The poor, the rich: in a sick India, all are on their own



For the family of the retired diplomat, the terror struck as they tried desperately to get him past the entrance doors of a private hospital. For the New Delhi family, it came when they had to create a hospital room in their ground-floor apartment. For the son of an illiterate woman who raised her three children by scavenging human hair, it came as his mother waited days for an intensive care unit (ICU) bed, insisting she’d be fine.


Three families in a nation of 1.3 billion. Seven cases of Covid-19 in a country facing an unparalleled surge, with more than 300,000 people testing positive every day.


When the pandemic exploded in India in early April, each of these families found themselves struggling to keep relatives alive as the medical sy em neared col pse and the go nment was left unprepared.

4月初,当疫情在印度爆发时,医疗系统濒临崩 溃,政府毫无准备,每个家庭都在努力维持亲人的生命。

Across India, families scour cities for coronavir s tests, medicine, ambulances, oxygen and hospital beds. When none of that works, some have to deal with loved ones zippered into body bags.


The desperation comes in waves. New Delhi was hit at the start of April, with the worst coming near the end of the month. The southern city of Bengaluru was hit about two weeks later. The surge is at its peak now in many small towns and villages, and just reaching others.


But when a pandemic wave hits, everyone is on their own. The poor. The rich. The well-connected bureaucrats who hold immense sway here, and the people who clean the sewers. Wealthy businessmen fight for hospital beds and powerful go nment offi als send tweets begging for oxygen. Middle-class families scrounge wood for funeral pyres and in places where there’s no wood to be found, hundreds of families have been forced to dump their relatives’ bodies into the Ganges River.


The rich and well-connected, of course, still have money and contacts to smooth the search for ICU beds and oxygen tanks. But rich and poor alike have been left gas for breath outside overflowing hospitals.


“This has now become normal,” said Abhimanyu Chakravorty, 34, whose extended New Delhi family frantically tried to arrange his father’s medical care at home. “Everyone is running helter-skelter, doing whatever they can to save their loved ones.”


But every day, thousands more die.




Why worry about India. Pakistan's both Hands are full


ENGR Hamid Shafiq

@@papi, Nothing bad in Pakistan don’t compare with India


Babu Ram

@@papi, because humans live in both Pakistan & India, you even being an Indian must at least concede that.




@ENGR Hamid Shafiq, "@papi, Nothing bad in Pakistan don’t compare with India"

Yes certainly,  that's what we have always been saying.  Pl don't compare or even come near India..

@ENGR Hamid Shafiq当然,我们也一直都这么说。不要和印度比,甚至不要接近印度。



Shining india


Point of View

@UMAIR, Shining india

Yes it is shining India which has hit a speed bump. Mark my word, I am 100% sure it will emerge as a much stronger nation once this pandemic is over.



@Point of View, “ I am 100% sure it will emerge as a much stronger nation once this pandemic is over.”

All the best. Tell this to all those who lost loved ones.


@Point of View:“我100%肯定,一旦疫情结束,印度将成为一个更加强大的国家。”




The superpower.




Why rich and largest economy Pakistan worried about India?



@Misbah, Why rich and largest economy Pakistan worried about India?

Infections 27 million, deaths 400,000 x 20. Forget Pakistan, the world should be worried from many different Indian variants being spread round the world and new Indian variants pop up.


确诊2700万例,死亡40万x 20。忘掉巴基斯坦吧,世界应该担心的是,许多不同的印度变种正在世界各地传播,新的印度变种正在涌现。


Dr. Sria, Aamir Ahmad

True face of India exposed which racist, bigot, biased, liar and prejudiced Modi and his fa ist, crooked, cruel, corrupt, cunning and criminal R.S.S. and BJP cronies were tirelessly trying to hide from rest of the world.




And their leader, who they ved for so eagerly, can only shed crocodile tears on TV and make long pauses for drtic effect.




Not to worry, superpower India has everything under control.




As if Pakistan is doing better




When will Modi stop hibernating and face the facts on the ground.



Sri Ram

Cor ion is everywhere in India from po iticians to bureaucrats. $1.5 trillion stolen from the people of India. People of India are forever cursed to remain poor and die of poverty, hunger and disease.



M Saeed

Hearts of all Pakistanis ache on knowing the covid crisis in India, killing thousands of their genetic brothers and sisters in near hopeless conditions.




The dirty unhygienic conditions in India created the pandemic situation from bad to worse.


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