Rapist gets death in MP, first after new law


BHOPAL: A court in MP’s Sagar district has awarded the death sentence to a man accused of ra a nine-year old girl on May 21 this year. SP Satyandra Shukla told TOI that this is perhaps the first case of capital punishment for child rape after the new law was passed by the state go nment.


Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, who pursued the death-for-child-rape law with great resolve, said: “This will send a strong message to criminals. Our go nment was always determined for a law to hang those who rape children.”



Home minister Bhupendra Singh termed the sentence “historic” and said it would send a message to criminals that the go nment will be merciless with those who rape kids.


In December last year, the MP assembly had unanimously passed a bill seeking death for those found guilty of ra girls aged 12 and below. After the Presi nt’s approval, the bill became a law on April 21 this year.


The convict, Bhaggi alias Bhagirath alias Narayan Patel, raped a child at a temple in Rehli tehsil. He was arrested within 12 hours from a jungle near the village and booked under IPC Sections 376 A & B for rape, 366 for abduction and Sections 3,4 and 5 of POCSO Act, said Shukla.

这名犯人,巴哈基又名巴哈基拉什, 外号纳拉扬帕特尔,在雷赫利乡的一座寺庙里强奸了一名女童。舒克拉说,不到12小时,警方就以IPC第376条A & B项强奸罪,366条诱拐罪和保护儿童免受性侵害法第3条、第4条和第5条在村庄附近的丛林中将其逮捕。

Investigation was completed in 72 hours — including recording the statements of 25 witnesses — and the chargesheet filed on May 24. The DNA report was received on July 2, and that nailed Bhaggi.


Additional public prosecutor P L Rawat said the hearing was completed in 46 days and additional district magistrate Sudhanshu Saxena Rehli pronounced the death sentence on Saturday.

另外一名检察官P L拉瓦特说,听证会在46天内就结束了,另外一名地区法官苏德汉术雷赫利在周六宣布了死刑判决。

The home minister lauded police and prosecution for their promptness shown in the case. “The state go nment amended the law and made provision for death sentence to rapists of minors to teach them a lesson,” Singh said.



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Vande Matram

Good work MP go nment



L U Indi-4 hours ago

Cut his nuts off and then hang him on public



S ramesh-Chennai-2 hours ago

Very good work. However we are forgetting that decision has been taken only by a local court. He will have enough lawyers to apeal in high court, supreme court and the presi nt where the case will take ages and who knows he might be released!@@@@@

干得好。不过我们忘了这种决定只是地方法院做出的。他将有足够的律师向高等法院、最高法院和总统上诉,案件会拖上很长一段时间,也许还可能会被释放呢,谁知道呢!@@@@@ @


Chandrni-Mumbai, Maharashtra, Ind-2 hours ago-Follow

execution should happen fast. there should separate bench in HC and SC to confirm such virdict in one or two hearing.mearcy petition should be termed down within a week. no leniency towards convict in such cases.



Elias Ponodath-Pune, Maharashtra-2 hours ago-Follow

What happened to the up mla ? Is he still alive ?



Sunil Mohite-Bangalore-3 hours ago-Follow

Great news! All rape cases should handled by fast trail courts!



RP-2 hours ago-Follow

All rapists should be hanged in front of the public.



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