieve a single thing in their lives. You guys are nothing, not even men because real men celebrate women in every field irrespective of their caste, religion or creed. Government should take strict actions against these culprits.



Sandip Mitra

If they win they are our pride. If they lose, they are dalits. Shame on these false patriots.




Not wanting to be cynical, but certain things in India do not change, and I fear never will. So sad...



Jagdish Vaswani

These shameless upper caste protesters, they don't even have courage to promote their daughters for any sport.Just they discourage the people who are involved in develo sports




It just goes to prove that these people are just upper cast, NOT INDIANS. Only true Indians can understand and appreciate the hard-work and sacrifice needed to reach this level.



User Padmanabhan

Shame that we have to put up with these detestable morons in our country. Well played girls Indian Patriots are with you and proud of you all.



Abhinav Varma

Acha then why the hell you need reservations in the name of caste then ?



Mihir s

Casteism has plagued India but certain people seek out benefit by playing Victim. Guilty should be punished in harshest way.




Those who have nothing else to be proud of in their life are proud of their caste



Ghayas Alvi

Those stoo so low as to hurl slurs on players are worst than those so called Dalits



Aabha Kri

Still not Independent from stereotypical and prejudice mindset. Such a same.



Narayan S Balaji

Players came on their Merit & not on Reservation Quota. One who are envious of lower castes advancing on Merit too are only to be ignored.



Rajan Ramanathan

Hocekey is a sport. In every game there can be either a win or loss or draw. What is important is you take the result with sportive mind. It is only retarded ,sick and regressive mind who resort to absues on Dalits and politicians only flame such incident to incite communal violence.




Felt very sad about the abuses it's time for the GOI to stop this nuisance once and for all . As after 70 years of independence still reservation is followed by dividing people on caste basis. Common Vandana we as a Indian are proud of you and your achievements.



Indian Atheist

This is real India. the most uncivilized nation in the world.



Murali Seetharaman

I can't believe this type of incidents still happening in the year 2021. Utterly shocking



Sanjivi Giri

Sad to hear this.



Subramanyam K

This country's fate, caste system introduced by Aryans in the society will never vanish...


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