PM Modi extends free ration to 80 crore till November



NEW DELHI: In a move to bolster food security for the poor impacted by a Covid-induced economic slowdown, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday extended the scheme to provide five kg foodgrains and one kg of pulses for free to 80 crore beneficiaries for another five months.


During a national broadcast, Modi said the five-month extension will cost around Rs 90,000 crore, taking the overall cost to Rs 1.5 lakh crore. Poor families are entitled to 5 kg grains every month under the National Food Security Programme and the government is top up the entitlement with a matching quantity, with pulses thrown in, at no charge. The other elements of the PM Garib Kalyan Yojana, however, ended on Tuesday.


The decision was also seen as an early start to the campaign for Bihar elections due later this year, a state which has a large number of migrant workers who would be beneficiaries. The politically competitive element was apparent with West Bengal — due for polls in early 2021 and where BJP has emerged challenger — announcing that free foodgrains will be continued till June next year.


The announcement was seen aimed at strengthening BJP’s grip over a key vote-bank ahead of the crucial state elections by tap into the massive pile of wheat and rice with the Food Corporation of India — estimated at 98 million tonnes, more than twice the prescribed level. While it has 83 million tonnes of grains, another 15 million tonnes of paddy is with millers which will come back in the form of rice. In his remarks on the festival season, while emphasising the need for social distancing, Modi made it a point to mention Chhath, a popular religious event in Bihar.


“Today, if the government is able to provide free ration to the needy and poor, then credit for it goes to two categories. One — hard working farmers of our country. Second, honest taxpayers of our country. It is your hard work and dedication, due to which the nation is able to do it. You have filled the stocks of the nation, therefore, there is food in the kitchen of poor and workers. You paid the tax honestly, you fulfilled your duty. That is why the poor of the country is successfully co with such a big crisis,” Modi said.




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Harsh Kaul

Is there any scheme for middle class people , in which , word free mentioned ?



Yashodhan Muzumdar

in 2016 we had 26 crore people under BPL and in 2020 we have 80 crore BPL. what a progress Sirji



Zenith India

5kg per month is not worth a beggar life ...




Under Modiraj 80crs of Indian people have become poor.




A great liar, 80 Cr, it may not reach even to 8 crore.



Sanjoy Pandey

But no real relief to the middle class, who are bearing most of the burden.




80 crore still POOR ????




but modi honest taypayers doesn't receive anything in return except sufferings.



VasaiKars M

So only 50 cr can earn their own food modi ii ke raj me?



Asok Datta

Is there any scheme to revive the slumbered economy? No proper direction is seen from this government and the situation is becoming more and more grim



Rajeev Bathena Reddy

First reduce petrol and diesel rates increased in last 15 days



Laxmanan Swamidoss Mohandoss

This announcemet by P.M is for Bihar electio?




Middle class are the new untouchables in Modiraj.




If 80 crores are bed ridden in this nation that they cant even earn their food, that is 60 percent of total population..




India is the only country where 800 million people are on the verge of hunger.

India is also the only country where the Prime Minister is so proud of distributing rice, wheat and pulses among the poor.




Please let me speak

This shows how poor of a country we are 80 cr 2/3 of country do not even have food to eat



jayanta bhattacharya

After 70 plus years of independence still 80 crores out of 130 crores, 60% are poor in the country, what a tragedy



Pallav Singhal

This prooves that out of 130cr population 80cr are still BPL. What an achievement.....


Nick Mao

Another master stroke by Modi govt!



Sameer Bhalerao

80 crore for free ration. Looks like we are still poor country and not devlo one( leave developed dream far far away).


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