Beyond space: Isro plans to place Indians on the Moon

超越太空: ISRO计划将印度人送上月球

BENGALURU: The Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro), which is working on sending humans to space by 2022 as part of the Gaganyaan project, plans to send astronauts to the International Space Station and, eventually, the Moon.



 Gaganyaan has helped Isro expand in a big way and mark the begng of a long human spaceflight programme. Upbeat with the Centre recently approving Rs 10,000 crore for Gaganyaan, Isro chairman K Sivan said the agency will use the money to develop technologies for the first human mission and start work on a larger programme.

“Gaganyaa”计划帮助Isro进行了大规模的扩张,标志着一项长期载人航天计划的开始。最近“Gaganyaa”计划获得10亿卢比的资金,ISRO主席K Sivan表示该机构将利用这笔资金为首个载人任务开发技术,并开始一个更大的项目。

“Gaganyaan is the begng, and we won’t stop there. We’ll continue the programme and send people to the (International) Space Station and the Moon,” Sivan said, adding the projects will run concurrently.


On Friday, Sivan named R Hutton as Gaganyaan project director, and senior space scientist Unnikrishnan Nair director of the human spaceflight centre, which will come up in Bengaluru.

周五,Sivan任命R Hutton为“Gaganyaan”项目负责人,高级太空科学家Unnikrishnan Nair为载人航天中心主任,该中心将在班加罗尔成立。


The chairman said they were yet to decide on the number of astronauts for the Gaganyaan mission.


Sivan called Gaganyaan the space agency’s “top priority” and said two unmanned test flights will precede the actual flight planned for December 2021, as reported by TOI. PM Modi has set 2022 as the target to send an Indian into space. Sivan said only initial training of likely astronauts will take place in India, while Isro will need help from foreign agencies for advanced training.


Isro chairman K Sivan said the Centre's financial assistance will help expedite their training programmes. “The IAM (Institute of Aerospace Medicine) has facilities for selection and initial training,” he said. “For advanced training, we will have to look at, maybe, Russia. A decision will be made later. But we will use foreign agencies for advanced training.”

ISRO主席K Sivan表示:“该中心的财政援助将有助于加快他们的培训计划。他说:“航天医学研究所(IAM)有选拔和初培训的设施。对于高级训练,我们可能会考虑俄罗斯我们将利用外国机构进行高级培训。

The human spaceflight centre, sources said, will also be responsible for setting up India’s future astronaut training facility, some 8-10km from Kempegowda International Airport. Likely to be named Astronaut Training and Biomedical Engineering Centre, the facility will be developed on Isro land in Devanahalli and is expected to resemble the one in Russia. The centre is likely to be spread across 40-50 acres. “While we have a lot of expertise on the engineering side (launching and payloads), the human side of sending astronauts to space will be a challenge and an opportunity,” Sivan said.


Sivan spoke of the need for a separate human-rated GSLV launch vehicle, among other pending things for Gaganyaan. India, according to IAM, is looking at a pool of 30 astronauts, from which the first batch will be picked for Gaganyaan.



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Shekar Natesh - Bangalore - 7 days ago -Follow

ISRO is the only organisation which is working selflessly and sincerely. DRDO, HAL is a total waste of public money

ISRO是唯一一个无私而真诚的组织。印度国防研究与发展组织(DRDO), 印度斯坦航空(HAL完全是在浪费公款


Indian Abroad - 7 days ago -Follow

Man on Moon will happen when happens. US already did that in 1960s. Right now focus on Chandrayaan 2, it is repeatedly being delayed. And focus on Gagan Yaan. You have committed End of 2021. ISRO you are the only Govt Organization running great. Please don''t talk big and invite trouble for yourself..



Dean - traveller - 7 days ago -Follow

one way ticket for pappu please!!



AROP - 7 days ago -Follow

Congratulation well in advance, ISRO. Now a days ISRO is a house hold name, other government organization should learn from ISRO.



Mohan Babu - Kochi - 7 days ago

All this is GOOD, But there should be SOME SCIENTISTS who UPLIFT the FARMERS and POOR.






Raj kumar - Hyderabad - 7 days ago

its nice to hear that Indians travelling to moon in 2022.Great India..



proud Indian - cow country - 7 days ago

Talk talk talk. Cheer cheer cheer. Modi Modi Modi. ISRO is doing great talking. So proud.



Vishal - Mumbai, India - 7 days ago -Follow

One small step for man, one giant leap for India! Space exploration is where we belong, space is the cutting edge of tech and future belongs to the countries with space power.

人类的一小步,印度的一大步! 空间探索是我们的归属,空间是科技的前沿,未来属于太空强国。


Lalit - 7 days ago -Follow

Isro is doing great projects. Dream big and make it real to happen . Good luck be proud and make us proud.



Freedom & Progress - 7 days ago -Follow

This is a useless exercise and waste of money. Work on projects to industrialize the society. Learn to make your own phones, computers, TVs, and thousand other things people need. After lifting people out of poverty, you can go to the moon or mars



Indian ISRO - USA - 7 days ago

North Korea has sent satellites into space, much heavier than Indian 2 tonnes toys. Iran has done that also and will send 2 more satellites into space in 2 weeks. South Korea also launched a satellite although its first stage rocket was bought from Russia. Taiwan can also launch satellite, not to mention France. Any of these countries, especially Japan and France can send their human into space anytime if they choose to do so. So what''s the big deal of Indian ISRO? While others are engaging in scientific research and space exploration, Indian ISRO is only for bragging and competing with .



Vihin - Nihiv - 7 days ago -Follow

Show result and then talk.



sunny - 2 days ago -Follow

People like me, who have done a little bit of research and know that the USA never sent men to the moon in 1969-1972 and has been lying and faking evidence for over 40 years now can GUARANTEE that India wont be sending even a dog to the moon in our lifetime as countries with more advanved technology and space programs like USA, Russia, EU or have not been able to achieve this feat till date. Hence sit back, relax and take these speculations and big words from ISRO with a grain of salt.



YO MAN - 7 days ago -Follow

ISRO should launch to make Temple on Moon.



Indian space station - USA - 7 days ago

By the time Indians are in space, International Space Station will no longer exst. The only Space Station will be , marked with NO INDIANS AND DOGS ALLOWED.

So what''s the Indian ISRO talking about?



almight India ISRO - world - 7 days ago

Space superpower India must BUY big guns, fighter jets, submarines, carriers, missiles, drones, tanks and even simple rifles with bullets from other countries. If firing a few rockets into space is such a BIG deal, why not enshrine ISRO to MAKE in INDIA such simple stuff and to see what happens?



Luuke Luketer Vasco - 7 days ago -Follow

Lets go to the sun instead.......Lets leave in the night time when its cool.......



Nation - Others - 7 days ago -Follow

India may offer cheapest space travel option to poor countries along with business revenues.



Rolland Manuel - USA - 7 days ago

Astronauts (Chandranauts) on the Moon? I will only have to wait 500 years to witness that!


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