India will become $5 trillion economy because of strong foundation d by previous gts: Pranab Mukherjee



NEW DELHI: Former presi nt Pranab Mukherjee said on Thursday that India would become a $5 trillion economy by 2024 because of the strong foundation d by previous go nments.


Delivering a lecture on 'Furthering India's Promise', Mukherjee said various economic and social sectors are performing well because of the efforts of Indians since Independence.


He rued the fact that the Modi dispensation has not only scrapped five-year plans but also done away with the Planning Commission.


"The finance minister can say that India will become a $5 trillion economy by 2024 because of the strong foundation d previously. It isn't coming out of heaven. There's a solid foundation and the foundation has been built not by Britishers but by Indians after Independence," he said.



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Jagdeep Singh

Previous gts d the foundation for becoming $5 Trillion? Pranab Da is . Previous Gt has d the foundation of Scams and Cor ion to beco...




Kl Taunk

Agree, foundation was d by Mr. PV Narsimha Rao. Present congress has nothing to do with that as this congress only believes in looting public money...




congress gave us socialism. Fail



Indo Khan•4 hours ago

Yes. Previous Gt built strong foundation, but current Gt is constructing a tall building on it. You cannot live in the foundation



Sam•6 hours ago

I have a strange feeling either he is a to some Congress scam or he has a threat for his life or reputation or he is blackmailed to speak such pro Congress statements! other wise he is speaking nonsense unless he means 5 trillion dollar co ption



rishi mehta•6 hours ago

exposes his atrociously poor understanding of both economy and po itics ..



mai bhi chowkidar rishi•7 hours ago

another congressi-cancerous-leftover feeling sheepish at Modi''s brilliant success in delivering a remarkably good governance



rishi mehta•7 hours ago

he was made presi nt for no merit but for doing decades of doing sheer babugiri to the nehru-gndhi family....and now he is desperate to make way for his son abhijit



Ricky Infosmart•9 hours ago

Congress only thinks how to control whole the nation in there hands.



Shiv•9 hours ago

Fact is that Nehru strangulated Indian economy and po itics.By the time he died, the 5 year plan was in shambles, India was 50 years behind in technology, unable to provide food to its people



Anand P•Unknown•20 hours ago •Follow

Pranab da is defending the indefensible.....why it took economy to reach 3Trillion mark in seventy years ? had it not been congress''s dirty po itics and mindless economic policies...India always had the pential to achieve many economic milestones. It was congress which withheld Indian pential




Makdxb•INDIA•21 hours ago

india has strong foundation but Congress were removing every stone from the that. They incapability made this country in deep trouble in 2013..Now india is going ahead in direction




Shaktimaan•22 hours ago

Gujju team has just led India to 45 Year Record Unemployment.



Optimus•Mumbai•23 hours ago

all Congress people too should go six feet deep underground..I''m sure India will soon become Ten trillion dollars economy.



Baby Mohan•Banagalore•23 hours ago

Narasimha Rao''s go nment and his Finance Minister Dr Manmohan Singh''s contribution towards the unleashing the market reforms is true.



Hariom Rana•23 hours ago

wow, how easy to say that. india will become 5 trillion economy due to hard working citizen of india. Go nments had done noting. Previous governmemts(INCLUDING CURRENT) have only halted the progress.



Prince Gw•India•1 day ago

Foundations were d only for economy ? What about the disgusting status of administration, judiciary, education, health care and culture itself ? WHO d the foundations for the deterioration of this country ? As some one said success always have many owners but failure is always is an orphan.





Jagdeep Singh•Gurugram•1 day ago

Previous Gt has d the foundation of Scams and Cor ion



Srinivasan•Chennai•1 day ago

A former Presi nt should not engage in this kind of ch partisanship.



Kl Taunk•1 day ago

Since they can''t see any statesman in congress or other parties, people are forced to BJP....


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