国产火车Train 18或能让印度进入2000亿美元国际市场

Railways may ride Train 18 to $200bn market

Train 18或能让印度铁路公司进入2000亿美元市场

NEW DELHI: The railways is planning an entry into the $200 billion global market for coaches and wagons (rolling stock) after producing Train 18 even as the government is yet to give a go ahead for its debut commercial operation between Delhi and Varanasi. One of the projects they are eyeing is the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur High Speed Rail (HSR) project which is currently stalled.

新德里:尽管政府尚未批准Train 18在德里和瓦拉纳西之间的首次商业运营,印度铁路公司计划在生产Train 18后,进军价值2000亿美元的全球列车(含货车车厢)市场。他们的目标项目之一是新加坡-吉隆坡高铁(HSR)项目,该项目目前处于停滞状态。

印度国产火车 train 18

Rajesh Agrawal, member rolling stock of the railway board said countries from the middle-east, North and South America, south-east Asia and even east Europe have shown interest in Train 18. Sources said PM Narendra Modi has also asked the railways to make a presentation on the indigenously built train when heads of all Indian missions meet here so that they become a part of the exercise to popularise the train in countries where they are posted as a part of an economic diplomacy push.

印度铁路局成员拉杰什•阿格拉瓦尔表示,中东、北美和南美、东南亚甚至东欧的国家都对Train 18号表现出了兴趣。消息称莫迪还要求印度铁路部门在所有印度代表团团长会面时介绍这款印度自主制造的火车,这样他们便能参与到在这些国家推广火车的活动中来,这也是经济外交的一部分。

"We believe there is great potential in the semi-high speed category, that is between 150-250 kmph. We are ready to offer this to markets where HSR may be too expensive but this would be a viable alternative. The cost of these trains would be at least 25% less than what other countries spend for manufacturing on their land. We want to enter the global rolling stock market," Agrawal told TOI.

阿格拉瓦尔告诉《印度时报》:“我们相信Train 18在半高铁领域有巨大潜力,即150-250公里/小时。我们已经准备好向高铁可能过于昂贵的市场提供Train 18,这将是一个可行的替代方案。这些火车的成本至少比其他国家在本国制造的成本低25%。我们希望进入全球铁路车辆市场”

The government also has ambitious plans for the train. The Singapore-KL project was first scrapped by Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohammed in 2018. Later it was deferred to a 2031 roll out, with a commitment to lowering the price of the project. Companies from , Japan, South Korea and Europe are believed to have expressed interest in the project. India wants to add its name to this list - railway authorities believe that the project would be financially viable with a semi-high speed train.


Train 18 can run at a speed of 180 kmph.

Train 18时速可达180公里。


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Anil - 7 hours ago -Follow

Honestly I have so much respect for our prime minister Modi, he has done so much in the last 5 years... Thank u Mr. Modi, you are a great and honest leader



Ram Sridhar - 8 hours ago -Follow

Let us look forward for the inauguration in few months. The trial run has been successful.

train 18试运行很成功,期盼几个月后的通车仪式。


ekdesi - USA - 8 hours ago -Follow

India, with the largest railway network in Asia, should be manufacturing and exporting coaches and wagons to the world. Till now we were importing from small EU nations. When we are on top of space technology, this should not be difficult.



Mukesh - 7 hours ago -Follow

We will supply trains to the world. This is possible only with PM Modi''s vision. Never happened before in the history of India. We must be really good dealing with the trains. PM Modi had already opened a metro coach factory as CM of Gujarat. I feel so proud of Shri Modi. You are really a Man of Action!



Sunil K Mehrotra - LUCKNOW - 7 hours ago -Follow

Why Rahul ji has never said that this potential of Railwas are being explored by Modi ji for his personal or party''s benefits. Congress has never made an attempt to explore all this.



Spaceman - Earth - 8 hours ago -Follow

Good to hear that



Sanjoy Pandey - 7 hours ago -Follow

Well, this may be a big Make in India project with huge export potential.


Pramod - Sambalpur - 7 hours ago -Follow

we are entering the International arena for high speed trains . congratulations. pkpatra



Pradeep - 4 hours ago -Follow

What a proud occasion for all us Indians. Fruits of Make In India project.



Matt Hartwell - 7 hours ago -Follow

It seems likely that a European train is preferred right now, probably German but if this option looks very interesting from India.



srinivas - 2 hours ago -Follow

Primary enemies Indians are the internal enemies like congress, mamta, etc and lack of unity. Rise up guys, you Indians not inferior to any civilisation in the world. You all united can make India the strongest and the best country in the world,under the able and capable administration of the greatest and one and only, self less ruler Modiji, who loves India and Indians selflessly. Good luck guys. Mera Bharat mahaan.!!!

印度人的主要敌人是国内敌人,缺乏团结如国大党、玛玛塔等的阻挠。印度人不比任何人差,在莫迪干练有力的管理之下,大家团结起来可以把印度建设成世界最强大的国家。! ! !


Manas Sarkar - 4 hours ago -Follow

Great Modi ji, India is lucky to get such a dynamic PM...



Smart Boy - 3 hours ago -Follow

Modi is the best of best.. thats the reason he has lot of enemies ans less of frnds .. this man works for country and country and country only .



Smart Boy - 3 hours ago -Follow

Thats our modi .. be is the best!!



Saroj - 6 hours ago -Follow

leaving aside politics, it will be a good move if Indian Rlys can enter export market in selling rolling stock manufactured in India. But past performance of IR does not indicate that they will be cost competitive. They had taken up contracts to lay Rly lines in African countries, but couldn't compete with




Raghava - Udupi - 5 hours ago -Follow

excellent... quality should be maintained at international level....



Dean - traveller - 6 hours ago -Follow

NaMo who else yo be credited for this achievement? under congress rule we have been importing technology. under BJP we will export technologies. .



Sandeep - 4 hours ago -Follow

now we are talking thanks to the great leader



ONE LINER Challenge - 4 hours ago -Follow





Thirupathi - 3 hours ago -Follow

Its because of Modi



Pakisarehomosandsuck - Kalooooo Gandu Pakistan - 3 hours ago -Follow

Speed it up India. Pedal to the Metal. Old days are gone...new bright days are here......



Sachin Agarwal - 2 hours ago -Follow

Kudos to the Indian railways... train 18 should be started as soon as possible. Many more such trains should also be planned.

印度铁路公司致敬……应该尽快开始运行Train 18


Ravi - Pune - 3 hours ago -Follow

If this plan is successful then India can earn $ 200 billion per year, this will be the same money India is spending on buying crude oil.. Train 18 is not just increased the Indian GDP from 3.28 to 3.6 trillion USD but also strengthened the INR valuation against USD

如果这个计划成功,那么印度每年可以赚2000亿美元外汇,这和印度购买原油的花费是一样的。Train 18不仅使印度GDP从3.28万亿美元增加到3.6万亿美元,而且还提升了印度卢比对美元的估值


jkmanchanda2004 - 3 hours ago -Follow

If it materializes it will be a great thing



Desh Bhakt - 3 hours ago -Follow

This is real exciting news. Imagine what it would have been if India was ruled by BJP for last 60 years



Bharat Tonse - 5 hours ago -Follow

great work.

this plus indias ability to launch satelites of western countries, plus the bromhos misile etc is indicative of the shape of things to come for indias push into super power status




Vedhanta - oman - 1 hour ago -Follow

Great news. congrats to PM and to our developers. This is where the thousand miles journey begins with a single step to counter and export more and more.


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