India deploys aircraft carrier INS Vikrditya in Arabian Sea, even as -Pakistan conduct major exercise



NEW DELHI: With Pakistan and conducting a major joint naval exercise in the northern Arabian Sea, India too has deployed its aircraft carrier INS Vikrditya on its western seaboard to send a clear strategic signal to its neighbours about its operational readiness and combat capability in the maritime domain.


Navy deputy chief vice admiral M S Pawar personally reviewed the “intense air and sea operations” from on board the 44,400-tonne INS Vikrditya, which operates the supersonic MiG-29K fighters from its deck, in the Arabian Sea. “Admiral Pawar expressed the confidence that INS Vikrditya will live up to its name and remain victorious in battle always,” said an officer.

印度海军副司令海军中将帕瓦尔在阿拉伯海的甲板上亲自检阅了排水量44400吨的“维克拉马蒂亚”号航母,米格- 29k超音速战机在航母上起降。一名军官称:“帕瓦尔上将表示,他相信维克拉玛蒂亚号不会辜负自己的名声,将永远在战斗中获胜。”

The Navy, of course, is kee a close watch on the nine-day “Sea Guardians 2020" exercise between the Pakistani and warships and submarines, which kicked off on Monday to “further consolidate their all-weather strategic partnership”.


While the Pakistani Navy is not a worry for the Indian Navy, New Delhi remains concerned about ’s expanding strategic footprint in the Indian Ocean Region. Navy chief Admiral Karambir Singh just last month had said that seven to eight warships are present in the IOR at any given time, while also confirming that Indian warships had driven away a oceanic research vessel indulging in suspicious activity near the strategically-located Andn and Nicobar archipelago in September.



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Sathasivan Nagarajan • 20 hours ago

The nation is under the custody of a brave and efficient PM and not a puppet and coward of earlier PM dancing at the hands of a Italian family.


rajesh rameshan• 20 hours ago

Please stop all these .. Army, Navy and Airforce are always efficient no matter who the PM is ..



sa steels• 10 hours ago

How come lakhs of illegal migrants crossed the borders in these years ..We would not need caa and nrc if the borders were checked strictly




R• 21 hours ago

Pakistan is broke. Pakistan's economy is col psed beyond repair. is a strategic challenge to the USA. The US won't tolerate any country supporting and challenging its predominance. In a war situation India can destroy Gwadar Port to smithereens, very easley. And there goes logistics and investments in smoke.



Zuby Assani • 14 hours ago

is a SuperPOWER and india a superCOWer.

Do no compare apples with oranges or a Mighty Dragon with a lame cow.



R• 14 hours ago

Even the constantly say they are yet to catch up to the West and USA. How many Aircraft careers do have. Far, far less then even Russia, may be two and others in the making. Let alone USA. You sound like a super pig from bikari Pukistan.



Hunter Naruto• 14 hours ago

Yes is really holds Superior army.



Pradip Sen • 19 hours ago

India fast need 2 more Aircraft carrier and at least 2 more nuclear submarines in its fleet to counter any advances in Indian Occean ! The under preparation Aircraft carrier should be completed within 2020 instead of 2021 !



Dravidian Nationalist• 19 hours ago

u go and build those if u are literate



Raghu Muthigi• 19 hours ago

Thumbs up to our brave soldiers



HappyTimes User • 18 hours ago

Nice move



Dravidian Nationalist• 20 hours ago

pork and cow meat are the best meats.


Bonny Moraes • 20 hours ago

Will it be served on INS Vikrditya?



chanakya • Mumbai • 19 hours ago

Any exercise by any country with pakistan is a waste of time. Pakistan is a beggar country. It doesn't have the pential to do anything by itself



Dravidian • Toronto • 20 hours ago

the ship should be renamed after Warren Hastings, the first governer general of British Indian.



Rambo• 19 hours ago

Brave move... proud to be an Indian...!



Sunil U• 20 hours ago

We trust on our Forces as they are capable of precting nation.



Sameer • Mumbai • 18 hours ago

India should build 20 more such beasts



qtips65 • Mumbai • 19 hours ago

Pakistan and are holding joint naval exercises? What does Pakistan have to contribute for the event? A row boat?




Sunil Mohite • Bangalore • 19 hours ago

Indian Navy should have similar exeecise with Vietnam, Japan, South Korea in the South sea



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