Delhi stalker throws ‘Taj’ at girl, it lands on her dad



NEW DELHI : A 22-year-old man who used a replica of the Taj Mahal to propose marriage has landed behind bars.


The man, who had allegedly been stalking his neighbour, threw the replica, wrapped in a gift pack, onto the woman's terrace on Monday night. It landed on her father's head while he was having dinner.


A ruckus broke out and the police was informed. It was claimed that the accused man's brother had even threatened the girl with dire consequences if she refused the gift. Police say the 20-year-old woman and her family went to the police station carrying the replica and registered a complaint against the youth, Jeetu.


A second Taj Mahal replica was recovered from the house by the police.


The woman said he would pursue her the past few months whenever she stepped out of her house. Every time, she said, he would insist she take the replica of the Taj Mahal as a sign of acceptance of his proposal, but she had refused the gift.



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Rajeeb - Gurgaon - 1 hour ago

LOL!!!! Bad timing........anyway the Taj is not a gift of love but signifies death...... hence the result.....poor fellow. Suggest next time he should use a bunch of flowers which will not break anyone''s head

哈哈! ! ! !.泰姬陵不是爱的礼物,而是死亡的象征..可怜的家伙建议下次送花,这样不会砸伤别人的头。


Reality Check - 1 hour ago -Follow

As*hole, which girl will be imprsssed in a duplicate and low-quality Taj Mahal.



Girish - Delhi - 1 hour ago -Follow

How a man of 22 can be so silly and stupid?



Armin Irani - 1 hour ago -Follow

Male hormones !!



Kaz Traveler - 55 mins ago -Follow

keep teasing the hell out of her, and like Emran Hashmi threaten her with violence or acts of self mutilation and surely, she will be yours forever!



Raja Ivaturi - 1 hour ago -Follow

The girl needs to be careful because this idiot and his stupid brother will be out after short duration in Prison.



N S Rajan - 23 mins ago -Follow

What a poor throw ! Thank God he is not in our Cricket team.



Skariah Varghese - chennai - 39 mins ago -Follow

Idiots should realise that Taj was not the only gift that shah jahan made for mumtaz .. show her the money and she will come running after you



Avtaar - Earthling - 1 hour ago -Follow

who is this New Shahjahan.....LOL



Baby Mohan - Banagalore - 1 hour ago -Follow

Love is not one-sided, a hard lesson to learn!



Pappu - 53 mins ago -Follow

The Taj landed on the head of Jahangir



Ajay Nath - 22 mins ago -Follow

how can man of all ages chose equally stupid pappu as prime minister.



Ranjan Kumar Indian - Lucknow - 32 mins ago -Follow

Another replica of Taj was recovered from the house of the accused. He appears to be a habitual suitor.



Prem - 42 mins ago -Follow

Taj caused love funeral instead, the curse continues.



Deepak B Mhalas - Shivaji Park Dadar Mumbai - 51 mins ago -Follow

hehehehehe. sad end for bad proposal.



Machine - 58 mins ago -Follow

Can this newspaper publish the real name of so called Jeetu? Chances are less that Hindus would threaten anyone else like this.



Rajaali - 7 mins ago -Follow

Taj should be demolished



Bculas - 27 mins ago -Follow

Both brothers look like low IQ thugs born into a low IQ family. The whole family should seek evaluation and spend time in a place called"JAIL"



Ahmed Shaikh - mumbai - 53 mins ago -Follow

Better luck next time.



Robin John - 56 mins ago -Follow

Just Delhi thing! .. hahaha



Ram Sridhar - 1 hour ago -Follow

at 22 years boys have to focus on their Studies and career.


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