What are your views on the recent series of tweets by Piers Morgan mocking India’s performance at Olympics?



Shannu Prasad, studied at RMIT University

The average Indian thinks of the UK as a morally corrupt and decadent country that loed us for centuries, but at the same time, he craves acceptance and respect from them. This does not do India’s image any favors.

It also shows how fragile Indians’ ego is. We celebrate every achievement that the rest of the world takes for granted and outrage over minor in dents.

What Piers said annoyed me, but you know what annoyed me more?




  • The fact that his follower count increased by 12 thousand; most of whom are Indians wanting to troll.
  • The fact that without the reaction he got, he would not have tweeted the same bullshit another 30+ times.
  • The fact that NDTV and other news channels(even The Hindu!) deemed this worthy of publishing as “news”
  • The fact that he was the most trending topic in India.

I don’t get it. I thought Indians were annoyed by the “Char Log kya Kahange” factor? I thought Quorans preached “Don’t let what other people think of you affect you”? So, why are we doing the exact opposite of that?

  • 他的粉丝数量增加了1.2万,其中大多数都是印度人。
  • 他如果没有得到回复,他就不会把那些垃圾言论反复发30多次了
  • 新德里电视台和其他新闻频道(甚至还有印度教徒报)认为这个破事值得作为新闻播出
  • 他是印度最热门的话题


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Deepak Mehta, Twitter - A grammar nazi's purgatory.

Answered Sep 25, 2016

He is , of course.

There is only one part of his argument that I hated, and it does not concern India at all. I don’t agree with Mr. Morgan that Silver and Bronze are losing medals.

That is akin to saying that except for the actor and actress that win the Oscar every year for the leading performance in a movie, everyone else is a loser. Or that everyone who was nominated but did not win the Nobel prize is a failure.

You are competing in the biggest sport event in the world. To be there, you have beaten hundreds and thousands and millions of other countrymen of yours. And then, you lost the gold by a few points, or a fraction of a second, or a few meters. That isn’t losing, at least not in my oion.





That said, he does have a point. Instead of trying to outsmart a random Brit celebrity on Twitter, Indian people and sportsperson should focus on the problem - our historically dismal performance in any sport that isn’t Cricket.

Below are some stats:




India has just around one-thousandths of a medal per million citizens.

UK on the other hand, has 1 medal per million, i.e. a performance 1000x better than India. ’s performance (whose population size is comparable to India) is 30x better. United States’ is 250x better.

Even going by the number of athletes at the events, there was one medal per 10 athletes (974 medals, 10,000+ athletes). Even by that calculation, India should have won at least 10–12 medals (considering our contingent size of 117 athletes).




In India, there is a flurry of monetary and other awards for the ones that win an Olympic medal. However, that is the extent of how much we care.

No go nment wants to invest in a world-class training facilities for up and coming athletes. Nope. Only once when they have weathered every hardship, and despite all odds, proved themselves at the international stage, do they shower them with praise.

India’s athletes are not to be blamed for the lackluster show. It’s the go nment, and the Indian Olympics Association, and the Sports Ministry.

Indians need to get better at receiving constructive criticism.







I am going anonymous because I would not like to be ridiculed and abused because of my viewpoint. I can counter you but that would be an utter waste of my time and energy so I will just the answer to the question which is my viewpoint.

We are a bunch of Pseudo patriots. Yes, I said it, We are.



  • We don’t care about sports to the tiniest of bit for entire 4 years before and after the Olympics. We don’t know names of any of our sportsmen leave apart cheering for them.
  • 奥运会四年前后我们一点也不关心体育。我们不知道我们的运动员的名字,也没有为他们欢呼。
  • For 99% of Indians sports is just Cricket.
  • 对99%的印度人来说,体育就是板球
  • The only thing wrong about the tweet of Pierce Morgan is that he said we are celebrating losing medals. I don’t believe we were celebrating losing medals. Every medal is a win but what else did he say wrong?
  • 皮尔斯摩根的推文里说的错只错在说我们为丢失奖牌而庆祝。我不相信我们在庆祝丢失奖牌。每一枚奖牌都是一场胜利,但他还有其他说错的地方么?
  • We are a country of 1.2 Billion people and what we have is 2 medals. GB is a country of 64 million people with 67 medals. Should I do the maths for you?
  • 我们是拥有12亿人口的大国,只获得了2枚奖牌。英国是拥有6400万人口的国家,却获得了67枚奖牌。不需要我帮你们列算式吧?
  • Someone says anything ag inst out country and all our patriotism reaches to the peak but when it actually comes to doing something we are the first ones to back off.
  • 有的人对国家和我们的爱国主义评头论足的时候,相当嚣张,但真要做点事来改变,我们又是第一个退缩的。
  • We shower endless amount of money Crores of rupees on our Medal winners but what about the facilities provided to our athletes during Olympics.
  • 我们为了我们的奖牌得主挥金如土,但是在奥运会期间,为我们的运动员提供了什么条件呢?
  • We won’t provide decent running shoes for our Olympics training athletes but as soon as they win the medal they become the laurel of our country.
  • 我们没有给奥运会运动员提供好的跑鞋,但如果他们获得了奖牌,他们就变成我们国家的殊荣。
  • We should make the winners definitely the laurels of our country but where the hell we are before they win there medals?
  • 我们当然应该把奖牌得主当做我们国家的殊荣,但他们得奖前我们在哪儿呢?
  • No matter what all the answers on this question say , I believe we are a bunch of Pseudo Patriots not because we performed badly at Olympics but because we don’t have the audacity to accept it that we performed badly and then try and improve it for the next time.
  • 不管这个问题的答案都有什么,我相信我们就是伪爱国者,不是因为我们在奥运会期间表现不佳,而是因为我们没有勇气来接受我们在奥运会表现不佳这个事实,并努力在以后的奥运会取得进步。


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