Modi may struggle to win majority in polls, says Fitch Solutions


By Iain Marlow

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will “struggle” to win a simple majority in India’s upcoming general ion and the opposition Congress has a “fair chance” at forming go nment with support from regional allies, according to Fitch Solutions Macro Research.


Neither of the country’s main national parties is likely to get a majority in the lower house of the parliament, the affiliate of Fitch Ratings said. That means both will have to try and cobble together a coalition with regional parties at a time when the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party has disagreements with many large “pential kingmaker parties,” Fitch Solutions said.


“We at Fitch Solutions are bucking the overwhelming consensus at this juncture that the BJP will most likely form the next go nment after the upcoming ions,” Fitch said in a report on Thursday. The Indian National Congress , headed by Rahul Gandhi, has a fair chance of marshaling a coalition go nment, it added.


The BJP’s recent populist spending efforts, including a farmer income support program, will have a “minimal effect” on swinging vers to its side, the group said, adding that a deadly attack in Kashmir allows the ruling to “drum up nationalistic sentiment and to rally the orate behind the BJP.”


Modi’s lost three state ions to the Congress in December and various polls in India have shown declining support for Modi and the BJP. For example, a recent India Today poll predicted the ruling National Democratic Alliance coalition could fall short of the majority mark in India’s 543-seat parliament and win 237 seats, down from the 336 seats the grou won in the 2014 federal ion.

去年12月,莫迪所领导的人民党在3个邦的选举中输给了国大党。印度的各种民调显示,莫迪和人民党的支持率不断下降。例如,《今日印度》最近的一项民调预测,执政的全国联盟(National Democratic Alliance)可能无法在印度议会543个席位中获得多数席位,预计将赢得237个席位,低于该联盟在2014年联邦选举中赢得的336个席位。



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Rswami Narayan

23 hours ago

forget Modi and ions. there is a limit for media hype and misleading public



Ken Nihon

23 hours ago

Didn''t this dame cerie say like this in 2014 and 2017 before UP.... And stop comparing the 3 recent ions in Raj, etc - there was local anti-incumbency and that is now over. Modi was not on the ballot for those 3 states.



Sanjiv Mitragotri

1 days ago

Foreign analysts and media houses along with home grown Libtards and presstitutes will start high pitch, high voltage campaigns to confuse the Indian orate and vers. We should be wary of such malicious propaganda by vested interests.




1 days ago

Bloomberg usually achieve what they intend .. give room for anti-Modi gang to spit their venom and put the Pro-Modi gang on the defensive. Of them Mihi Verma is the expert attacker. He has vowed to write only ag inst Modi and India. Nothing in this world can make this sworn pessimist happier than writing Modi is doomed to fail. But just a few more months .. Mihir and the entire Bloomberg team have to kill themselves when Modi wins

彭博社(文章为彭博社发布)总能达到他们的目的,给那些反对莫迪的团伙发牢骚的空间,让那些支持莫迪的团伙处于劣势。其中Mihi Verma是攻击专家,他发誓只写反对莫迪的文章,只写反对印度的文章。世界上没有什么比“写莫迪注定要失败”更能让这个坚定的悲观主义者更快乐的了。但是再过几个月,等到莫迪获胜之时,Mihir和整个彭博社团队不得不自行了断。


Deepak Mehrotra

12 hours ago

You are .Modiji deserves credit for all that country has achieved in the last 71 years while the previous go nments only resorted to tokenism. This is artful lying at best, or worst. It is nevertheless a huge fib.



Varadharajan Kannan

1 days ago

Modi govt will romp back to power for upkee "Sabkaa saath sabka vikas" in letter and spirit that benefits every section of society. Just 4 reforms to que:1) ease of living with reduced taxes on essential commodities and services through GST2) increased formalization with historic tax base increase3) timely completion of infrastructure and social welfare projects like rural housing, railways and highways4) efficient and accountable administration for aam admi

莫迪政府将轻松重掌*,他正在维护“团结在一起,共同发展”这一原则,造福社会的每一个阶层。列举4项改革:1)通过实行商品及服务税改革,降低了税收,改善了老百姓的生活  2)通过提高税基,使税收正规化 3)及时完成基础设施和社会福利项目,如农村住房、铁路和高速公路 4)政府实行高效和负责任的管理


Rajesh Shetty

1 days ago

But told u that we Indians bother about these things. On the other hand, his attempt to formalize the economy could cost him a next term



Straight Bat

1 days ago

The report seems to have been prepared at the behest of congress . The simple fact is but for rahul baba and his family and the typical congressmen / co unists and the usual suspects, the majority of the people (orate) of this country are standing firmly behind Modi and would ve of BJP and we can see Mr.Modi back as PM. This is not only our wish but would also be the reality, come ions. This report might probably gladden the hearts of mamma mia, son and daughter and its intention seems to be suspect.




1 days ago

modi has proved to be the biggest flop as a Prime Minister since India gained Independence. All 2014 promises were bluffs. Over that lie in broad daylight looking at the people straight into their eyes. Bring out fake economic numbers which nobody ca verify and think people are fools and believe them. People of the country have realized all this. Which is why BJP has lost in 5 state ions held in Nov 2018.Their illiterate netas are aware of their impending defeat but still ostensibly pretending they are wng. The slap on their face in the next 45 days will be so bad that they will forget their way home.



Sunitha Sundarrajan

1 days ago

I am in favour of a BJP led go nment minus Modi will support from allies to form a coalition go nment.



Sanjiv Mitragotri

23 hours ago

There are enough crooks within BJP as well, who will drive the country towards stone age. Any coalition of BJP or non-BJP will be disastrous for India and its future. Cor ion is deep roed in our sy em and cleansing has just started in the last 4-5 years. One can''t expect the roots of co ption grown over 65 years to be uproed and pulled out in a period of 4-5 years. If India has to become one of the top 5 powers and be respected globally, then the changes initiated need to run the full course.



Ram Prakash Shroff

1 days ago

The Country needs real Development not Talk, no welfare schemes can win an ion.



Somnath Ghosh

1 days ago

How is it that being Anti Modi is equated with Anti Indian by a category of people?



Shekar Kurudi

1 days ago

Just looking at the headline one can be sure it’s doomsberg



Janardhan Rao

1 days ago

No ifs and buts , NDA is returning with more than 350.seats with BJP Itself wng 272 plus seats.



Loer Khangress

1 days ago

Modi has done record work for development of India. People of India are fully aware of zero co ption governance. A ve for anti-national Nzwaadis, Jihaadi trinamoolis, and pakistani khangresis is a shame and national waste.




1 days ago

So get prepared for modi govt to be kicked out in the next 45 days. We will have a brand new non modi non BJP govt. Even if you dont like it. But No, Congress is not going to rule. It will be someone from the regional who will become PM. Max 150 seats for modi and company. Get prepared.



Shivaji The


1 days ago

all these are signs that BJP will storm back into power......



Sridhar Reddy

People know there is no one better than Modi to be a PM again.



Deepak Mehrotra

Modi himself is aware that he has failed to deliver on promises made in 2014. The freshness that he once exuded has evaporated. It’s place has been taken by a fatigued cm : “I have done more in four years than what the previous go nment did in ten years.” From being the “The Alternative “ in 2014, Modi is now formally making a bid for another term by putting forth the “There Is No Alternative “ (TINA) card. This is a huge come- down for a person who not long ago was hailed as God’s Gift to India sent from heaven to rule in perpetuity. But the urban middle class which had backed him in 2014, believing he had shed his Hindutva baggage, and considered Modispeak on Vikas and Badlao as genuine, has no reason to back him again.

莫迪本人也意识到,他未能兑现2014年做出的承诺。他曾经散发出的新鲜感已经消失了。取而代之的是一种老生常谈的说法: “我在4年里所做的,比前一届政府在10年里所做的还要多。”从2014年的“替代方案”开始,莫迪现在正式提出“没有替代方案”(TINA),争取连任。对于一个不久前还被誉为上天赐予印度的礼物的人来说,这是跌落神坛。但在2014年支持他的城市中产阶级认为他已经摆脱了印度教的包袱,因此没有理由再次支持他。



Modi has been the biggest flop. He has turned out be the worst PM ever of India. Because he was busy in optics than any real work. Most of the public has seen through the lies of Modi and will not be fooled again.



Ruchir Goyal

1 days ago

So whom will they back if not Modi??? Modi may not have delivered everything he promised but still he has delivered many times more than all others... He is way ahead of all others in popularity even today...


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