NaMo’s still the man for India: Why despite Covid, country under Modi is on the cusp of positive transformation



The second wave of the Covid pandemic has caused immense devastation. But from the peak to now, daily cases have already fallen by two-thirds, and soon death figures are likely to follow. Even after adjusting for reasonable estimates of under-reporting, India has not fared as badly as the much richer West.


By the same token though, we must also credit Narendra Modi for his leadership over the last seven years. If India was a giant but rusting spring in 2013, Modi decided to repair it instead of freeing it immediately.


In his second term, despite the pandemic the Indian spring is about to be released. My view is that the Modi go nment so far has mostly steered India towards growth, influence and harmony.


Yes, this contradicts the current narrative. So allow me to expn.


On economics, given that the elite tends to be influenced by Anglo-American narratives, many had forgotten about railroads, toilets, bank accounts, drinking water, telecom and ricity access. Perhaps because of his own underprivileged background, Modi is focussing on that and hence hundreds of millions are joining the economic mainstream.



Ananta Acharya

Mr Modi has really toiled and worked on improving the conditions. Since he has worked and not wiled away his time at office, he has committed certain mistakes. Opposition parties especially Mr Rahul Gandhi and Ms Mamta Benerjee only harps on perceived mistakes of NaMo without giving any sort of credit for the stupendous work he has done during the last 7 years.




Madan Mohan

He is human and will make mistakes but one thing he does not do it to loot the nation and public .There are so many filthy pigs who want to convert Hindus and are ready to marry them



Anjan Kesh

May be you have not been tracking the kickback that BJP is taking from corporates legally in anonymous oral bonds.



Chandrasekaran S

plummeting economy, dest yed livelihoods due to demonitisation, instead of 2 crore jobs one crore losing jobs in one month, prices reaching the sky especially petrol and diesel, msmes and micro firms closing down, below poverty line percentage increasing



B Srinivasan

NaMo's CABINET is the best to get INDIA back on track after the chinese covid pandemic for sure.It is sad&even unfortunate the opposition both at center&state levels are not able to help NaMo in his all INDIA effort to speed up INDIA's growth.



Harsha Sain

Excellent summary. Thank you very much



 Sanjeev Srivastava

Well bnced and reasonable, I have long held the same oion as the author.



Duna Okay

100% genuine article, agree totally with the facts on ground



Vikash Holla

He might have focused about toilets but forgot about food. If people eat then only, they will go to toilet. One more is that author definately does not know the meaning of harmony.



Take It Easy

Really. BJP IT cell is in full swing. He is such a disgrace to the nation along with Blind Bhakts



Pradeep Ekambaram

Demonitization, GST and inflation severely affected the middle class lives.



hossain hossain

Any one even a street donkey will be better choice for PM than this chameleon feku



abcd 1234

As his name suggests he is a Gujju. What else can be expected.



Raj S

Modi is here for ever. No Pappu or mental Mamta can do anything





Since his go nment.we did not receive any benefits. Still we are struggling. No doubt he has done tremendous work for country but we are lacking on grassroots level development like road infrastructure, Industrial development and day today life style. Because we see Still begger begging on signal.





How much money did Modi paid you to praise him. You sl ve



Anish Pil

BJP IT cell is the best in the world, available everywhere to defend their failures n hypocrisy.... Lol



Bharath Vasi

How many lakhs or crores you got fir writing such utter false praise on already failed.




Nope, Feku, aka Surrender Modi, is a curse on India. He has been bringing all sorts of apocalyptic situations to the country ever since he came to power in 2014.




Modi is a man of the millennium for India. May he grow from strength to strength.



Narayanan Muthurn

Modi haters will not agree these facts


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