Over 10 warships sent to deter pirates of the Arabian Sea


NEW DELHI: India has now deployed over 10 frontline warships with marine commandos in the region stretching from north and central Arabian Sea to the Gulf of Aden, further step-up its naval presence to show the flag and deter piracy and drone strikes.


This unprecedented "enhanced maritime security operations" are being conducted independently by India, which has refrained from joining the US-led multinational 'Operation Prosperity Guardian' launched in the Red Sea in December after attacks on civilian as well as military ships by Houthi rebels of Yemen.


With escalating piracy and drone attacks on commercial vessels threatening critical sea lanes of communications, which has already led to a major jump in freight rates, Indian Navy is maintaining a "persistent presence" in the Arabian Sea, senior officers told TOI.


"Indian warships are deployed all over the region to enhance surveillance and deterrence against the twin threats from pirates and drone strikes. The aim is to help stabilise the situation in the Arabian Sea and promote net maritime security," an officer said.


Regular ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) missions are being flown by P-8I long-range maritime patrol aircraft and unarmed MQ-9B Sea Guardian drones, both of which are capable of providing 'live feeds' of high-resolution imagery with their electro-optic & advanced sensors, from the west coast.


The warships deployed include guided-missile destroyers like INS Kolkata, INS Kochi, INS Chennai and INS Mormugao as well as multi-role frigates like INS Talwar and INS Tarkash. The Navy and Coast Guard are also closely coordinating the enhanced surveillance of the country's Exclusive Economic Zone.


It was the 7,500-tonne INS Chennai and its commandos, backed by P-8I aircraft, which thwarted the attempted hijack of a Liberia-flagged merchant vessel MV Lila Norfolk and rescued the 21-member crew in Arabian Sea on January 5.

1月5日,在阿拉伯海,7500吨的“金奈”号及其突击队在P-8I的支持下,挫败了劫持利比里亚商船MV Lila Norfolk的企图,并营救了21名船员。




india has only 2 warships from where they deployed 10 it's all bluff master fake news



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at the same time also stop China entering the Indian Ocean region or Arabian sea region



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I am not on the pirates side. But hunger and poverty has made them pirates. Once they decide to hijack, even the Navy will fail....


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Bhai most of them are beloongs to peaceful radical group



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Be careful the Pirates don't hijack Feku's obsolete warships. heh heh


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You are the most obsolete feku to criticise Indian Navy. Shut up foul mouth



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Capture those pirates and give them a role in the Pirates of Caribbean franchise ..They would add more authenticity to the 6th sequel.



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New war game started ,targeting enemy civilians assets on high sea



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What is UN doing in stop these pirates? Nothing. UN has become a useless and wasteful organization. All countries should boycott UN, and form an alternate body that is useful for all countries of the world.





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what's the Indian Navy doing? Slee?



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The UN is made by the US for its own benefit and to police the world. The UN is nothing but a puppet in the hands of the US.




So now Pirates of the Arabian will be released?



Bala Srinivasan

INDIA is publicly exhibiting its blue water naval asset in its own IOR region which extends from Redsea ADEN area in the west to Straits of MALACCA in the east.INDIA is also expanding its naval assets mainly to deter the dragon.



Yashwant Chhabra

excellent news, especially to me, a mariner myself.



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10 ships won't change much.



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Haha funny news. After few kms from shore, it is international boundary. Why such stunt? Utilize money where required.




India will destroy any country or terrorist that plan or harm India or Indians, its modern new India of Modi and Yogi that will FKUC any country in the world except US.




I independent surveillance operation is the way to go. We have more friendly nations in the long run.




BHARAT has taken right decision to deploy front line war assets. It is hightime we show our strength and determination to the world. This is also one of the reason to have a third aircraft carrier in the Navy. Thirdly, it is a wise decision not joining US led coalition - which shows the world that BHARAT is self reliant and scoring great geopolitical mileage. Lastly, no more scaring of pirates and houthis- just destroy them without any consideration. They understand the language of guns only





Krishnamurthi Menon

India playing soldier to the West, risking Indian lives for the benefit of Israel and the US. Slaves once, slaves forever. We do not owe Israel or the US a living. Israel is responsible for Hamas (the Palestinian peoples) response to their 7 decades of occupation, insults, abuse, violence and bloodshed. One masterly stroke in response by Hamas does not make Hamas the culprit in this war. Whites occupied Palestine under the British in 1948 on some biblical promise. Thats not law. They now neeed to leave the place and return to Riiussia, Poland, the US, Canada, Romania, UK, France, Germany and wherever it is they were thrown away from for good reason. It is not India's problem. Why this idiot Modi is sacrificing Indian lives for them is hard to explain.







Warrior King

shoot to eliminate all these pirates show no mercy or sympathy. be absolutely ruthless. when india flex its muscle, the entire world is worried. india is a peace-loving country until and unless it runs out of patients. when the tolerance level is unbearable. then india swings into action. jai hind.


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