India reveals plan to build a 'very small' space station within the next decade following its first crewed mission in 2022


One day after unveiling its lunar lander and plan to touch down on the moon later this year, India has now announced it will also establish its own space station.


The country said it plans to build a 'very small' outpost in the next decade as the country gears up for a first manned mission beyond Earth.


Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) chief K. Sivan said Thursday that the ambitious project would follow a successful launch of a manned space flight scheduled by 2022.

周四,印度空间研究组织(ISRO)主席K. Sivan表示,这一雄心勃勃的项目将在2022年圆满完成载人航天任务之后进行。

'Our space station is going to be very small... useful to carry out experiments,' Sivan told reporters in New Delhi.


'We are not having a big plan of sending humans on tourism and other things,' he added.


India's first manned space mission -- named Gaganyaan -- is due to take place by 2022, in time to commemorate 75 of years of the country's independence from Britain.


It will have two or three astronauts on a maxmum seven-day mission.


The Indian announcement comes a day after the country unveiled an unmanned moon lander expected to be launched on July 15 for a touchdown on the lunar surface around September 6.


India successfully sent a first lunar mission to space in 2008, playing a crucial role in the discovery of water molecules on the moon.


The country has made giant strides on its space journey in recent years and has been a pioneer in low-cost technology.


It sent a mission to Mars in 2014 for just $74 million -- a fraction of the $671 million spent by the US space agency NASA.


ISRO also plans to send a mission to study the Sun in 2020, and to Venus by 2023.


The mission is India's second to the moon, and if successful it will put the nation in the league of the US, the former Soviet Union and China.


Named Chandrayaan-2, the craft is made up of an orbiter, a lander and a rover developed by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).



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McFLY007, HOLLYWOOD, United States, 20 hours ago

They need to spend that money on hel their country...place is a big wasteland and it does not smell well.



McKinley89, st.louis, United States, 20 hours ago

Maybe they should spend their money on feeding their starving people first



PEARL, Riga, Latvia, 20 hours ago

India is the growing world power, Indians are very competent, productive, creative people.



One more thing, Bratwurst capital of the world, 20 hours ago

They might want to bring drinkable water to the masses first along with proper sewage systems! And perhaps stop polluting the damn ocean with all their trash they throw into the rivers....



FLANKER-H, YAMUNANAGAR, India, 20 hours ago

GO INDIA GO Let others bark behind you.



Anywhere US, Happy town, United States, 18 hours ago

More worried about space than protecting the female population



Enzzo, San, Niue, 18 hours ago

less that 50 percent of the population have running water and they spend billions on a space program.



Dave Jonnaz, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, United Kingdom, 17 hours ago

We better give them more aid money



ToobadNY, New York, United States, 19 hours ago

They need to educate and feed their over populated country first.



Its okay to be right, Temecula California, United States, 19 hours ago

It's sad because more than half the country lives in poverty but they're so bent on trying to become a pooper power



Halbred, york, United Kingdom, 16 hours ago

Shouldnt universal public sanitation be a priority ?



pcuckoo, Coleraine, United Kingdom, 18 hours ago

I know the UK gave aid to India, but does it still do it? If so, how much?



Stephen Donnelly, San Antonio, United States, 19 hours ago

FYI, worry not. The Indian government does not pay for their space program, check out the aid they receive from the USA, UK and the rest of Europe.



belly boy, Fuengirola, Spain, 8 hours ago

They first need to deal with the homeless children who sleep on their streets



oldtimer, London, 12 hours ago

Just why are we still sending aid to help their starving people?



LesPaul, Everywhere, United States, 12 hours ago

It will house a global call center.



loreng, phoenix, United States, 10 hours ago

Have to have their own since no Indian food allowed in ISS.



Mick, Anfield, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago

Can afford it, still takes millions in aid


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