Which single person caused the greatest dge to India or Indian society? How?



Yash Hegde, YouTuber at WeirdoGraphy (2013-present)


This guy.

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill. Many of you may know that, this guy was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945 (later again from 1951 to 1955).

Now I don't like writing long answers, so I'll try to keep it short, the way I like.

1.World war 2 was at it's peak.

2.United kingdom was having a tough time with the resources.

3.India was a British colony back then (Unfortunately).

4.Churchill ordered to divert the essential resources/supplies, from civilians in Bengal to the United Kingdom.

5.The civilians in Bengal had nothing to eat, causing “The Great Bengal Famine”

6.Result? 4 Million people died of starvation.

Apparently, when Churchill was informed about this famine. All he had to say was, “Why hasn't Gandhi died yet”.

Give me one good reason, why this guy should be looked upon as a hero while on the other hand Hitler is a synonym for Satan. Hypocrisy?












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Akriti Agrawal, Learning about Indian History

I may not be e gible to answer this question. But this question urged me to put up my own oion. Its not a general view rather my own oion.



For me, that person was Mr. Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi famously known as Mahat Gandhi, father of the nation. And he ly thought of himself as the father of the nation. He divided country like his own property putting both the countries into most incompetent and selfish hands. Whatever India faces now is just an after effect of that great avnche. Had he not divided India and Pakistan, made Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel the Prime Minister (which he deserved to be as he got all the ves from Congress members except one ve), India had been something else.

Not only this, he could have easily got Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru free at the round table conference with British Govt. but he decided otherwise. (May be he feared that the revo tionaries' popularity is growing and they could get the credit of India's fre m)

Then, he adopted Jawaharlal Nehru's daughter, Indira who married Feroze Khan and became India Feroze Khan. Now both of them are known as Indira Gandhi and Feroze Gandhi. Had he been truly secular, he did not need to hide their surnames.

This was the hypocrisy at its best. The Nehru family has loed the entire nation with the support of the father of the nation. When our country's foundation is based on greed, co ption, betrayal, how can we be at peace now.

Just because of greed of Nehru and nah, millions of people's life was dest yed and a never ending hatred is roed in the hearts of the people. Now these po iticians take every benefit of this hatred.

Actually our hatred should be for these po iticians who are enjoying at the expense of our country.

So, in my oion, if Mahat Gandhi had been a true patriot, he would have taken decisions in nation's interest. We all are paying de t of our Nation's father.









Mihir Balvally, 'Po itical Observer' or something like that

The man I would like to nominate is the guy on the left.



Who might this man be? Any guesses? Well those who paid attention in history class know this man to be Mir Jaffar (1691-1765). So what did his man do? Well he is probably the reason India got colonised by Britain.

In the Battle of Plassey in 1757 the forces of Siraj Ud-Daulah battled ag inst those of the british . This battle was probably the most significant battle in the history of India.

Siraj was the Nawab of Bengal. His commander in chief was Mir Jaffar. Siraj's army was helped by the French East India Company. They had a significant presence in Bengal and were enemies with the British East India company.

Fast forward to 23rd June 1757 the Battle of Plassey. The forces of the Nawab were defeated by the British inspite of Siraj having a numerical advatage all because of one man Mir Jaffar. So, what did he do?   






Here comes in Robert Clive , he had bribed Mir Jafar and asked him not to participate in the war. Thus the 18000 troops of the Nawab lost to only 3000 troops of the British. What happened next is history.

So this one man is responsible for most of the things wrong in India, all the innocent lives that would be lost all the wealth loed and poverty left behind all this just for a bribe and hopes of becoming the future Nawab? Well later he was deposed as the Nawab of Bengal and lived his life in disgrace.




The word "mirjafar" in Bengali and the phrase "meer jafar" in Urdu, are used much as quisling is used in English, and Jaichand of Kannauj in Indian history. All Iqbal, in his poetry wre about his treachery in these words,

"Jaffar az Bengal, Sadiq az Deccan; nang-e-deen, nang-e-millat, nang-e-watan" which mean

Jafar(Mir) of Bengal and Sadiq(Mir) of Deccan are a disgrace to the fa th, a disgrace to Nation, a disgrace to Country.

To say that this man dged India and the Indian society is truely and understatement!

孟加拉语中的“mirjafar”和乌尔都语中的“meer jafar”,与英语中的卖国贼以及印度历史上的卡瑙杰的Jaichand差不多意思。All Iqbal在他的诗中就提到了这个人的背叛,

“Jaffar az Bengal, Sadiq az Deccan;" nang-e-deen, nang-e-millat, nang-e-watan"意思是




Anurag Dev, Forget re gion & Re-think

My Ve goes to Mr. V.K. Krishna Menon, India’s Defence Minister (1957 - 1962) in the years before the Indo-Sino War in 1962.

要我说,是1962年中印战争前的印度国防部长V.K.克里希纳·梅农先生(1957 - 1962)。


Very bluntly I will say, this man was responsible for the below issues :

1.India’s loss in Indo-Sino War in 1962.

2.Pakistan finally deciding to attack India in 1965.

It may seem that there are only these 2 issues, but because of the above points, India is burning till date. Will elaborate it now :





When Mr. V.K. Menon, became India’s Defence Minister in 1957, India had cordial relations with & Pakistan. Pakistan having been driven out of Kashmir in 1948 would never have dared to look back at India aggressively. & India always had good relations, barring the border dispute along the M Line. But itself was in a rebuilding state and would never have attacked India.

So, this prompted Mr. Menon that since we are having good relations with all our neighbors, we’ll never get into a war, no country will ever attack us, so why to spend loads of money for Indian Army, to Modernize it or to buy new equipments. He further said that whatever small problems would come our Police force is good enough to handle them. A big GENERALIZATION !!

What followed next was, cutting down of the defense budget significantly, removal of troops along the border and shutting down of arms factories and using them for manufacturing petty items of daily household use. intelligence saw this as an open opportunity to attack India and seize the disputed areas in Ladakh and A Pradesh. Indian Army was so under-prepared that our brave soldiers fought with their hands up ag inst the troops. When attacked A Pradesh, we didn’t have any Army post there (They were called back long before), There was little resistance from the Police. That in dent is the main reason people from North-East hate the Indian go nment, because when they were attacked, go nment didn’t help them.




Having seen this kind of assault from the troops(PLA), which were not recognized globally as a formidable force), Pakistan sensed an opportunity to attack and capture Kashmir (It’s long standing dream), but they forgot it was not Nehru at the center anymore, it was Mr. Lal Bhadur Shastri, the man who allocated 25% of the GDP as Defense Budget. Indian Army managed to drive out Pakistani troops from Kashmir and we did win that war. But the conflict continued. So my argument here is, had not attacked & Won ag inst India, Pakistan would never have dared to attack India. And look the conflict still is going on and we all know, it is heading to no proper solution.

For all this conflict that is going on and plaguing are Nation, I blame that moment of indecisiveness and unpreparedness by our then Defense Minister. Some may point out that I may be leading to a big generalization myself, having ignored many in dents in between, but I always believe that if all this had not started, back in 1962, who knows we could probably have had a permanent solution to the Kashmir Issue, and we would have not read in our History books that India has lost a major war ag inst !!




Akshay Gunjal, India first

Our former Prime Minister Morarji Desai

Can you imagine an Indian prime minister sitting in Delhi calling the Pakistan presi nt and sharing with him India’s R&AW network in Pakistan?

Morarji Desai hated the R&AW operations going around that time. He called off major operations which led to death of many Indian agents in Pakistan.





Source : Google

Desai allegedly reduced the budget of intelligence operations by 30% in order to use the money for welfare of the poor and needy. But this person had no idea that his actions would lead to destruction of the subcontinent someday in future as Pakistan was developimg their nuclear wons.

Desai, as a firm Gandhian believed in principles of non violence, truthfulness so he revealed that RAW had information about the nuclear bomb being developed by Pakistani scientists. At that time the presi nt of Pakistan was infamous Zia ul Haq, founding father of Taliban and many other te rort organizations.

This was the great Indian blunder in history of independent India. Now a te rort country is having more than 200+ nukes pointed at India.





Kapil Yadav, Human by nature, Indian by heart

For me that would be Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first PM of India.

India, I would say, was incredibly unlucky to have him as her first Prime Minister after the independence. A single son, of a rich father, who had no experience of po itics, who never had to earn a single penny, got adnt to become the Prime Minister solely to satisfy his own ego.

Most of the problems that India is facing today are a result of this single man. Be it Pakistan, be it Kashmir, be it disputes with .

Despite many denials by Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel, he chose to refer the Kashmir issue to United Nations. He chose to stay quiet when invaded Tib in 1950.

He forced India into a war ag inst without any preparation and resulted in deaths of many soldiers along with an embarassment to nation.

Had he not wished to become a PM, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel would have been the PM and the whole scenario would be different. But not only he forced everyone to make him the PM, he mocked nah too on his po itical ability, who at that time was quietly living in London, who then flew back to India and resulted in to the partition of India and creation of Pakistan with the seeds of hatred born among Hindus and Mus ms.

Only because of this single person we are facing all the problems that has resulted in big obstacles in the development of India and a harmonious society.









Vikram Kumar, Management Trainee (Civil Engineering) at Coal India Limited (2018-present)

Do you recognise this man?



Maybe you didn’t. He is Thomas Babington Macaulay.

English is the de-facto national language of India. Evidently, India has been facing a reality check: Growing influence of Western culture in Indian culture.

Lord Macaulay, the propagandist, initiated English education in India. The instruction of English began in the 1830s during the rule of East India Company. In 1835, English replaced Persian as the offi al language of the Company. This shrewd man introduced English language and Western concepts in a very astute manner.

After the incorporation of English in Indian Education sy em, courses were offered in English. He implemented a policy through which only a few Indians had access to the Higher Education, which was primarily offered in English. As we all know, We Indians specialize in competing wherever we see limited opportunities . It acted as a bait and all the people were allured by English.





Since then the same story has been persisting, we have been continuously following their culture, in terms of music, food habits, and slowly losing what was ours. For example, I bet most of us would not be knowing about five Indian dance forms, but we would name five Western dance forms without any difficulty.

Due to all these reasons, this decision has affected Indian community the most. As of now, we are all Indians wearing a western cloak.

All the countries, such as Germany, Russia, Japan, where people love their local dialect, respect their culture flourishes naturally, as evident. In such scenarios, people’s love for the nation increases exponentially. Everyone strives hard for the progress of the nation.

It’s not late, but if we don’t change the course, which we have been following, we will certainly not prosper.

Ne: I do appreciate English as a language and thank Brits for introducing it in their colonies, without which the world would not have been connected in a way it is now.







Deepak Thakur, In search of an identity.

Former Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi



she declared Emergency to meet her personal objective of being the Prime Minister.

Cause of Emergency:

Indian national congress (INC), won the Indian general ion of 1971 by a huge margin. From the day one of their win, the opposition parties blamed the Indira’s for the mal-practices committed in the ions. The person who defeated by Indira Gandhi, Raj Narayan, lodged a case of fraud and use of state machinery for the ion purposes ag inst Mrs. Indira Gandhi in the Allahabad high court. On 12th June 1975, Allahabad high court justice Jaganmohanlal sinha found the prime minister guilty on the charge of misuse of state vehicles for her ion campaign. The court declared her ion null and unseated her from her seat in loksabha. The court also banned her from contesting any ion for an additional six years. The Times described it as 'firing the Prime Minister for a traffic ticket.




Another more significant reason for imposing the emergency was “JP movement”. Jaya Prakash Narayan, widely known as the loknayak (leader of masses), initiated the peaceful “total revo tion” movement. And also he demanded the resignation of Smt. Gandhi. . In fact on June 25, 1975, he announced a plan of daily demonstrations, not merely in Delhi, but also in every State capital and district headquarters until Indira Gandhi threw in the towel. He also appealed to the Army, the police and the bureaucracy “to refuse to obey Indira” and “abide by the Constitution instead”. These in dents made Mrs. Indira to announce emergency period according to the constitution.

It seems that she had imposed Emergency on a nation of 63 Crores(1975) mere to prect her power.

She might have been like,

Rougly translates to “Do hell with the nation, All I care about is being the Prime Minister.

According to Amnesty International, 140,000 people had been arrested without trial during the twenty months of Gandhi's Emergency. Jasjit Singh Grewal estimates that 40,000 of them came from India's two percent Sikh min ity.

Though, the emergency declared in 1975 was third of its type in Independent India, but the first two were procmed in the wake of War both ag inst Pakistan in 1965 and 71.




根据国际特赦组织的数据,在紧急状态的20个月内,有14万人未经审判就被逮捕。贾斯吉特·辛格·格里瓦尔估计,其中4万人来自印度2%的锡克教 。



Ravi Bhushan Chowhan, studied at The Technological Institute of Textile & Sciences

Two persons dged India more than all others. These two people dged India individually as well as together, more than all the Indians put together, past, present and future.

1.Jaichand— He stabbed India like no Indian ever did just for his personal animosity for Prthiviraj

2.Prithviraj - One of the greatest Indian warriors of all time, Prithviraj, also made a blunder that all of India even today are paying for. Instead of executing Mohd Ghauri, he pardoned. Biggest blunder by any Indian ever.

Many may not like this but that’s what is a matter of fact






Pramodh Nareshkumar, MBA from Indian Institute of Management Kashipur (2019)

I would like to nominate "Ashoka the Great". In my oion he is the most despicable characters in the History of India.


He killed his own brother and ascended the throne.

He started off a war killing so many people and then he had a change of mind after wng it. This kind of upset the bnce of the Indian financial and administration sy em eroding the country of its wealth and aggression.






Mohammad Shoaib, LAW from Aligarh Mus m University

Narendra Modi(Man behind Demonitisation)

Till now according to my understanding Narendra modi caused the greatest dge to india or Indian society and indian economy.

Demonitisation totally declared as the go nment sponsored blunder or we can say Demonitisation as the unconstitutional financial emergency caused by the PM of India suddenly without any preparation.Just for the few personal benefits this man caused the greatest dge to unorganized sector, daily wagers and rural population of india which suffered the most.

Cashless economy was not the motive of Demonitisation and our PM is taking the credit of cashless economy and who is responsible for the deaths of more than 100 peoples and thousands of jobless workers of unorganised sectors.After this stupid act our economy has fallen by almost 2 % (GDP)which means the loss of 3 lakh crore of rupees in national income.Now the major question arises that where is black money,RBI cmed the 99.9 demonitised currency is successfully recovered which means all black money got converted into legal tender white money.

Now the question are:

1.who is responsible for more than 100 of deaths?

2.who is responsible for loss of millions of jobs from unorganised sectors.

3.who is responsible for the pain of every citizen of india who faces and waited outside the bank?

4.who is responsible for farmers ?

and the last question is -All indians are corrupt?if not than why all indians suffered Demonitisation?

The answer is Modi,Narendra modi.




无现金经济并不是废钞令的动机,我们的总理正在把无现金经济的功劳据为已有,他应对100多人的死亡和无工会部门数以千计的失业工人的死亡负责。在这个愚蠢的行动过后,我们的经济下滑了近2% (GDP),这意味着国民收入损失了30亿卢比。现在的主要问题是,黑钱在哪里,印度央行声称99.9%被废掉的货币被成功回收,这意味着所有的黑钱都被洗成干净合法的钱了。








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