Why does Russia often seem to side with India?  In the UNSC, they often seem to veto in India's favour.




Jay Desai

Russia is the only true friend of India in international arena.

It sides with India most of the times as ;



Strategic Partnership : The partnership between India and Russia is not just buyer - seller type. It has been a strategic one with both hel each other in tough times. Russia even took sanctions for hel India in building Nuclear Reactors.

India always has Pro-Russian stand : India also always sides with Russia and it never supports sanctions by Western powers on Russia.



Biggest Arms Customer : India is the biggest arms customer of Russian weapons, tanks and aircrafts. So, they support India as we are loyal to them.

Multiple Joint Ventures : There are multiple JVs between Indian and Russian firms like Brahmos Missile, combat helicopters and FGFA aircraft.






Ganesh Ram

This is a fast changing world. Alliances are never permanent, therefore we cannot always expect Russia and India to be friends. With the rise of china in the Global stage, USA is using India to check China. Also, The future rests in USA, Russia, China and India(A balance of these powers would lead to global balance). I think US will align with India to China. Russia does not trust China so does India. So we cannot say Russia and India will always have a strategic partnership

source- An article written by a renowned turkish journalist.







India and Russia signed treaty of peace, friendship and cooperation in 1971. Since then India and Russia have always worked in synchronization at international arena.

This friendship was forged during Bangladesh Independence war when China and US sided with Pakistan and an axs was about to develop. Indira Gandhi reached out to Moscow and made a heavyweight friend on her side. She later added word "Socialist" in preamble of constitution of India to strengthen the relationship.



JanSangh party at that time criticized this move. They always wanted closer relationship with US due to constitutional similarity and they favored capitalistic policies. Their stand resulted in develo closer ties with USA during AB Vajpayees's government.

This friendship has historical background. During freedom movement many revolutionaries were inspired by Russian movement.Even Subhash Chandra Bose first went to Russia to get help to free India from British control during WW2. After Russia joined allied forces , he had no option but to go to Japan.



I disagree with first part of Ben Levy's answer to Why does Russia often seem to side with India? In any case of polarization of world forces, China is more likely to take side with Russia than India which will try to show her Non-Aligned credentials. Also secondary reason as he states too only works as facilitator .

我不同意Ben Levy对“为什么俄罗斯似乎经常站在印度一边?”的回答中的第一部分。在世界力量两极分化的情况下,中国更有可能站在俄罗斯一边,而非印度,而印度会打出不结盟的招牌。正如他所说的,次要原因也只能起到推动者的作用。




Akshay Vannery

It is complicated.

Let's take a simplistic look at it.

When India and Pakistan became 2 separate countries in 1947, USSR was a super-power. It had repeatedly proven its dominance and wartime acumen and was at the brink of wold-dominance. The USSR had only one clear challenger; the US.

This was an ideological conflict, where the US and its Allies favored Capitalism over the Socialist Soviet doctrine. The USSR wanted to build a socialist power bloc to further cement its dominance.




这是一场意识形态的冲突,美国及其盟友支持资 本主义,苏联信奉社 会主义学说。苏联希望建立一个社 会主义权力集团,以进一步巩固其统治地位。

India declared itself a "secular, socialist, de ocratic republic" in its constitution; which was the need of the hour in the early 1950s. The pre cold war era world was divided into two power blocks; and Russia sided with India when the United States sided with Pakistan.

India however never became a "socialist country" in the true sense of the term, as its first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru came up with the neutral "Non-aligned movement". This bloc decided not to side with either side; and comprised of other countries like Egypt, Burma, Indonesia etc.


但印度从未成为真正意义上的“社 会主义国家”,因为它的第一任总理贾瓦哈拉尔·尼赫鲁提出了中立的“不结盟运动”。这个不结盟阵营不支持任何一方,成员国有埃及、缅甸、印度尼西亚等其他国家。

Russia and India still continue to be allies in spite of this, and support each other in times of need. Russia provides India with Warships, Missiles etc and India shares it's technological advances with Russia. Its a symbiotic relationship based on trust and need for mutual support.





Dhruv Mahajan

Historically, Pakistan has always been a close US ally (A US proxy). During the Cold war, Russia (then USSR) needed a balancing influence in the region.

Today, the equation between US, India and Pakistan may have evolved significantly. But, India is the largest arms importer in the world.(India's arms imports almost three times of China, Pak: SIPRI report - The Times of India) A lot of those imports are from Russia. We are, by far, Russia's biggest client in terms of arms sales.






Ben Levy

Russia and India have a common interest in Asia: balancing China. But I have a feeling, as things progress in east Asia, that Indians will realize that they have other options: other east Asian nations area ALSO interested in balancing China.

Russia and India have, really, very little to offer each other. India has much more commerce with the United States, and India has virtually no ethnic ties to Russia, compared to strong ethnic ties to certain western nations. (US, UK). But this also means, they have nothing to argue over. So political cooperation is easy and inexpensive.

Update: The timing of this question is excellent- the Russians have just ended their arms embargo to Pakistan. With Russian weapons arming Pakistan, the Indian-Russian "special friendship" is starting to look less friendly.







Kevin James

To sum things up - Russians know how to keep their word unlike the europeans or the Americans.

From the time Leonid Breznev was the president of USSR and Mrs. Indira Gandhi had visited to express concerns of American ingoism raising its ugly head in parternship with Pakistan and China's Belligerence on our northern borders - Russians have silently kept things made their presence felt in the shadows - making the Americans go on their back foot and to tread softly .






Lakshman Sundar Aiyar

Russia is always matured and a steadfast ally of India. Indians are grateful to the Russians for their unflinching support. They know what is moral and what is not in the case of Kashmir. They know the history of Kashmir than all the scholars in the west who when Sadam took back Kuwait bristled but when Pakistan invaded and gobbled up PoK stood as mute spectators. Where was the so called UN and the so called world community then? They were spineless spaghetti then as they were now. Taking side of a terrorist nation is tantamount to abetting terrorism. The west is known for its explicit double standards. Russia on the other hand has a long term view. Russia is like a Dharma Patni to India - Righteous Wife married to a righteous husband. She stands by her husband through thick and thin. On the contrary the west is like a girl friend to India. Opportunistic, unreliable and may leave at the drop of a hat. For India it is better to have staunch friends than meretricious associates.





Jacques Văn Khải

No. Russia is a nasty two-faced nation who ready to sell its friends for other interests.

If you look on the most chapters of Russian history, Russia didn’t have friends. Instead, they only have two things: enemies, and buffers.

If Russia really cares on India, they will never try to trick the Indians like today. They promised to sell techs for India, but in the end, most of Russian modern equipments went to China. We all know China is having bad blood with India and this explains how good Russia is.




Most of history, India had to rely on Russia, but the Russians didn’t show any willing to protect India. Even 1971 Indo-Pakistani War, Russia sent its fleet just to make circus dance with the American fleet. Nothing else! Let’s remember 1979, Russia did nothing to help Vietnam on the border war against China.

This is why India develops their techs and science themselves and they have gone beyond what we expected. They are now doing better than even the Russians.



In the future, India’s allies will be South Korea, Japan, the West, Australia and the U.S.; and Russia will soon go away. Russian influence has decreased and declined significantly and its favors on India is going down. Instead, they are caring on other businesses, such as Ukraine, Syria, Georgia, or other military invasions. Now, they have China as their best buddy, because of sharing more similar interests comparing to India.

It is still India’s friend, but it is no longer trustworthy.

Hope the Indians will not fall on the Russian trap.




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