iPhone 11中的“i”现在代表印度制造:这是苹果首次在印度生产一款顶级机型

 The 'i' in iPhone 11 now stands for India-made: Apple for the first time makes a top-of-the-line model in the country

iPhone 11中的“i”现在代表印度(Indian)制造:这是苹果首次在印度生产一款顶级机型


KOLKATA: Apple has started making its flagship iPhone 11 at the Foxconn plant near Chennai, the first time it’s manufactured a top-of-the-line model in the country, marking a boost for the government’s Make in India initiative.

加尔各答:苹果开始在金奈附近的富士康工厂生产其旗舰机型iPhone 11,这是苹果首次在印度生产顶级机型,推动了印度政府的“印度制造”计划。

Production will be stepped up in phases and Apple may consider exporting the India-made iPhone 11, reducing its dependence on , two senior industry executives said.

两位业内高管称,生产将分阶段增加,苹果可能会考虑出口印度制造的iPhone 11,减少对的依赖。

The company hasn’t cut prices as it also sells iPhone 11 handsets made in in India but industry executives said that could be an option later on. Local production saves Apple 22% import duty.

该公司没有降低价格,因为它也在印度销售制造的iPhone 11,但业内高管称,以后可能降价。在印度本地生产为苹果节省了22%的进口关税。

Apple makes flagship iPhone 11 at Foxconn plant in India

苹果在印度的富士康工厂生产旗舰机型iPhone 11

Apple is said to be considering a plan to make the new iPhone SE at the Wistron plant near Bengaluru, the executives said. The unit used to produce the earlier iPhone SE, which was been withdrawn.

这些高管称,据说苹果正在考虑在班加罗尔附近的纬创科技工厂生产新iPhone SE的计划。该工厂曾生产早期的iPhone SE,该机型曾被召回。

The latest move marks the growing localisation of Apple’s manufacturing in the country, where it’s keen to take advantage of benefits under the government’s production linked incentive (PLI) scheme. The move also helps expand Apple’s production base beyond at a time when Sino-US ties have soured, an executive said.


Apple India didn’t respond to queries.


ET had earlier reported that Apple plans to expand manufacturing in India. Another of its contract manufacturers, Pegatron, recently registered a subsidiary in the country.


Of the three new models Apple launched in September, the iPhone 11 is the biggest seller in India. Supplies of the locally made device have already reached stores, said the people cited above. Apple makes two other handset models in the country — the iPhone XR at the Foxconn plant and the iPhone 7 at the Wistron factory.

在去年9月份推出的三款新机型中,iPhone 11是印度销量最大的。上述知情人士说,这款在印度生产的手机已经配送到各商店。苹果在印度还生产另外两款手机——富士康工厂生产iPhone XR,纬创资通工厂生产iPhone 7。




The Brand

Great news



Rajat Biswas

Nice step, March on India.




This is a welcome move. Apple should expand its manufacturing base within India, and supply to the global market. Other companies should follow suit.



Nathan Ron

Apple has to enforce its contract manufacturers to localize and produce all infill ancillaries to the iPhone in India itself.



Madhu Cwm

the NDA Govt again proving it's indispensability



Madhu Cwm

Apple should start an economy brand called guava to beat iaomi &1



News Hound

All wretched lies. Why would a giant like Foxconn come & produce in a sh*t hole like India?



Malay Garai

Good news. However it should be ensured that all components are manufactured in India.



Bhaskar Reddy

where is the proof foxcon plant is producing iPhone in India ..do you have photos of their assembly line


Jagadish Nayak B

This question sounds like Rahul Gandhi's. You establish your locus standi...then ask the question. A Company like Apple may not flash out fake stories.



Shekhar Kanchan

Apple is bellwether in technology. it's actions will be closely watched by other companies in whole world. If Apple ramps up production of its flagship product in India, that will be best marketing for Make in India initiative. More companies will come to India.  That will lead to lots of ancillary industries coming up and huge job creation.




Welcome iPhone to India......it’s a late but good step. We Indians are a big market & prefer to buy Indian made products now onwards. I m using an Apple iPhone XR & will eagerly wait for MADE & MANUFACTURED IN INDIA iPhone’s. products are often inferior & low quality.

欢迎iPhone来到印度,虽然有点晚,但这是很好的一步。我们印度是一个巨大的市场,现在印度人更愿意购买印度制造的产品。我现在用的是iPhone XR ,迫不及待想用印度制造的iPhone。生产的手机都是劣质的。


Aniruddha Bhide

how about making in India, the electronic components like Tr, Diodes, Coils & the passives



Caba San

Samsung has set up a LARGEST MOBILE PHONE Company at Noida, India.... to manufacture 120 million Mobile Phones.....APPLE should also make 120 million Mobile Phones in India as Samsung is Apples Global Competitor.



Sanjay Raj

Good. Main criteria to check is how many jobs are created and how many ancillary units manufacturing components come up.



News Hound

Thank you Apple. Will never in my life buy an India made phone. For me Foxconn has been doing a great job. Don't spoil my mood please with this India made sh*t.



Teinder Singh

Modi Ji has done it. His efforts have persuaded Apple to produce the best in India



Francis S Victor

Not limited to iPhone, India should attract all US based manufacturers to set up their base in India. Govt should ensure hassle free service is provided to such industry. Otherwise small countries like Vietnam would hijack them with high incentives.



Sivakrishna T

apple needs to rapidly open retail stores in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi.



Geetansh Kathuria

This is very critical time,

government need to do more to create good manufacturing environment in India .




Harshad B Chauhan

Until and unless all parts are not made in India, beating will not be successful.




Indian assembled, not made. Basic parts and microchips etc are still manufactured nowhere else but .



Rajiv Mahajan

Boycott is the new mantra. Indians are avoiding products just like Carona and the World too must emulate. Hit them where it Hurts the most.



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