India only G20 nation on track to meet Paris pact’s 2°C goal


NEW DELHI: India is the only country among G20 nations which is on track to meet what it had promised in 2015 under the Paris Agreement on climate change unlike the top three emitters — China, the US and the EU. India’s track record of being the only “2°C compatible” country was flagged in a report released on Wednesday by a coalition of 14 global thinktanks, including TERI, which showed that the other 19 leading and emerging economies were far from achieving their goals.




Though China has declared that it will be carbon neutral by 2060, it is in the 'highly insufficient' category according to the climate action tracker while India is 'compatible' with the 2-degree warming goal.


In fact, no country has 1.5-degree Celsius aligned renewable energy targets. India's renewable energy targets have, however, become an example. "India is the only G20 country which is on a track consistent to move the world to a 2-degree Celsius warming future, though not a 1.5-degree warming future," TERI director general Ajay Mathur said.

事实上,没有一个国家制定了1.5℃的温升目标。然而,印度的可再生能源项目已经成为榜样。TERI总干事Ajay Mathur说:“ 虽然没有达到1.5℃的温升目标,然而印度是20国集团中唯一一个有可能实现2℃温目标的,”

The Climate Transparency Report 2020 of the coalition, released ahead of the G20 summit over the weekend, showed the G20 countries had lost around 2.20 lakh lives and suffered economic losses of $2.6 trillion due to extreme weather events in 20 years during 1999-2018.


Though India reported the second highest annual average deaths (2,925) after Russia (2,939) during the period, its average annual death per million of inhabitants was much less. In economic terms, extreme weather events caused loss of $14 billion annually in India.


The US, which de-linked itself from the Paris Agreement goals under the Trump administration, however, suffered the biggest economic loss at over $51 billion annually during the 20-year period.



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Priti Shilpa

proud to be an Indian. Shame on other G20 nations.




Modi is running India like a top class CEO of a rapidly growing company .. keeping on targets and by far exceeding on may fronts .. why to go Modi ji .



Rupali Duggal

That was Modi's promise in Paris meet, this proves time and again, Modi is the leader, that will take India ahead. Given, so many bottlenecks to achieve the target, India achieving it, while being a developed nation is an EYE OPENER for the WORLD...



Sandipan Dutta

MODIJI means what he says.

Traitors inside the country may hate him for being so popular but he is now A DISTINGUISHED WOULD LEADER.

INDIA is blessed to have such a visionary and dynamic leader.





Saju Varma

economy first climate second for all other countries



Sanjoy Pandey

A great achievement by the Modi go nment. The whole would should follow India for a better world.



Boycott China

Modi is showing the way to the whole world. He is surely the biggest and the greatest world leader.




Other nations should come on track otherwise mother earth will wipe out the Human race



Radhakrishna Thommandra

At least after sixty years of independence, we have in place, a honest go nment and the team that works for the people, in the interest of all.



gaurav maheshwari

well done Indian go nment .



Shobitro Chatterjee

Well done Indians. Keep the carbon footprint low and consume less plastic and use power cautiously and convert to alternative sources of power like wind and water instead of fossil fuels.

Well done BJP go nment.



ashishkumar Mishra

We are proud of our country.



Asok Datta

India always tries to comply any bilateral and or international pacts and it is a good sign that we will be able to achieve the carbon standard set in the G20 pact whereas all other participants are far below the mark



Abhijit Sharma

What will you get in reducing carbon emission when there is no employment. Modi has brought modern india to stone age. Pathetic.




Responsible Indian

This is all possible because of the able leadership of BJP, RSS and Modi... He is not only transforming India but also leading the world...




Lol, hahaha. India’s carbon emission is increasing every year.


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