If ed, bolstering ties with natural partner India will be high priority: Joe Biden



WASHINGTON: Democratic presi ntial candidate and former vice-presi nt Joe Biden said that if he wins the November ions, strengthening relationship with India which is the US's "natural partner", will be a high priority for his administration.


"India needs to be a partner in the region for our safety's sake, and quite frankly for theirs," he said in response to a question on India-US relationship during a virtual fund raiser event.


At the fund raiser hosted by chairman and CEO of Beacon Capital Partners Alan Leventhal, the former vice presi nt said that India and the United States were natural partners.

在由Beacon Capital Partners董事长兼首席执行官Alan Leventhal主持的筹款会上,这位前副总统称,印度和美国是天然的合作伙伴。

"That partnership, a strategic partnership, is necessary and important in our security," Biden said when asked by an attendee whether India is critical to US's national security.


Referring to his eight years as the vice presi nt, he said, "In our administration I was proud to play a role more than a decade ago in securing Congressional approval for the US-India civil nuclear agreement, which is a big deal.".


"Hel open the door to great progress in our relationship and strengthening our strategic partnership with India was a high priority in the Ob-Biden administration and will be a high priority if I'm ed presi nt," Biden said.


Both as the vice presi nt and a senator from Delaware, he was a big supporter of India-US relationship.


About the November polls, Biden said that the character of the country is on the ballot. The upcoming ion is the most important poll of a lifetime and that the country is currently engaged in a battle for its soul, he cmed.


Biden also s mmed Presi nt Donald Trump and his administration over the handling of the coronavir s pandemic.


"Trump ignored warnings from the very begng, refused to prepare and failed to prect the country. Not just now but throughout his presidency, undermining the very core pillars of our, what I would argue, moral and economic strength," the Democratic presi ntial candidate said.




Shasti Brata

The man is congenital liar. He is a raving leftist liberal who lies through his teeth. He has not taken a SINGLE pro-India stance in recent yeas, including over Kashmir, 3T and . He is pro Limpdik and pro-. Should he be ed he will reverse the course taken by Presi nt Trump, and would have won.



Jaimin Patel

Most of the democrates including Joe Biden are taking/have taken anti India stand on Kashmirnissue as they too teying to woe Mus m ve babks. Trump is better then such anti India folks.



Gumara Katha By Sumant Hota

Indians should go with Trump. This person is called Beg Biden there.


Jay Boro

Trump is mentally retarded



vinay singh

he will become a puppet...please ve wisely..the Democrats will destroy US



Rajesh Sachdev

All Indo-American must remember before casting thier ve that he is pro and is symphthatic to leftist hence a very untrustworthy




Biden will be never as good as Trump is for India


John K V

yes sir. Trump and Modi are friends and will remain forever



Dron Khanna

A victory for Trump will be best for India




Trump is better than any US presi nts he doesn't back foot decisions .



Chetan Dubey

3 days ago he was concerned about h an ri hts in Kashmir...then his advisor must have told him....bhai Indians ke ve gaye....today he changed...arre hum India se hain ... raajneeti poori samjhte hain.




Liberals can never be trusted. Specifically, Baiden is a habitual liar. Trump is not a great person but able to provide bold leadership which is the need of the hour. Trump should be ed again.



Unique strenger

Sorry Mr.Biden...You are a agent of .Presi nt Trump will be the first choice of Indians



Hiten Gutka

Dont trust him. He is pro is mic liberal. Choice for 2020 is a really difficult one. US is all set to again become the laughing stock on the world.



NRI Musical

First, let him take back his words what he spoke ag inst India. Democrats passed a bill ag inst India too.



Kesavan Murali

No. 1 liar. Raised Kashmir issue few days ago and now giving this statement. He should not be trusted. Persons of Indian Origin in USA, please do not ve for him, Trump has demonstrated that he is pro India and has supported India




Trump is a better bet for India & the world.



Ajit Leo

The Democrats of the US never supported Indian causes, but most of them are anti-Indians. Joe Biden never uttered a word in support of India during his tenure as vice presi nt. If India is in partnership with the US in business, economy, trade and military will strengthen India. If it is democrats or republicans, we should be in a good relationship.



TSKGMHKL traveller

You are going to fail to ally India if you have a different narrative on Kashmir.



Axay K

Liar. Just few days back this utterly shameless man was talking about India "violating" s of people in Kashmir and even Assam. He knows that the Indian American community is very powerful so he's making a last minute effort to woo them.


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