Rejected by woman, man rapes, kills her 4-year-old child in Maharashtra


NAVI MUMBAI: A Raigad crime branch team arrested a 27-year-old resident of Khopoli town for the rape and murder of a four-year-old girl on Wednesday. The accused said he sought revenge as her mother had reprimanded him. He wanted to have a sexual relationship with her mother, Raigad superintendent of police Anil Paraskar said.

新孟买:周三,Raigad警方逮捕了Khopoli镇一名27岁男子,罪名是奸杀一名4岁女童。被告称他想要报复女童母亲对他的斥责。Raigad警司Anil Paraskar称,男子想和女童的母亲发生关系。

The accused had severed the girl's head with a kitchen knife and dumped her torso about 300 metres behind his house. He dumped her skull on the other side of the road after peeling off the skin of her face to ensure that she cannot be identified.


A crime branch source said, "The mother, who is hearing impaired, had warned him against entering her house. She had threatened to tell her husband about it too. The accused and the victim's father were friends, and were both from Uttar Pradesh."


A police source said, "On Tuesday, around 8.30am, the girl had visited the man's house. Thereafter, he took her back to her mother, but the mother got annoyed and scolded him publicly. Hence, he decided to seek revenge. When the woman was busy inside her house, he gagged the girl, took her to his house, and bundled her away under the kitchen slab. He then went to sleep in the afternoon. The girl's mother and a neighbouring woman started searching for the girl and reached the accused's house, but he denied seeing her. The women did not enter as he was alone at home."


Her parents lodged a missing complaint and the crime branch conducted a parallel probe. A police search team recovered the girl's torso from behind the suspect's house. He confessed to the crime during interrogation. He had inflicted burn injuries on the girl and attempted to sexually assault her. Fearing that she would reveal everything to her parents, he decided to get rid of her.


The knife, with bloodstains, was recovered from his house. Initially, police had registered an FIR under sections 302 (punishment for murder) and 201 (causing disappearance of evidence of offence) of IPC. Police later invoked IPC section 376 (punishment for rape) along with Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act.





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Ramalinga - Global - 5 days ago -Follow

Kill him by peeling the skin off him... No mercy for this Rakshas



Brij - Pune - 5 days ago -Follow

don't kill him in one shot.....on daily basis cut one part of his body and leave him to feel pain



Mushtaq Ansari mumbai - 5 days ago -Follow

Such physio Should b Hanged to Deaths without trial...no Mecry



Prince Elbow - 5 days ago -Follow

No surprize the accused is from UP



Sharat - Bengaluru - 5 days ago -Follow

What a cruel person. Give him the severest of the punishment



Surinder Gujjar - Haryana - 5 days ago -Follow

Almost everyone from UP is like this. Earlier I used to wonder why the UP man in the adjacent apartment is so protective about his wife. I had to get back a gas booklet from him but he wasn''t there at home when j called him. So I asked if it''s kept in his house and if I can go to get it, he said oh I will come within 3 hours and give it to you.



Gurucharan V - Karnataka - 5 days ago -Follow

The court should deliver the death penalty in a single hearing and should be hanged the same day.



Satpal Osahan - 5 days ago -Follow

There should be no court date just hang him in public



Srinivasan Rangamannar - Location - 5 days ago -Follow

Please do not report such news. It is so sickening



sachin n - Location - 5 days ago -Follow

Peel him off and smear chilli



Vincent Max - Mumbai - 5 days ago -Follow

UP culture of slee with friends wife.



Kkgc - Chandigarh - 5 days ago -Follow

Ghastly crime, proves that one should choose friends wisely.



Vishal - Pune - 5 days ago -Follow

why???...poor child... RIP...we humans have become worse than animals...

这是为什么? ? ?…可怜的孩子,愿安息……我们人类已经变得比动物还更可怕了……


Firoz - Location - 5 days ago -Follow

Hang to death.



Raj - 5 days ago -Follow

This is horrible and horrific, the guy should be given horrible punishment before hanging him..such criminals are black spot on our society..also here people blaming entire UPites.. They should say this.. If such horrific incidence never happened in any othere states... Common guys..



Vivek Ekbote - 5 days ago -Follow

name and shame the XXXXX and then peel his skin while he is alive



Anubhav Dhingra - 5 days ago -Follow

why name of the accused not revealed.



Mohan - 5 days ago -Follow

Hang the person immediately. On one hand the soldiers are laying down their life for the Protection of the Motherland and on the other we gave annimals who do these acts. Shameful and disgusting. Death death death is the only sentence for him please do it.



Aravind - 5 days ago -Follow

peeled the skin from her face. there is no dearth to human cruelty.



Ramesh Pathak - New Delhi - 5 days ago -Follow

Such a beast...!



Lalit - 5 days ago -Follow

Give him to public for stoning him till death.



kalan321654 - o - 5 days ago -Follow

MMCCC ko shoot kar do.......... no other punishment will be enough for him...................



Vedhanta - oman - 5 days ago -Follow

Legalize oldest profession prostitution



ANJOY KUMAR ROY - 4 days ago -Follow

I belief he should be made to die slow and steady death, and yes slowly remove the skin from his body each day, apply salt and chilli.



Tiger Soupe - Mumbai - 5 days ago -Follow

WTF!!!! what a psycho? he should be slapped every day and kicked in his nuts everyday till the day he dies



Keysman K - 5 days ago -Follow

Give 3rd degree for rest of the life of the criminal


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