UK adds India to travel red list amid surge in Covid cases



NEW DELHI: The United Kingdom on Monday added India to its travel 'red list' amid an unrelenting surge in coronavirus cases in the country.


The decision comes after Britain detected 103 cases of a coronavirus variant first identified in India.


As per the new rules, all arrivals from India have been banned.


However, UK and Irish residents who have been in India in the past 10 days are required to mandatorily stay in a government-approved quarantine hotel for 10 days on their return to UK.


The rules come into force from April 24.


"We've made the difficult but vital decision to add India to the Red List. This means anyone who is not a UK or Irish resident or a British citizen cannot enter the UK if they've been in India in the previous 10 days," Britain health minister Matt Hancock told their parliament.


Confirming the move in House of Commons, Hancock said that the cases of Indian variant identified in Britain has been majorly due to international travels.


He said that samples of that variant have been analysed to see if the new variant has any "concerning characteristics", such as greater transmissibility or resistance to treatments and vaccines.


Earlier in the day, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson called off his trip to India for the second time amid a massive surge in Covid cases in the country.



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Pranav Pathrikar

Other countries are bound to follow the UK. shame on Bjpee and their electionjeevi ministers who let covid go out of hand

其他国家必然会效仿英国的做法。印度人民党及其部长们忙着选 举,放任疫情失控,他们应该感到羞耻



Sad, wish we had educated PM to lead us out of this crisis instead of dividing us for vote bank politics.

悲哀,真希望我们有一位有文化的总理带领我们走出这场危机,而不是为了选 票而分裂我们。


I Love Cow Meat And Pork

As Boris Johnson has cancelled his trip to India, feku for publicity has informed the UK govt that he would visit the UK instead.... but feku was warned off that his plane will be shot down upon entering the UK airspace.....




Britishers should not ban India. We've high quality UP made Cowmutra to treat Corona.



venkatesh kadari


Now corrupted politicians n scammers cannot flee to UK..


现在腐 败的政客和骗子不能逃到英国了,耶……


Raj S

Guys please wear masks and get vaccinated ASAP. The faster we control this virus, the faster UK can lift the ban. Kindly avoid negativism.




Pakistani are allowed while Indian not.....Feku, how much more will you let us down??




So far NZ, Oman, HK, UK, UAE have put restriction or complete ban on people coming from India. Many more will be added I guess. NZ actually are not alllowing its own citizens to come back from India.

到目前为止,新西兰、阿曼、香 港、英国、阿联酋都限制或完全禁止印度人入境。我想名单还会增加更多。还有,新西兰不允许从印度回国的本国公民入境。


I Love Cow Meat And Pork

India and it's citizens are worse of all the world... never seen dead bodies too being charged exorbitantly for cremation like its happening in UP and Gujarat....



Desi Katta

Modhi haath failakar baar baar UK PM ko India bulata h..aur woh waha se juuta marke usko bhaga deta h..this ban is a tight slap to Feku..low self esteem Feku did not Red list UK when it was in huge 2nd wave 2 months back.



Vikki Kumar

Now andbhakts ready to fight against uk on twitter and facebook



Happytimes User

It was incoming as the money and power hungry politicians are only concerned about elections. They do not care about people and economy.

渴求金钱和权力的政客们只关心选 举,他们不关心人民和经济,后果摆在眼前了。


I Love Cow Meat And Pork

3rd world India is red listed in all parameters..... we are the number one in visa violations... Indian passport ranking is less than that of some African countries..... good that I made my Indian passport redundant and took up Swiss citizenship...



Chan K

india should have banned flights from UK, Africa, Brazil when second wave started there in january 2021. now they have banned Indian flights!




all bcs of uneducated BJP PM CM & Ministers...



The Lie Lama Aka Feku

Not even Nepal n Pakistan, But India...




The door to the scamsters' heaven is closed now.




India got this Virus from UK only. India didn't put UK on Red List.... That's why we have this situation now.



Ash Khan

Late step, this should have been done at least 2 weeks ago.




why we can't really work.. like Israel, gulf countries, etc... where they have almost completed vaccination..




Good move. Feku, aka Surrender Modi, must be very disappointed because the travel ban means that he will not be able to continue his world tour this year.


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