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He is . Isn’t he? Aren’t we over-celebrating these two medals?

We all are talking about how shameful it is and blaming it to go nment for not providing facilities? Then why we are raising our eyebrows when one foreign entity saying same things?

I don’t want anyone’s fierce flames on me. I am happy that we at least have 2 medals despite our players did not have great support and I appreciate it.

But come on, let’s face it. Two medals are definitely not enough and we are celebrating like we have won everything there was in Rio.

Piers Morgan is not wrong by the way and I am agree with him.







…and here are some who thinks like me.




Sanket Rout, 2 decades in a de acy

I beg to differ and distance myself from most of my countrymen’s views. As a nation , we always had this twittering towards controversial issues involving our country on the social media. The worst part is our internet users showing overt hostility in contravening the oion of others , not by logic but by incessant and “out of place” nationalism owing to our large presence on social media platforms.Piers Morgan must be sporting a smug smile on sticking to his point in the face of such an attack.

We should be celebrating Sakshi Malik’s and P.V. Sindhu’s achievements . It’s a good sign and is encouraging. But we shouldn’t be blinded by the glow of these medals to the point of not acknowledging the fact that our largest ever Olympic contingent brought home less medals than the 2008 and 2012 Olympics. We need to introspect what went wrong?? How come a population of 1.2 billion can’t sustain it’s players?? How come a small state like Tripura has produced a world class gymnast in Dipa Karmakar ?? How can Odisha produce sprinters, the likes of Dutee Chand and Srabani Nanda while a 190 million strong state of U.P. has almost no contribution to India’s medal hopes, leave alone tally. Our population seems a liability to outsiders and it is actually far from being an asset. Not unlike , we need to tap in all the resources at the time and amount to churn out world class sports persons.




Vikrant Vaidya, Rational homo sapiens

Question as answered…

What are your views on the recent series of tweets by Piers Morgan mocking India’s performance at Olympics?

United States

Contingent = 555

Gold medals = 46

Total 'losers' = 509

Population = 324 million

'looser' to population ratio = 1.5 per million

Great Britain

Contingent = 366

Gold medals = 27

Total 'losers' = 339

Population = 65 million

'looser' to population ratio = 5 per million


Contingent = 117

Gold medals = 0

Total 'losers' = 117

Population = 1.2 billion

'loser' to population ratio = 0.1 per million

Really embarrassing maths, this guy has been taught? Or is it his logic that's more embarrassing?




参赛运动员= 555

金牌= 46

总的“未获奖牌者”= 509

人口= 3.24亿



参赛运动员= 366

金牌= 27枚

总的“未获奖牌者”= 339

人口= 6,500万



参赛运动员= 117

金牌= 0

总的“未获奖牌者”= 117

人口= 12亿




Divyajyoti Mohapatra, Just curious

That’s , we Indians are cheerful people, we enjoy every little hapess. We are happy that we received 2 medals at Rio.

But let’s not forget the fact that sports is one of the ignored things in our country. Every parents want their kid to become a doctor or an engineer. Who cares about sports? All we really care about is only cricket. But that’s not enough. Is there less talent in sports here than any other country? straight no!! Still these talented people are not given proper opportunity.

Its the Olympics !!! The greatest stage to showcase our talents. This is OP Jaisha - a two-time Asian Games bronze medal-wng long distance runner. She cmed that she could have died due to not providing any water or any energy drink for her in regular intervals.


但我们不要忘记,体育在我们国家是被忽视的事情之一。每个父母都希望他们的孩子成为医生或工程师。谁关心体育?我们真正关心的只是板球。但这还不够。这里的体育人才比其他任何国家少吗?当然不是! !然而,这些有才能的人并没有得到适当的机会。

这是奥运会!!!展示我们才华的最伟大的舞台。这是OP Jaisha——两届亚运会铜牌得主的长跑运动员。她说,因为赛程中每隔一段距离没有提供水或能量饮料,她差点就死了。


Is’nt it really shameful? We need to ask the question to ourselves and really DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT !



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