Apple vendors, Samsung, others line up with Rs 11 lakh crore mobile phone manufacturing proposals: Prasad



NEW DELHI: As many as 22 domestic and international firms, including iPhone maker Apple's contract manufacturers as well as Samsung, Lava, Dixon and so forth, have lined up with proposals for mobile phones production worth Rs 11 lakh crore over the next five years, Union telecom and IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said on Saturday.


The minister said these proposals under the government's Rs 41,000-crore production-linked incentive (PLI) scheme for mobile phone manufacturing are expected to create around 12 lakh jobs, 3 lakh direct and 9 lakh indirect employment opportunities in the country. While, domestic value addition is expected to grow from the current 15-20 per cent to 35-40 per cent in case of mobile phones and 45-50 per cent for electronic components.

普拉萨德表示,在政府4100亿卢比手机制造业生产激励(PLI)计划下,这些提议有望在国内创造大约120万个就业机会,其中有30万个直接就业机会,90万个间接就业机会。与此同时,手机产品的国内附加值预计将从目前的15% - 20%升至35% - 40%,电子元件将升至45% - 50%。

"There will be huge (mobile phone) production of around Rs 11 lakh crore, huge export of around Rs 7 lakh crore and great employment opportunity for 3 lakh direct and 9 lakh indirect people. I personally thank all the companies that have applied," Prasad told reporters.


He said that a total of 22 companies have filed applications under the PLI scheme from various countries including Taiwan, South Korea, Germany, Austria, etc.


"The benchmark for international companies was that they make mobile phones priced at or above Rs 15,000. International companies that have applied are Samsung, Foxconn Hon Hai, Rising Star, Wistron and Pegatron," Prasad said.

普拉萨德说:“对于跨国公司,基准是生产的手机价格在1.5万卢比或以上。已经申请PLI的跨国公司有三星、富士康、Rising Star、纬创和和硕。”

Foxconn Hon Hai, Wistron and Pegatron are contract manufacturers for Apple iPhones.


There is no price limit for Indian companies under the scheme.


In terms of revenue, Apple accounts for 37 per cent and Samsung 22 per cent for global sales of mobile phones and the PLI scheme is expected to increase their manufacturing base manifold in the country, an official statement issued by the ministry of electronics and IT (Meity) said.


The minister further said these companies will make thousands of crores investments based on the approval of their proposal.


Prasad said Indian companies, including Lava, Dixon Technologies, Bhagwati (Micromax), Padget Electronics, Sojo Manufacturing Services and Optiemus Electronics, have applied under the scheme and 10 companies have filed applications under the Specified Electronic Components Segment.

普拉萨德说,包括Lava、Dixon Technologies、Bhagwati (Micromax)、Padget Electronics、Sojo Manufacturing Services和Optiemus Electronics在内的印度公司已经根据该计划提出申请,其中有10家公司已经提交了特定电子元件领域的申请。

The companies that have applied for components production of around Rs 45,000 crore include AT&S, Ascent Circuits, Visicon, Walsin, Sahasra, Vitesco and Neolync.

申请生产约价值4500亿卢比零部件的公司包括AT&S、Ascent circuit、Visicon、Walsin、Sahasra、Vitesco和Neolync。

There were no applications from companies under the scheme.


The minister said India is not averse to investment from any country but companies will have to follow rules related to security clearance, etc.




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Dr Vidyadhar Yellutla

In 2004, grabbed the opportunity while India went into the hands of Italian barmaid. Indias loss in 2004 - gain in 2004. Sonias rule is a curse to the nation as Nehrus rule in 1950s.


2004 - 1.955 trillion $

2013 - 9.57 trillion $

Indias GDP

2004 - 0.709 triilon $

2013 - 1.857 trillion $(13 th position)

We lost golden opportunity in 2004, but again the luck is knocking the door, in 2020, fortunately we have a patriot Modi is at the helm of affairs to grab it



2004年 - 1.955万亿美元

2013年- 9.57万亿美元


2004年 - 0.709 万亿美元

2013年- 1.857万亿美元(第13位)



sreejesh nair

first produce. then boast



arunava roy

Why it took 6 years to discover that we could manufacture electronics to such levels.



Because we sleep ... sleep till we are woke up with a tight slap.



recruitor recruitor

Indian government is good at propaganda. But when it comes to action always delayed and downgraded



Rahul Mishra

That's called sowing seeds for next term. While these morons were slee for last 6 years now they make false promises to grab opportunity for next term. Meanwhile Modi is clueless on how to revive economy and control pandemic.



guru klr

Start counting the chickens before they are hatched. We are good at it.



Agnelo Dsa

this is another jumla by this gov. announcement of these things to divert peoples attention elsewhere. how did they arrive at this figure?

may be these phones will be produced in uttar pradesh & bihar, the two most populous states in india. after all they are experts in baby making!




Samarendra Biswas

another announcement like all previous announcement but no reality. people has been brainwash to live on announcement only.



Bharat Gm

Domestic businesses are dieing due to no help from government but coffers are open for foreign companies. Good move but government doesn't care about Indian companies.




This step will boost Indian Economy and Employment. India having 130 crore population. Any Manufacturer can survive in absent of product.



Sharad Musalay

In trying to be friendly with backstabbing , we have destroyed our indian manufacturing. Govt has to compensate for this.



Godfather Senior

Hope to see Indian Economy stabilizing and picking up momentum soon.




India need to be alert; has already bribed Indian newspapers, media...



Darshan Mankotia

WTO has destroyed Indian manufacturing capability and made world economy Number two.


Kvs Sarma

why blame WTO for your own lazy and corrupt people!



Gaana User

Let's see if this actually happens. Indians usually take 10 times the time required for develo hardware compared to their European counterparts.



Sunil Edassery

Modi has long vision. He is hardworking and as great love for the country and people.



shailesh sinha

best news of this month




jai Hind ai Bharat boycott product



vinood kunna

makes hospital in 10days ,India makes phone accessories in 10 years.


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