Modi gt using public money to bail out Jet: Congress



NEW DELHI: Congress on Wednesday accused PM Modi of doling out public money by directing state-run banks to bailout Jet Airways by converting its de t into equity.


Objecting to a proposal of a State Bank of India-led consortium of banks to “bail out” the “bankrupt” Jet Airways, Surjew said that while the go nment was trying to privatise Air India on the one hand, it was forcing PSU banks to “buy equity in” a sinking ship.


“Reports in public domain say PM Modi wants to give a ‘bail out package’ to Jet Airways by directing SBI and other PSU banks to convert the Rs 8,500 crore de t for equity shares of Jet Airways valued at Re 1. So, SBI and other banks will become owners of 51% of a bankrupt private airline. Will banks now fly aircraft?” Surjew said.


Congress also alleged that the National Infrastructure Investment Fund (NIIF) was directed to buy the 24% stake of Etihad Airways in Jet at a value of Rs 150 per share, the first time that a foreign company’s de t was being written off and its equity acquired by PSU banks.



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whose money congressss is using to attract farmers by loan waiver??? loan waiver does not help farmer in any positive way as loan money is already lost by farmer in poor returns or losses from their crop .How will the farmer gain his daily bread???



Chowkidar Mukesh - 10 hours ago -Follow

INC seats won

2004 - 145

2009 - 206

2014 - 44

2019 - 4

BJP seats won

2004 - 138

2009 - 116

2014 - 282

2019 - 405


2004 - 145

2009 - 206

2014 - 44

2019 - 4


2004 - 138

2009 - 116

2014 - 282

2019 - 405


MrBoobs - Right Here - 10 hours ago -Follow

Yes Shameless Modi using public money to bail out businesses unlike Congress which just stole the public money and stuffed it in swiss banks.



Nitai Ball - 10 hours ago -Follow

70 Years, SCAMgress CORRUPT MEDIA in bed, JOINED at the hips. MEDIA always SPREADING LIES, RUMORS as FACTS ag inst MODI/BJP, Hindus.



Chowkidar - Sydney - 10 hours ago -Follow

India will be in deep kakka if this congoon gets power, not to forget billions of frauds like 2g, coalgate etc committed during upa.



Indianexpert - 10 hours ago -Follow

Congress has no agenda to discuss except defying Modi Go nment. Congress will lose more ve and wind up soon in next two or three lok sabha ions. All Congress corrupt leaders will be jailed for co ption under Modi Go nment. We hope to see that day come soon. No work done in 70yrs by Congress.



Rajat Gupta - Gurgaon - 8 hours ago -Follow

If BJP bail out Jet, congress - horrible they are using public money to help their businessmen friends!

If BJP doesn’t bail out Jet, congress - horrible they are unable to save Jet!




Prem Srivastava - Montreal, Quebec - 9 hours ago -Follow

You should be ashamed for being spokesman for such a corrupt .



Jatinder - GuEsS - 6 hours ago -Follow

what's wrong with congress .... are they living on opium



Commonman - Mumbai - 8 hours ago -Follow

Whatever NDA Gt. does is WRONG..

Whatever Congressi say..is RIGHT... Such has become the envy of Congress Party..!




Bharat Sharma - 10 hours ago -Follow

then came Rafale and now JET.. THIS time around Congress is unable to come-up with an excuse.. They tried everything yet no one is supporting them



Rambo - Global - 9 hours ago -Follow

Oh God Once again ???????? Please come up with something new.

We are fed up with your same scaamgresssi routine shiiiiiiiiiit.

Your and your chief pappu has become laughter stock.

No body believes in you and take you guys seriously.

The more you target modi, the more you will loose mandate.

You guys are digging your own grave.

shame on you peoples, Scamgress is burden to India and its tax payers.









Bhavesh Gandhi - 6 hours ago -Follow

Congress has fallen to such lows that they criticize anything and everything that Modi does. That is not healthy opposition. Congress has become a destructive opposition



TNN - 8 hours ago -Follow

Can you justify your double standard? For already sinked Air India you want more support and for the other you say don''t waste public money.

Air India is in trouble since many years, now with a huge loan burden that it can not survive on its own and go nment had no choice but go for selling it. But Still there is and was a huge prest on doing so. Now an other airline is going towards the similar situation, so why not try it upfront to avoid it become a second Air India.




Rik Edu - 9 hours ago -Follow

It is okay to help a business with public money. If business survives, it will generate jobs and gt will eventually earn taxes.



Kalegowda - 6 hours ago -Follow

Just wondering did congress go nment use their own fund to bail out kingfisher and other sinking companies?



Mark - 9 hours ago -Follow

They could not sell the Rafale lies so came up with a new one. What's next kangresssssss?



Vijaya Chakravarti Chakravarti - 10 hours ago -Follow

Wow what a confidence , Congi Liars



Vishwas - 6 hours ago -Follow

Has Surjew forgotten King Fisher airline how n mohan singh bailed it out...



Ravi - 6 hours ago -Follow

Public money? where is it. You have loed all the money for 60 years and now you are fooling people. You will bluff anything to come in power.



Maya - Bangalore - 5 hours ago -Follow

Congress has forgotten how Vijaya Mallya used to waste scam money on his lavish lifestyle inspiite of doing so many scams. He flew out of India due to fear of Modi. And now Modi will only bring him back.



BharatD Sharma - Bombay - 6 hours ago -Follow

Let me guess,the Congress guys are the most honest guys. Just shut up and stop fooling people.



Vishal - Pune - 8 hours ago -Follow

pappu clan has used public money to fill their Swiss bank coffers!!!



Harendra Jani - Location - 8 hours ago -Follow

Ob bail out auto industry to save millions jobs, what is wrong with hel industry which create jobs to bail them out?

By waiving farmers loan of some crooks using public money is also fraud.



Shailesh Thakur - 6 hours ago -Follow

Congies at it again. Total nonsense. They seemed to have lost mental stability. After the ions most would have to be admitted to mental asylum including there leader.



Avinashjit Khalsa - 6 hours ago -Follow

Stop making stupid accusations. He is just trying to keep the company afloat



kar - 5 hours ago -Follow

Who made air India defunct and annul losses upto 50000 cr? Whose money Congress was using all 60 yeara



Maya - Bangalore - 6 hours ago -Follow

Rahul Gandhi and team are the biggest idiots.



Pappu - 8 hours ago -Follow

People has to teach these scamgress liers a lesson. Wipe out scamgress from our country.



Ashish - Noida - 5 hours ago -Follow

What's wrong in bailing out an Indian Company in transparent manner? This company is giving bread and butter to many Indians.



Rabul - New Delhi - 3 hours ago -Follow

and yet you shameless congress don't mention the public money u loed over decades.....



Chandrasekaran Krishnamurthy - 6 hours ago -Follow

Public money is used to save the company and it''s employees anagalous to public sector organisations. New initiative by Modi Is a welcome step.


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