Gulf tensions rise as US shoots down Iranian drone



WASHINGTON: Tensions in the Gulf region mounted Thursday as US President Donald Trump said an American naval vessel shot down an Iranian drone that threatened the ship as it was entering the Strait of Hormuz.


It was the first US military engagement with Iran following a series of increasingly serious incidents.


Trump announced that the USS Boxer, an amphibious assault ship, "took defensive action" against the Iranian drone as it was "threatening the safety of the ship and the ship's crew."


The drone was "immediately destroyed," Trump said, after it approached within 1,000 yards (914 meters) of the Boxer, Trump said.


"This is the latest of many provocative and hostile actions by Iran, against vessels operating in international waters," he said.



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If Iran can shoot down an American drone, US also has a right to shoot down a jihadi threatening drone in International waters.



George Chungath•I N D I A•2 hours ago

Our India has to start a lottery which can bring billionaires each week from common people irrespective of higher / lower , cast / creed , political national / nationalist any barrier. The ticket cost can fix at Rs 100. Jackpot amount can at Rs 280 crore. Example could find at American Power Ball Lottery.



AsiA I.•2 hours ago

our in diA hates america America has no right to be in strait of hormuz they are pestering iran and sanction iran this is provocative especially after removing the nuclear deal America is a terrorist country run by Israel and all you fake commenters who support America are not even indian get lost





Woof•2 hours ago

Excellent job by the US marines.,Stupid Iran, you don't fly a drone within the perimeter of a defence installation or warship.



Venkateswaran Subramanian•Chennai•2 hours ago

The US is bent on creating turmoil in the asia zone. It has no business to create dusturbances in this region in the pretext if safeguarding the world.



Dilbag Rai•Chandigarh•2 hours ago

Iranian drone is down and devil in Uncle Sam is laughing .



Roopadinakar•3 hours ago

It is popcorn time



Ankita•3 hours ago

US is the shittest country. They'll poke in everyone matters.


Woof• Ankita Gupta•2 hours ago

Idiot Ankita. Try to remember, if not for the US, would have swallowed India.,If not for the US, Iran would have swallowed Israel.



Mithilesh Gupta•3 hours ago

Escalation in tension between USA and Iran may lead to an all out war which will be detrimental to many other countries.



Bijay•3 hours ago

The US is responsible for increasing tension in different parts of the world or creating tensions where there was none by its sheer brinkmanship. The problems became aggravated by half mad Trump who is not even a full fledged politician, much less a seasoned diplomat. It seems this man is gradually pushing the world to the brink of another World War.



Bloo Monster•Trotburg•3 hours ago

This is not good for international relations. This shouldn''t escalate into something bigger and involving other nations as well. The world cannot afford another war.



aashiq mohamad•3 hours ago

This cat and mouse play between the gulf and US is having significant impact over global trade, coupled with the -US trade war.



Amit Raje•3 hours ago

Tension going on.



Truth Prevails•SA•3 hours ago

Why is US BUTTING its Nose in Middle East? Iraq, Syria , Afghanistan, Vietnam, North Korea, North Africa - No War WON.US soldiers Killed and the Families left in SORROW. Vietnam was war of Independence for Vietnamese , but US was using South Vietnam to combat Co sm and resulted in MASS Genocide of Vietnamese, Cambodians, Laotians - Chemical warfare ''Orange Killer'' . Lost war. Afghanistan it was invaded by Russia for oil rare metals, so US trained Osama Bin Laden by CIA and Funded AL QAEDA ...



Venkatesh•3 hours ago

USA is acting like a bully with Trump being the leader.


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