Need to fix GDP data issues, says IMF chief economist Gita Goath


 IMF首席经济学家Gita Goath

NEW DELHI: International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief economist Gita Goath has said that the Union go nment might need to fix “some issues” linked to the revised GDP methodology, which had been flagged by the multilateral agency.

新德里:国际货币基金组织(IMF)首席经济学家Gita Goath表示,印度联邦政府或需解决与修正GDP算法相关的“一些问题”,多边机构曾对修正后的GDP算法表示过关注。

The former Ker go nment adviser joins former Reserve Bank of India governor Raghuram Rajan in raising fresh concerns over the methodology to arrive at the GDP numbers. But unlike Rajan, Goath did not question the numbers that have been released over the last four years or so.


“There are still some issues that need to be fixed and this we have flagged before with respect to the deflator that is being used for estimating real GDP,” she told a TV channel in the US late on Thursday.


The GDP deflator is a measure of general price inflation and is calculated by dividing the nominal GDP by real GDP (net of inflation) and then multiplying by 100.


“There were important revisions in 2015 as a part of modernising India’s national accounts statistics, so that is welcome,” Goath added. “With regards to the newer numbers that are coming out, we are paying close attention to it, we are speaking closely to our colleagues in India and then we will make a determination based on that.”


Goath, who along with Rajan and other economists, had recently released an economic agenda for po itical parties too called for a need to better communicate the GDP numbers.


“India is projected to be growing over 7% in 2019 and 2020, which makes it one of the fastest growing major economy in the world, which is why it’s even more that that the statistics coming out of India are transparently communicated because everyone is watching India at this point,” she said in the TV interview.


On his part Rajan, who had earlier praised the central statistics office for the new methodology, had questioned the veracity of the numbers and had suggested that growth may be overstated. He had suggested getting an “impartial body” to review the numbers to “restore confidence”.



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X - Delhi - 6 hours ago -Follow




X - Delhi - 7 hours ago -Follow

this lady was Ker gt advisor. We all know po itically where ker stand. All these fake khangraessi supprter opening their mouth during ion to support khangress..



selva kumar - Location - 7 hours ago -Follow

Raghuram Rajan already pointed out this issue 3 years back. But bhaktaas blamed him. This BJP gt is cheating in all areas. Don''t know who will save India if Modi will come to power again.

拉古拉姆·拉詹在 3年前就已经指出了这个问题,印度人民党当时指责了他。人民党政府在所有领域都弄虚作假。如果让莫迪连任,不知道还有谁能拯救印度。


Frequent Flyer - Bhubaneshwar - 6 hours ago -Follow

BJP Gt fudged GDP calculation methodology in 2016. Real GDP growth is full 2% points below what Gt states.



ONE LINER Challenge - 8 hours ago -Follow

Frankly Geeta- what ever the GDP figures are- the quality of life for the common man remains unchanged-and that is half of India and the tops are-farmers committing suicides-



Souvik Ghosh - Kolkata - 4 hours ago -Follow

Indian GDP is disbelieved at major institutes now. Even big global investors are worried. We have become a negative yielding economy and it will hurt us terribly if Modi returns to power. There will be no biz and no jobs. Hard situation ahead.



Duck - Toronto - 7 hours ago -Follow

FEKU is pathological liar shameless seless leader...he is most racist PM in India's history...Former French Presi nt François Hollandehas been qued stating that the Indian go nment had asked the French go nment to nominate Anil Ambani's Reliance Defence Ltd. as its India partner in the Rafale deal....



Jagdeep Singh Aneja - Evansville, Indiana, USA - 6 hours ago -Follow

in a country of IITs and IIMs & where education is given importance at extreme level so much so that around the world, Indian brains have proved their worth.... if chaiwallah is the chosen one to run the country....something is seriously troubled....



Suchitra Pradhan - 4 hours ago -Follow

india is in safe hands under bjp rule n second time also we will choose modi only. These so called khangressi chs talk during ion will no difference in public mind.



Pallav - 4 hours ago -Follow

Best way to do this is by letting knowledgeable people run the go nment not chaiw or chowkidar.



RV - Location - 4 hours ago -Follow

Some boot lickers have started making childish comments about IMF chief economists’ statement. Pity on those who don’t even know the different between ‘bakth’ and ‘Bhakt’ - though it is irrelevant here. Geeta Goathan has not raised any doubts, accusations or concerns; she just said that IMF is ‘watching’ the new methodology of data collection - which is IMF’s prerogative. She is supposed to make such observations in her offi al capacity as an IMF representative.



Sanjay Patil - 4 hours ago -Follow

This is one among the last ditch efforts to discredit Modi Ji during ion time & confuse vers. However, people are wiser and know that Modi Ji is the only one among current leaders who can deliver the goods and take India to the next level over the next decade. Jai Hind!



Abhishek - 5 hours ago -Follow

Even though I'm a BJP supporter, I can clearly see where her concern is coming from. If there are even minor irregularities in our GDP calculations which might create unnecessary suspicions in the minds of foreign investors and companies, it would negatively impact our growth, so her concerns are welcome. But Rajan went too far with him saying that the go nment is misrepresenting.



Playpal - 6 hours ago -Follow

is there any area where Modi has not lied? Shameful that even IMF have pointed that he is providing fake data. He is serial liar and can tell lies without blinking.



Partha Roy - 4 hours ago -Follow

Left leaning intellectual speaking on the contrary is expected.



Hardeep Singh Sondhi - 4 hours ago -Follow

This gt. may be trying to fool the people of India but it cannot fool the world.



George Varghese - Location - 4 hours ago -Follow

The gt has dest yed India''s respectable data sy em. If an indicator goes ag inst this silly gt, they go for a new and favourable survey.



John Fletcher - 5 hours ago -Follow

You cannot build an edifice on pure lies. GDP data is not reliable, job data is not available, black money data not available ... It is a shame that we are governed by congenital liars!



Jay - 4 hours ago -Follow

Fix economy problems rest will fall in place



Deepak - Karnataka - 6 hours ago -Follow

We knew this is a feku go nment and they did feku things with GDP!. Instead of con trating to take steps which would have helped to boost the GDP, This third rate go nment fudged the Data to show NDA era growth as highest and UPA the lowest!. Now the world is doubting the go nment

我们都知道这届印度政府捏造了虚假的GDP数据! 这个政府没有集中精力提振GDP,反而捏造数据,以证明人民党执政时代的增长最快,国大党时期的增长最慢! 现在全世界都对这个政府表示怀疑,


Bbg - 4 hours ago -Follow

We Indians suffer fron the tendency of ‘MY WAY OR HIGHWAY. We should respect the oion of professionals. Most of the people abusing here leven can’t read the papers written by her.



Rajesh - 5 hours ago -Follow

when a 1km of 4 lane road can become 4km road, then it is not a surprise on the GDP nos.



Vijay - Mumbai - 5 hours ago

Forget all this BS about fastest growing/ World’s fifth largest economy etc. We are one of the poorest country in the world. No. 122 by per capita GDP and 130 by Human Development Index. Crores of people go to bed without proper meals. Phir Bhi Mera Bharat Mahan



RANJEET KOPPULLY - 5 hours ago -Follow

Why only indians even working for international agency have unnecessary questions regarding gdp why



Clarke - 5 hours ago -Follow

Modi and Jaitley doctored all data - people should punish them in this ions for making India a laughing stock before the world. They lied the nation on their performance for ves.



Suresh - - 5 hours ago -Follow

Raghuram Rajan's credibility suffered a huge dent when his contract as the RBI governor was not renewed which indirectly implied that he was not the man India needed. This is a big loss of face hurting his pride. He therefore leaves no opportunity to attack India when it suits him.



Spaceman - Earth - 5 hours ago -Follow

India is good at match fing Ha Ha



George - 3 hours ago -Follow

It's really a scary situation to see that the go nment is manipulating key growth metrics to paint a wrong picture to the public. Even RBI Governor was asked to step down since he acted independently like the way RBI should.



Cybe Tron - 7 hours ago -Follow

The ruling go nment never cared for the GDP growth but misled Indians by giving wrong figures.



Chander - 3 hours ago -Follow

Do Goath and Rajan have the guts to talk like this about ? What about IMF, and other world economic bodies grading and rating India? Are all agencies wrong in case of India? These NRIs need to be strictly impartial. If they are so clever they can tell what is wrong in the calculation instead of saying 'something is wrong'.



Jk - 4 hours ago -Follow

fake figures are shown from last 4 yrs..


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