Kmsat first student satellite to be launched by new PSLV rocket on Jan 24 for space tests



NEW DELHI: In a major outreach programme this year, Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) is going to launch several student-related and research projects to expand its space science activities to every nook and corner of the country.


Under the first outreach programme, Isro chairman K Sivan told the media here on Friday, “Isro is going to launch a ‘young scientist’ programme wherein three students from every 29 states and seven union territories will be sed based on their science projects. These students, mostly from Class VIII to IX classes, will be taken to sed Isro centres and enrolled for a one-month programme. The students will be trained and allowed to interact with senior space scientists. They will be taken to R&D laboratories and will also be given an opportunity to make small satellites. If their satellites are of good quality, they will be launched. He said, “All the expenses on the tour, stay and training of students will be borne by Isro. It will be on the line of Nasa student programme.” Sivan told TOI that “Isro will take out application to enrol students for this programme from March onwards”.

Isro主席K Sivan星期五告诉媒体,在第一个外展项目中,Isro将启动一个‘青年科学家’项目,根据学科项目,在29个和7个联邦属地中,每邦选3名学生。这些学生主要是八至九年级的学生,他们将被带到指定的Isro中心,参加为期一个月的课程。这些学生将接受训练,并与资深太空科学家交流。他们将进入研发实验室,也将有机会制造小型卫星,如果他们制作的卫星质量好,将发射升空学生出行、住宿和培训费用将由Isro承担,和Nasa的学生项目类似。Sivan告诉《印度时报》,“Isro将从3月起接受学生的申请。”

In another student-related project, Sivan said, “Isro is going to launch a student satellite, Kmsat. PSLVC44, a new variant of PSLV, will carry Kmsat and an earth imaging satellite, Microsat-R, of Defence Research and Development Organisation on January 24.” He said, “Kmsat is the world’s lightest and smallest satellite built by a student start-up from Chennai and is named after former Presi nt A P J Abdul Km”.

关于另一个与学生有关的项目,Sivan表示说:“Isro将发射一颗学生制造的卫星,Kmsat。PSLVC44是PSLV系列火箭的一个新型号,将于1月24日携带Kmsat和一颗地球成像卫星Microsat-R。“Kmsat是世界上最轻、最小的卫星,由来自钦奈的学生创业公司造,该卫星是以前总统阿卜杜勒·卡拉姆(P J Abdul Km)的名字命名。”


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Familypo iticalbusinessfirst - 17 hours ago -Follow

75 years of congoons and we got nothing but bandhs and violence!



AGR india - chennai - 17 hours ago -Follow

ISRO space TV channel is really good initiative for Indian students who wants to excel in space science.



Atul Guleria - 16 hours ago -Follow

The only positive thing that makes every INDIAN feel proud is ISRO. No matter you belongs to which po itical influence.



Sudarsan - 15 hours ago -Follow

Kudos to ISRO, you are the pride of our Nation.



TSR The Urbanist - Namma Bengaluru - 16 hours ago -Follow

Kudos to ISRO & the team for it''s innovative and participative efforts...It is really encouraging for the young minds...Keep it up...It is all possible due to change in Leadership mindset, both within the Organization and the Gt



Satheesh Simhachm - 16 hours ago -Follow

Way to encourage science aming students!! Kudos to ISro



Rafael Federer - 12 hours ago -Follow

Awesome, wonderful, fantastic. ISRO is awesome and wish every other Indian organization works like ISRO, then India will become a developed nation. Really proud of achievements by ISRO.



Jumla Expert - 16 hours ago -Follow

Thank You Nehru for INCOSPAR / ISRO.



Anirban Das - 11 hours ago -Follow

This is how a nation comes up gradually in Science, Space, Technology.



Indu - Cuttack, Odisha - 14 hours ago -Follow

Love him hate him, he will be quietly achieving his objectives. I respect my PM.



oldperson - 14 hours ago -Follow

what a great news and way to involve young generation in science and technology.



Satish - 15 hours ago -Follow

Within next 10 years there will not be any loan on farmers.



Chaiva - Vadnagar - 17 hours ago -Follow

"CubeSat" is the latest technology trend in the industry. ISRO could launch 110 of them in single trip, setting a world record. However most of the satellite launch orders are all going to SpaceX US company. Somewhere we are lacking marketing skills; US Go nment bullying is also there; hiring a US based marketing agency could help.



Venakt Gopkrishnan - Canada - 12 hours ago -Follow

Modi''s in English delivered a few years ago at the ISRO Centre was superb, indepth, high grasp of national issues. None in Congress had the capacity, vision and capability to deliver such a message. We need Modi back to free India from the clutches of rampant Cor ion, Chamchaism, Casteism and Chism prepetrated across India in Collusion with regional warlords.



Sarab Johar - 12 hours ago -Follow

Well done Isro...



Santosh Kumar D - 15 hours ago -Follow

Proud of this Indian organization. Well done and best wishes for the stars. Kudos



Sunil K Mehrotra - LUCKNOW - 5 hours ago -Follow

Why this all could not happen during the tenure of Congress ?



Tak Dhinadhin Dha - 12 hours ago -Follow

Can anyone tell me what isro has not done in such a short time ...uff its grt to c the success of isro...



Open Book - 15 hours ago -Follow

Dear ISRO plan is supper. but all expenses should bare student. this extra cost will effect poor brilliant students. why gt is not spending for student one month stay training expenses.



Shailen - KaruNaadu - 15 hours ago -Follow

Everything is ok, but expense of training of student in isro to be borne by student itslf...!! Really a downshow, with mny studnts might tk bk on this... Isro should reconsider this point...



piyush kumar - Heilbronn, Germany - 15 hours ago -Follow

3 from each state? That means 3 students from 20 Crore people''s Uttar Pradesh and 3 from the district size places like Lakshadvip and Sikkim? Great justice!



Magesh Tm - 17 hours ago -Follow

Copy USA in everything. NASA Channel to ISRO Channel now privatization of rocket production like Elon Musk(SPACE-X).


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