Jet Airways pilots write to PM Modi over non-payment of salaries



NEW DELHI: The pilots of cash-strapped Jet Airways have urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi and civil aviation minister Suresh Prabhu to intervene and instruct the management to release their pending salaries.

新德里: 印度捷特航空飞行员敦促莫迪总理和民航部长苏雷什·普拉布进行干预,并指示管理层发放拖欠的薪水,目前捷特航空资金紧张。

"We fear that the airline is on the verge of collapse. This will leave thousands of people unemployed. It will change the dynamics of aviation as fares will increase due to a reduction in capacity, and travelling public will face major inconvenience," said the National Aviators Guild (NAG), the registered trade union of Jet Airways' Indian pilots.


Two days ago, they had threatened to stop flying from April 1 if their pending salaries are not cleared by March 31.


While the airline is going through a tough financial phase, all employees except for pilots and engineers are getting paid on time, claimed the NAG in communication to PM Modi and Prabhu.


"The pilots and engineers are now almost three months behind salaries and facing a lot of financial hardships with no relief in sight. Our repeated pleas to the management have gone unheard. The pilots have maintained professionalism and not hampered operations of the airline as that would have had a catastrophic effect on passengers' travel plans," read the letter.


Naresh Goyal-led Jet Airways is facing the worst financial crisis of its 25-year exstence with debt worth more than $1 billion. As it struggles to stay aloft, the carrier has delayed payments to banks, suppliers, and aircraft lessors some of which have begun terminating lease deals.


The airline is reportedly down to operating less than 150 flights a day with a third of its 12-plane fleet grounded.


The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has already instructed Jet Airways to comply with relevant provisions of the applicable civil aviation requirements for facilitation of passengers regarding timely communication, compensation, refunds and providing alternate flights wherever applicable.


The state-owned banks have been working on a resolution plan to bail out the debt-laden airline. Jet is also in talks with Abu Dhabi-based Etihad - its majority stakeholder - to secure a rescue deal.


The NAG said the continued uncertainty and financial difficulties are causing extreme stress among pilots and engineers that can easily compromise safety which is not at all desirable.



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Desh Bhakt

Jet is a private company. Private companies sometimes go bankrupt, and people get laid off, and then go find other jobs. Now every time a company goes bankrupt people will write to Modi? They are misusing the fact that this is election season, to force Modi to intervene, because they know Pappu will step in and say that Jet went bankrupt because of Modi. They want to force Modi to use our tax money to pay their salaries.




In India only farmers can get waive of loans and all employees have to pay taxes so that congress can get votes by farmer loan waive off. Employees are just tax paying agents.




The most important point.

4 Years ago we were not sure who our PM was, now even world knows about him. He is not a puppet atleast.




Sunny - New Delhi - 20 hours ago -Follow

I always wonder why indian airlines always goes bankrupt. is it like the profit they earn , is invested somewhere else ?



Anil - Bangalore - 21 hours ago -Follow

Rather they should write to Mr. Rahul Gandhi and congress who are busy adding motive to the efforts of the PM in saving the airline. For congis only vote and power matters and for that they don't mind waking over the corpses.



Deejay - 20 hours ago -Follow

All private companies have risk of closing down any day ,that is the risk we need to plan. find another job , if you are skilled the job market is big to find a job. don't be lazy and get out and find a job



Nation - 20 hours ago -Follow

Every individual looking at Modi as a ray of hope. We are lucky to have a PM like him.



Shrikant - Pune - 20 hours ago -Follow

Its politicians and Govt officers are who are earning crores in corruption.All money belong to tax payers.



Kamalesh - Location - 17 hours ago -Follow

Hahahaha Feku will help jet airways by handing it iver to Ambani and Adani



Vasudev Shetty - 19 hours ago -Follow

Naresh Goyal majority stakeholder is a crook.. He stopped Tata from floating an Airlines during CONgress govt by bribing and arm twisting the then aviation minister.



Kamalesh - Location - 17 hours ago -Follow

Ullu Modi kiya katega? As it is bjp has ruined India. Last five years India had become one of the worst country and most unsafe.



Deepak - Karnataka - 20 hours ago -Follow

Why everything collapsing in the country after Modiji became PM!?



Muralidhar - 20 hours ago -Follow

Is Jet going Kingfisher way.Bank's to take care of public money. Sri Goyal should not be allowed to run away from India.Goyal should pay from his personal assets.



Balbhadra Dhagat - Bhopal - 20 hours ago -Follow

Airlines have a history of bankrupcy world-over.



KBD Bharatiya - 20 hours ago -Follow

it''s unusual that a private company employee writing to PM may be they see hope in Modi



Arya - 16 hours ago -Follow

more industry will go bankrupt because this govt is not favourable for business...



Bonny Moraes - Goa - 16 hours ago -Follow

Come on now, you don’t expect Modi to do everything? Ask not what Modi can do for you but ask what you can do for Modi.



BOOTOUT SARKAARICLASS - GauShala - 17 hours ago -Follow

There is a feeling that Modi will not do anything as he is the chowkidar of the RICH.



Prashant Uchil - 18 hours ago -Follow

Then Mallya will claim inequality. Why didnt govt bail out kingfisher if it can help jet and had bailed out air india too !



Shekar Natesh - Bangalore - 18 hours ago -Follow

The problem is between Jet airways and he employees. Mr Modi should not interfere and bail out Jet airways. Otherwise one more Vijay Mallya will be born



Ordinary Common Man - 14 hours ago -Follow

(1) If your high-salaried staff desert you when your company is in trouble, let them go. They have no loyalty to you. Their loyalty is to money.

(2) If your low-salaried staff want to leave when you are in trouble, let them go. It is not because they want to go but because they have no money to support the family that they are looking for job elsewhere.

(3) If your employees stick with you when you are in trouble and support you when everyone else has deserted you, trust them.





Gujarat Gaurav - 16 hours ago -Follow

It''s not Prime Minister''s job to save a public limited company.



Shiva Narayan - 16 hours ago -Follow

You''ll should learn from countries like Japan,,they would have worked for free till the company comes out of crisis



Cybe Tron - 16 hours ago -Follow

If government saves Jet Airways then who will save Air India ?



Hassam Jussab - 17 hours ago -Follow

As it is there are 550 million people un employed under bjp so another 10,000 want make a difference



Pkm - Lagos - 19 hours ago -Follow

Jet airways staff paid taxes regularly.Should they not be helped?



Aniruddha Chakraborty - 20 hours ago -Follow

Three months behind salaries and facing a lot of financial hardships. There are many in this country who beg in the streets. Modi has people to worry about other than these pilots.



Viney - 14 hours ago -Follow

These pilots have enough money .They can start their own co operative airline and pay to themselves.



Sridhar Natarajan - Chennai - 18 hours ago -Follow

Let them vote for Modi, first.


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