Billionaire investor Rakesh Jhunjhunw plans 70 planes for new airline

亿万富翁投资人Rakesh Jhunjhunw计划为新航空公司买70架飞机


NEW DELHI: Billionaire investor Rakesh Jhunjhunw is planning on having 70 aircraft within four years for a new airline he wants to set up in India on optimism more people will travel by air.

新德里:亿万富翁投资人Rakesh Jhunjhunw想在印度建立新航空公司,计划在4年内买70架飞机,他乐观地认为越来越多的人将乘飞机出行。

Jhunjhunw, who is considering investing $35 million and would own 40% of the carrier, expects to get a no-objection certificate from India’s aviation ministry in the next 15 days, he said in a Bloomberg Television interview Wednesday.


The ultra-low cost airline will be called Akasa Air and the team, which includes a former senior executive of Delta Air Lines Inc, is looking at planes that can carry 180 passengers, he said.

他表示,这家超低成本航空公司将被命名为Akasa Air,其团队包括达美航空前高管,正在寻找可搭载180名乘客的飞机。

It’s a bold bet by Jhunjhunw, who’s known locally as India’s Warren Buffett, in a market that has seen some airlines col pse in the face of intense fare wars and high costs.


Still, what was once the world’s fastest-growing aviation market holds an allure and Jhunjhunw is looking at opportunities to woo flyers with a brand new carrier offering low fares.


“For the culture of a company to be frugal you’ve to start off fresh,” Jhunjhunw said. “I’m very, very bullish on India’s aviation sector in terms of demand




hmmm.. probably another Kingfisher in making. While major airlines across the globe are struggling to survive, he is planning to start a new airlines and bullish about Indian aviation sector. Please keep a close eye on banks who lends him money.



Aditya Bhuyan

The quickest way to be a millionaire from billionaire is to start an airlines.



Srikanth Vilpula

Soon He will list in public stock markets. Sell akasa air planes shares to retailers and quit air line business with profits.



Dr Ahmed Khan

Jhunjhunw is an American citizen and I appeal to go nment to not allow him to operate an airline here. He us a typical CHOR Gujarati who will steal the money of Indians and transfer it to his American accounts. Please STOP THIS GUJJU CHOR before its too late.



Muju Contractor

new vijay mallya in making...



B Mahadevan

Wish jhunwanw all good luck. Iam confident he can succeed. We need bold entrepreneurs to invest in new business so that risk taking is rewarded.all the best.



Ganesh AS

Every one in the world knows that Aurlines industry is not benficial at this moment . Lets see how this man survives




Should not we appreciate some one taking a bold and calculated risk after an unparalleled disaster the aviation industry is facing till date due to Covid-19 pandemic ?



Aadya Vlogs

Best of luck. Just stay away from Congress type po iticians.



Mohammed Husain

He is unable to decide where to invest huge money made in recent stock rally.



Amit Awasthi

Sounds great initiative !!



Scl Premi

Let us hope he doesn't turn out to be another Vijay Mallya, and let us also hope he does not make would be investors in his new airline paupers. Running an airline is not as easy as stock price manipulations.



Arun Kumar

major cost is plane cost, it is like our e scoer price,second is high fuel prices,third is very high taxes, fourth is airport and handling charges, fifth is their employees sry and benefits,, plus several govt departments has to taken care !?? do you thing it is easy to run a business in India





Nandkishor Kothari

Welcome Mr jhunjhunw, so many unemployed aviation people are wanting for you



Dr Sharma

Hmm! he too wants to taste bankruptcy.



Srinivas Rao Kaniti

May be Jhunjhunw will taste success in Airline Industry.



Snehasis Basu

Good move. Good Luck. Atleast (hopefully) the middle and lower income group benefits from it.



Gee Sr

Very good investment by Rakesh Jhunjhunw, aviation will boom in India however the sector is also very high risk and cost management is paramount in this industry so he will require some very good managers on board with absolutely no interference from RJ himself which is tough for any investor.

Rakesh Jhunjhunw的投资非常好,航空业将在印度蓬勃发展,然而该行业风险也很高,成本管理在这个行业是最重要的,所以他需要一些非常好的管理人员,绝对不需要本人插手,这对任何投资者来说都是很难的。


Uday Abburu

There is a good market for Airlines Industry in India. Currently due to pandemic people are not travelling. Two years ago Airports were over crowded and FLTs running full. This industry needs a proper planning and discipline to be profitable. May be this guy has those qualities. Let's see.



Gaurav Bills

He has a net worth of more than 13000 cr , even if he plans to invest approx 250 cr out of it then it's hardly peanuts for him. it's like spending 2 rs out of 100


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