Eye on polls, PM Modi, BJP netas to visit Uttar Pradesh from July



NEW DELHI: Gearing up for the upcoming assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other senior leaders of the BJP will start visiting the state from the next month on a regular basis to take stock of the development and welfare activities and also hold interactions with party cadres.


Sources confirmed that the Prime Minister, who has not been able to visit the state and his constituency Varanasi for some time due to Covid restrictions, will visit the state almost every month including his Lok Sabha constituency from July onwards.


Party general secretary (organisation) B L Santhosh along with state in-charge Radha Mohan Singh will be visiting the state capital yet again on Monday during which the two leaders are likely to sit with state chief minister Yogi Adityanath under whose leadership the party has decided to contest the state polls next year for which the notification is likely by December this year.

周一,党总书记B L Santhosh和邦负责人Radha Mohan Singh将再次访问邦首府,届时两位领导人可能会与首席部长约吉·阿迪特亚纳特举行会谈,在他的领导下,该党已经决定参加明年的邦选举,可能在今年12月发布通知。

Party sources said that the two leaders will discuss with the state chief minister about the organisational activities and also about possible expansion of the state ministry.


Sources said BJP chief J P Nadda, home minister Amit Shah and defence minister Rajnath Singh, who is also an MP from Lucknow and a senior leader from the state, will visit the state regularly from the next month. “One senior leader will be visiting the state almost every fortnight,” a party leader said.

消息人士称,人民党主席JP Nadda、内政部长阿米特·沙阿和国防部长拉杰纳特·辛格将从下个月开始定期访问该邦。拉杰纳特·辛格也是勒克瑙的议员和该邦的高级领导人。“几乎每两周就会有一位高级领导人访问北方邦,”一位政党领导人说道。


Truth Seeker

Electionjeevi. Why not he become a full time BJP campaigner and let someone else become PM so that they can focus on solving actual people and country issues?




UP has been totally decimated in the last 5 years, with No development.



Mili Haldar

If he had made regular visits to hospitals during second wave in April-May, he would have become a Hero. But his priorities are the kursi of Bengal and UP.Plight of his countrymen is nowhere in his mind.

如果他在4 - 5月的第二波疫情期间定期去医院视察,他就会成为一个英雄。但他的首要任务是西孟加拉和北方邦的选举。他一点也不关心同胞的困境。


debashis mallick

The rat is coming out of his hiding after months….his cheese being UP elections !



Dr Ahmed Khan

GUJJU MAHACHOR Modi will once again be busy in elections and spreading his JUMLAS to people who will come to hear him and spread corona all over again like Kumbh. Shameless BASTID Modi should be arrested for killing so many people due to his election rallies.



Royal Enfield

First get the Old P M look. This beard looks very irritating.



Subbu India

Again rallies and meetings, UP will become worst affected.




Shameless greedy bjp leaders,no words can describe how badly they are ruining india for the sake for power and money.Modi ji has to keep his masters adani and Ambani happy at all cost.



Hiroj Behera

No development work ,only motive to win election .I am ashamed myself being a Modi supporter .They can't help COVID family affected ,but they have every rights to expense on election.Public has lost credibility on this govt ..



abhijitpaul abhijitpaul

Bengal visits did not yield anything



Vaccine Guru

Full time BJP campaigner and Part Time PM



Anthony Kalia

Bangladesh has already surpass India, very soon Pakistan and other country will also surpass India in GDP and Growth, India is a country where sense and nonsense prevail at the same time



Agnelo Dsa

pm modi does not know anything about running the country, only elections.

without him, BJP IS FINISHED.





UP teach BJP a lesson



Rahul K

UP election funds this time is collected by Modi through Petrol, diesel and Cooking gas



Guest Login

Ok now it seems that the great illiterate party wants to start the Third wave



Shiv Thakur

Sir please ensure at least this time half of the population dies due to corona. So your promise of population control is also fulfilled. This time rallies have to be bigger then bengal.



Rahul K

This is a thick skin shameless govt, they only understand the language of voting them out. people should stop voting Modi who doesnt bother about people lives and carrying out elections in the state




ye jumlabaaj lier will bring corona third wave to UP and then to India.



spotbuoy ninja

Great! Lets welcome 3rd wave with some great rallies in UP. Power hungry wolves of India.




Preparation for 3rd wave started.. no leasson learned from 1st and 2nd wave.


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