Incentives for inter-caste marriages may help curb atrocities on Dalits: Parliament panel



NEW DELHI: With inter-caste marriages involving a Dalit spouse rising last year, a parliamentary committee believes that schemes like the one incentivising such wedlocks may be the way to curb the high rate of atrocities ag inst the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.


The panel’s recommendation comes in the backdrop of the paradox that while there has been an increase in inter-caste marriages involving SCs, crimes ag inst the SCs/STs remain high. As a result, the panel believes that schemes that prome “social integration and harmony and remove practice of untouchability and caste-based discrimination” should be implemented in states where atrocities are high.


The central scheme — “incentive for inter-caste marriage” — reported an increase last year. While 17,263 cms were made in 2016-17, it went up to 20,253 in 2017-18 and further up to 23,355 in 2019-20. Under the scheme, cash incentive is provided to every couple in which one spouse is SC.


Noting that as per NCRB, 2,02,427 atrocity cases ag inst SCs and 33949 cases ag inst STs were registered between 2015-2019, the panel said, “Unfortunately, this figure may actually be higher as several cases go unreported. The committee feel that sincere efforts at the execution level to create awareness as well as sensitise people to come out of their prejudices and bias ag inst the SCs and create an equal society, are urgently required. Some of the states still have a glaring number of atrocity cases despite prevailing laws.”




Firstly, scrap reservations to achieve harmony and equality in the society. Secondly, try promoting Inter-Caste marriages amongst the different sections of SC and STs. Thirdly convince the upper caste shudras to marry the lower caste shudras as they all belong to the same varna.






I am from a Brahmin family. I am all for reservation and financial support to our SC & Dalits brothers & sisters as they have at historic disadvantage, but after admission, they should graduate based on merit...



Hence, in Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna has clearly supported inter caste marriages.



Parashar M

All OBCs call themselves as Ksthtriya snd hold sway in the areas they con trate. Jats, Gurjars, Yadavs, Kurmi etc are enjoying reservation just because of ve bank po itics.



Saurav Gupta

Best solution is to stop asking caste and re gionnin every form....




Inter caste marriages is not the solution. Economic parity is the solution. Atrocities are committed by rich and powerful on poor strata of society irrespective of their caste and creed.

跨种姓婚姻不是解决问题的办法。解决办法是实现经济平等。富人和权贵对穷人阶层犯下暴 行,不管他们属于什么种姓,信仰哪个宗教。


Joseph A

Appoint dalits in lead roles of RSS. Things will start to improve.



Vjay San

Paying people to be decent is akin to rewarding indecency.



Motivations Abound

When our constitution discriminates on the basis of caste based reservation then do not finger further.



Rana Pratap

Atrocities happen when there is lack of spirituality and economic inequality. The govt should focus on economic progress of the society then these things will get fixed by themselves. Alas the corrupt po iticians are looting the country causing social unrest dividing people on the basis of caste.

在经济不平等的情况下,暴 行就会发生。印度政府应该关注社会的经济发展,这些问题自然会化解。印度腐 败的政客们正在掠夺这个国家,造成社会动荡,按照种姓分裂人民。



If India is to become an equitable and strong nation, we should also prome inter re gion marriages and bring out a change such that caste and re gion are no longer part of any quota list.




I struggle to understand why one’s caste or re gion should be of any consequence, when they get married. In fact, these days, it seems that even sexual orientation should no longer be a factor. It should just be a union of two consenting adults, who have reached certain age / maturity.




Jagadeesh R

first of all it's not govt business to prome inter caste or inter re gion marriages, it's individual choice.



Jagdish Chandra

Two spearheading de ratic nations are US economic and military Supper Power and India biggest liberal set up of the globe is pulling the opposite site to each other. The Sy em of arrange marriage has no place in US while it is dominant force in India



Kumar Swamy

There are no atrocities on Dalits..Only dalit are doing atrocities on forward caste by using sc/st law

没有针对达利特人的暴 行。只有达利特才会利用法律的照顾对高种姓实施暴 行


Monika jain

appoint dalit head priest of all over indian madir and ya .




Incentives are required to encourage such marriages, will help remove social biases in society.


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