Why in India girls are unable to find matrimonial match/groom after they reach certain age




Alok Menon, Engineer at Tata Consultancy Services (2012-present)

Because we are on the cusp of cultural change

Most women nowwa days default to arranged marriage after 27 after failed attempts at relationships. 90 % are already physically and emotionally involved . Except for 5% who had to delay it because of higher education only.

1)Hence they become picky .everyone deserves to be picky but they are more picky than a 24 year old.They want the exact replica of thier bf. Which becomes difficult .

2) after recovery from thier breakup. They do not want to depend on anyone and come of as cold and harsh , which pushes of more men.

3) they become more uncompromising because they have lost their true love .. now it's just financial support and babies.

4) They 're already rebels and no one can ask them to compromise including parents, so they also give up hope.

5) They totally disregard the world and start hanging out with women 6 years younger than them to not feel left out . Till they get married too.

6)Some of them are very stubborn. Most women after a bad breakup who are willing to adjust get married by 28 and move on.

This goes on under the garb of career for some time . Till they find someone and settle for the sake of settling . They do make good wives though .



  • 因此她们变得挑剔。虽然每个人都有挑选的权利,们比24岁的女孩还更挑剔。她们想要前男友标准 的结婚对象,这就难了。
  • 从分手中恢复后,她们不愿依赖任何人,变得冷漠和苛刻,拒人于千里之外
  • 们变得更加不妥协,因为已经失去了真爱现在只是为了经济支持和孩子而结婚
  • 们已经是叛逆者了,没有人能要求们妥协,包括父母
  • 们完全无视这个世界,开始和比自己小6岁的女出去玩,不觉得自己会被忽视。直到这些女孩也结婚
  • 有些女孩很固执。在经历了一次糟糕的分手后愿意做出调整的女性,大多数都能在28岁之前结婚,然后继续生活。



Praveen Suresh, Electronic Engineer

Because she is 33 , over aged ( for marriage), she cannot marry a man in his 20’s , that s why.

also if she stills interested in young men, please come out of matrimonial site and find a young boy from TOWN/street/your area. but her choices are limited.

ask to her.

is she willing to marry a man in his early 50 ‘s ?

is she willing to marry a ugly one (a young one)?

is she willing to marry a job less man(below 35 years old) ?

is she willing to marry from other casts?

is she willing to marry a bald one?

is she only interested in “never married man”

if Her answer is Big NO.

Then very difficult to find one. otherwise its not difficult(only if she is pretty)

nowadays girls expectations are very high. even a 10th pass ugly girl needs M.tech/MD graduates/good looking/young/own house/well settled/government job/US job

-a unmarried man with 2 years experience in various matrimonial site. but every girls rejected Me

Edit: girls, please cool….not get angry(i got many messages from girls and they argued with me. dont do that. i dont have time to argue with you. iam busy to search for my soulmate. bharath matrimony ID-R2679057 open to all castes. lol

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Jammy Sharma

I have seen this happening before many times, i cannot say that iam an expert in these situations. But I will try to give best of my advice as per my knowledge.


In india arranged marriage has earned a bad reputation. Its only because unlike our parents we(both men and women) today have got many choices. So we wait and try to choose the best. For eg: your sister, iam pretty sure your sister might have refused many proposals and so have many guys refused her. But the sad thing is in india with growing age women are always are the loosing end. A 40 year old guy may find a 30 year women. But in arranged marriage in india its difficult for a 35 year old women to get a 30 year old guy. Plus unlike guys the biological clock starts hitting women at 35. Marriage without children is usually a unhappy marriage. Secondly dealing with pregnancy is very difficult after 35, miscarriages are so common. Not to scare you but its a fact. Plus raising kids is very difficult they take a lot of your energy, difficult to keep up with them.


Now understand this even a 35 year old well settled guy probably wont say yess to 33 old he wants someone from 28 to 30. One possibility is if your sister knows someone close to her who understands her and likes her. Find someone who is around 37 to 39 who is well settled. Understand this your sister age is very critical if she doesn't marry before 35 she will probably remain single until and unless some prince charming comes to her rescue which usually happens in movies. Speak to your parents and take a decision asap.



Lokanath Reddy, Paediatrician, married 2 months ago..

As a doctor i will say medical causes first.

1.Increased maternal age (more than 30) are more associated with congenital defects and downs syndrome.

2.Fertility rates may come down with increased age.

These are just associations and every body won't get all these problems but chances will be higher than with women of less than 30 years.

Social and psychological causes:

1.Many guyz will get married by 30 even today due to parents or by themselves. Once they are settled no body will wait longer for a partner.

2.They think of medical problems with increased maternal age.

3.Guys think to marry a girl with less age atleast 2 to 4 years. Cause may be regarding beauty or ego or other causes.

4.Parents think of age a lot in Indian scenario. The late you are the more they think like why it is so late, what is the problem?? That's indian mentality.

These are not my views but my observations.

Any way there is nothing to panic. Your sister will get a good match. Please atleast you see the nature of the guy and not the income…..






  1. 如今很多男性都在30岁之前就结婚了,出于父母的要求或自己的选择
  2. 他们考虑到了高龄产妇会导致医学问题。
  3. 男人一般想娶一个比自己小至少2 - 4岁的女孩。
  4. 在印度,家长很看重年龄。结婚年龄越大。他们越觉得其中有什么问题这是印度人的心态。







The Indian society and one's own preference is to blamed here. From generations marriages have been arranged and a matrimonial match is generally based on the income of the groom and/or the beauty of the bride. Any other quality or personality traits are not even remotely considered.

Even the couple concerned in arranged marriage don't usually look beyond that. But they are not to be blamed either, how can they judge a person whom they have met once or twice.

Thus arranged marriages are usually inclined in the favour of the groom. If he is even average looking guy, but earns well or belongs to high class family, he will get a decent looking young girl. Why? Because the bride's family and in some cases even the bride herself will only see the income and status of groom.

Please don't judge me on that statement, but I rarely see a rich man getting rejected in a matrimonial match.

This is the irony, women above 30 are usually considered beyond the marriageable age and thus don't find good grooms.

Maybe we need to change the definition of good grooms and brides and switch to good man and good woman. I think?







Aman Malik, lived in India

If you divide Marriages in age groups, you will find-

- Major % of Marriages around the World is in the age group of 20's (Early or Late)

- In 30's the % is lesser and in 40's even lesser.....

From scientific point of view, to raise Family (Children's) there is a Standard (Fit) age, post that its difficult and leads to complications, its only logical people prefer that Age.

Hence 20's (Early or Late) is the Perfect Age for Marriage (Not just in India but Around the World) and beyond that, Person (Male or Female) has to find a companion in his/her own age group.



- 30岁-40岁结婚的比例更低,40岁-50岁结婚的比例更低…





John Smith

This is because ( According to Indian standards )

She must have a flaw that is why she has not been married till yet.

She is at an age where the threat to her life and child’s life (child bearing issues) is more due to her age ( This one is actually medically proven ).

She could have had secret lovers.

She must have medical issues.

Her family must be controlling her too much.

Lot of other variables including nosey and jealous neighbors, rejects and relatives too.


In the end you will find a suitable suitor because it is only after night the sun shines.











Actually indian girls too much worries about man income they don't want to work hard they want extreme comfort life with no work load after Marriage, they always interested in people who have high income, here no value for human they value money , India mostly no true love .. here all works behind money and wealth..indian girls just Interested in man wealth and salary package, they want a good money only…



Radhika Awasthi

Because India is one of those countries that focus on societal views too much. At one point a girl is simply too old to get married in India. It is deemed as inappropriate. Most girls marry in their 20s in India. Basically you get too old to get married at one point. Everyone wants young and new girls. No one wants old girls.



Vinay Patidar, Indian

In india almost everybody get marry in their mid 20s. So basically it's not your sister's fault but lack of single guys out there of same age as her.

Hope it clears your doubt.



Amit Rahul, I am a married person having a child

Standard age for marriage in India has considered for girls 22–30 yrs & 25–35 yrs. A gap of 3–5 years between partners is considered as better option. Again it is considered that up to age of 32 years ,a girl can become become mother without any complexon. In addition of above 3 points, aging will effect negatively on Girl’s charm & physique.



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