With Israel’s lunar mission failure, India back in moon race



NEW DELHI: The botched landing of Israel’s moon craft Beresheet early on Friday morning brought India back in the race to become the fourth country in the world after Russia, US and to land on the moon.


Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) almost lost the race to Israel in January this year when it had postponed its Chandrayaan-2 mission involving an orbiter, a lander and a rover till April. Later, the Rs 800cr second moon mission got delayed again for a month and is now scheduled for May launch.


However, Israel stuck to its deadline and its 585-kg craft with 1.5 metre height was launched by Space X’s Falcon-9 rocket on February 21. After a month and a half in transit, Beresheet was able to reach the lunar orbit on April 4. However, all the efforts of Israeli private organisation SpaceIL and Israel Aerospace Industries failed when the craft developed a technical snag 10 km before the moon touchdown.

然而,以色列赶上了最后期限,于2月21日利用Space X的“猎鹰9号”火箭将其585公斤重、1.5米高的探测器发射升空。经过一个半月的飞行,“创世纪”号于4月4日成功进入月球轨道。然而,以色列私营机构SpaceIL和以色列航空航天工业的所有努力都以失败告终,该探测器在距离月球表面10公里处出现了技术故障

The landing of 3,290-kg Chandrayaan-2 craft will be much more difficult than Israel’s Beresheet. While Beresheet tried to touch down on a pn of solidified lava, known as the Sea of Serenity, which has a flattened surface and more exposure to the sun, Chandrayaan-2 will explore the south pole of the moon, mostly an uncharted territory. Only ’s Chang’e 4 spacecraft had recently in January landed on the moon’s far side, also known as the dark side because it faces away from the Earth and remains comparatively unknown.


Speaking to TOI, Israel ambassador to India Ron Malka said, “Though we landed on the moon but not the way we wanted to. A tiny country dreamt big and made it to the moon. We call it ‘Beresheet Effect’. It is a message to children across the world that they should aspire for big things in life and work hard to achieve them.”

以色列驻印度大使Ron Malka对印度时报表示:“虽然我们登上了月球,但不是以我们想要的方式。一个小国志存高远,并登上了月球。我们称之为“创世纪效应”。这向全世界的孩子们传达了一个信息,那就是志存高远并努力使之成为现实。”

Wishing Isro’s Chandrayaan-2 mission a great success, the ambassador said Israel’s space cooperation with its “strategic partner” India will cover all space technologies which are beneficial for its people.



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Chowkidar - Kolkata - 19 hours ago -Follow

Which a such a low population and geographical area and hostality. it's a great achievement.



Guest - 20 hours ago -Follow

Come on India. Let's do it. Ve for BJP PM Modiji.



Wickedfilosfer - 19 hours ago -Follow

Israel is a tested friend of India, the tone of the headline shouldn''t sould like "we''re happy you failed" !!



B Srinivasan - saginaw USA - 19 hours ago -Follow

Yes INDIA will be successful with CHANDRAYAN-2.



deal or no deal - USA - 19 hours ago

The article title says India backs to the race. ISRO says not a race. Very interesting.



Nemam Natarajan Pasupathy - Hyderabad - 18 hours ago -Follow

I solute the spirit of Israelis ! they are not apologetic though the mission failed in the very last leg.

以色列人的精神令我佩服! 尽管任务最终失败了,但他们没什么好愧疚的。


Kinderarzt - 19 hours ago -Follow

Israel and India should plan a joint mission next time. They are brilliant, whether in defence research, space research or even agricultural research. India can benefit a lot from their collaboration.



Grs - 19 hours ago -Follow

how come India can send moon lander at maiden voyage but cannot develop it's own fighter planes or passenger plane



Biranchi Narayan Acharya - Cuttack - 18 hours ago -Follow

I don''t think it''s a failure. It can be said that they reached that far. Kudos to them.



Kosopet - 19 hours ago -Follow

Thank you Nehru for ISRO IIT



Sreenivasa - 19 hours ago -Follow

India should help Israel our real friend at all times..



ravi kumar - India - 19 hours ago -Follow

We are never in a race, we just believe slow n steady wins the race. We are always proud of ISRO. I really bad for Israel, best wishes from India.



Krishn B - 19 hours ago -Follow




Indian - Mumbai - 18 hours ago -Follow

Sad for Israel hardowrk. but i am sure, they will come back soon and succeed this time. all the best to isro.



Sanjay - Pune - 19 hours ago -Follow

Though it failed, it is a big achievement of tiny country Israel. I wish all the best to ISRO for the chandrayan 2 mission.



Ramesh - Bangalore - 19 hours ago -Follow

Wishing India's moon mission a grand success.



Dhatt Tere Ki - Bangalore - 18 hours ago -Follow

Why the hell the title celebrates failure of a friendly nation?



samii - 18 hours ago -Follow

BJP has done big things for India. Nuclear bomb, Satellite sh ting, Strikes in enemy lands, now moon landing.



S C - Bangalore - 18 hours ago -Follow

Sad news for one of our biggest friend in all difficult days Israel .... Good luck for future...



Vishal - 19 hours ago -Follow

Good try Israel, best of luck India



Mave Rick - 16 hours ago -Follow

Never mind Israel, you did your best. Surely you will be up and running in this mission soon.



Ram Mishra - 17 hours ago -Follow

It is not failure of Israel, but a great achievement to touch the moon. A small nation trying something big.better than rest of mid -East nations.It has also not brought back to India in race , because India was never in moon race . India is taking its own time. But we (Indian) appreciate Israel''s determination, self confidence and attempt. Don''t take it as bad , learn from your mistake and convert it in big success.



Dean - traveller - 19 hours ago -Follow

to Israel better luck next time. Indians should learn from Israel scientist's mistakes.



Justin - Mumbai - 19 hours ago -Follow

we can now conquer the world with the technologies developed by Modi jis engineers in last 5 years. Modi ji developed India from scratch and eliminated poverty



Siv Sarkar - 14 hours ago -Follow

I look forward to a successful lunar mission by Indian scientists under the leadership of Modiji!



Ashish - 17 hours ago -Follow

bad journalism.. Isreal is a friend. It doesn't matter to us if we land 4th or 5th



Ashish - Mumbai - 13 hours ago -Follow

Israel is a trustworthy FRIEND of India . Their LOSS is also indirectly OUR loss.



Chowkidaar - New Delhi - 16 hours ago -Follow

Israel is a great country, so is India... both will do it... it's just a matter of time!



A - India - 16 hours ago -Follow

We must appreciate the effort by Israelis



Gaurang Patel - 18 hours ago -Follow

India should also learn from them about water conservation methods.



Abhishek - 18 hours ago -Follow

They still became the fifth nation to reach the moon. so kudos to them! ISRO should participate in their space programs as Israel has helped India in many sectors too.




Gundchedilal - 18 hours ago -Follow

tie raga with a rope on Chandryan 2 , he can become PM of moon, he should also dream big, why PM of India?


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