PM Modi failed to stand with people in need of medical help during second Covid wave: Kapil Sibal

国大党领袖Kapil Sibal:在第二波疫情期间,莫迪总理未能与需要医疗帮助的人站在一起


NEW DELHI: Congress leader Kapil Sibal on Friday unleashed a scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and accused him of not standing with people who were in desperate need of medical aid during the second wave of Covid-19.

新德里:周五,国大党领袖Kapil Sibal严厉抨击莫迪总理,指责他在第二波疫情期间没有与迫切需要医疗帮助的人站在一起。

"A Prime Minister who should have stood with the people while they were languishing outside hospitals in need of medical aid during the pandemic, was busy playing po itical one-upmanship during assembly ions in West Bengal, Assam, Ker ... " the former Union minister said in an interview to news agency PTI.


The Prime Minister has "without doubt" lost the moral authority to rule, Sibal said, and added, "The go nment's priorities in tackling the pandemic are misplaced, faulty and lack sincerity".


The senior Congress leader, who has been a vocal critic of the go nment, said when the whole world was doing its best to tide over the pandemic and save precious human lives, our Prime Minister was busy addressing ion rallies in West Bengal, Assam, Tamil Nadu and Ker.


The Covid-19 protocols that the go nment under him had itself put in place were openly flouted, he alleged, saying, "I believe that is what defamed India".


"People dying for as basic a medical aid as oxygen was a bigger embarrassment and that actually defamed the country," the former union minister said.


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Achyut Bal

Have you taken a vaccine shot sir? If not, please visit any Delhi mohalla clinique and get yourself infected. At least that’d quiet you for couple of weeks




Shyam Sunder

What a crook this guy is. What did he and his congress do? They only know to keep crying without any good intentions or actions. and they have done nothing to serve the country that has fed them





Manish Nandgaonkar

Where was your Mr Pariwaar when Maharashtra is burning. Maharastra is worst hit and you are talking something else



Jagdeep Singh

It is Modi who has handled the Covid Situation very well.

If this situation would have been in UPA time then it would have been a real mess.



Tukaram B

Sibal must know that the covid was not generated by Modiji but freind of Congress.



Rajesh Sachdev

This butcher anti national has nothing constructive to offer.



Harshad B Chauhan

Today RG is slee. It is his turn.




Our PM is atleast honest to Indians. I was just wondering, if the pandemic had happened during congress PM time, then what would had happened.



vijay bhatt

How much Congress leaders , Sonia, Rahul and others donated and served common ppl in covid crisies



Mohankumar Venkatarnappa

Anti Hindu, congress

has been trying to destroy our economy and jobs so that they can blame modiji.



Nagaraj Bellary

First tell us what was your contribution to India during pandemic?. Give 5 instances how you helped people in distress.




manoj kumar

This joker Sibal is the most crooked antinational...

这个小丑是印度最邪 恶的反国家分子…


Vg Now

So who stood with people, rahul gandhu? Stupid. He misled people to not vaccinate by calling it bjp vaccine




Carlos Jackal

4 of the top 5 highly infected states r non Bjp states.I can’t understand why the CMs of these r not being scrutinised and criticised for their handling of the pandemic situation and only the PM is being criticised.


我不明白为什么这些官 员在处理疫情时没有受到审查和批评,而只有总理受到批评。


Vivek !!

Shut up you disgusting person .. always supporting te rorts in court ... Have some shame .. but I guess for money you can do anything.. sell anyone ...

闭嘴,你这个恶心的人…你总是在法庭上支持恐 怖分子…有点羞耻吧,我想为了钱你可以做任何事,出卖任何人…


Raj vasta

ok you agree that Modi was successful in first wave then.



Pankaj ChikhalWale

Maharashtra has had largest number of deaths.

Did your alliance partner Uddhav Thackeray succeed in standing with and hel people of Maharashtra ?



haresh singhwi

Sir , where were u when ur congress needed u most .when ur is in power we see u everyday . But when u come in opposition we dont see u .




Ashok Jain

India's Bad Luck to have world Worst opposition.. Good For Nothing..



Parthasarathi DasGupta

Agreeing with Mr Sibbal.


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