PM Modi completes sortie on Tejas, becomes 1st Prime Minister to fly in a fighter




BENGALURU: Putting his personal stamp of approval on the indigenous Tejas fighter, which will become the mainstay of the IAF in the years ahead instead of foreign jets, PM Narendra Modi Saturday took to the skies for a 30-minute sortie on a twin-seat variant of the light combat aircraft (LCA) here.


A flight to remember! Tejas is India’s pride, a manifestation of the strength and skills of 140 crore Indians,” said Modi, after becoming the first PM to fly in a fighter jet.

The Tejas trainer in which he flew was piloted by Group Captain Debanjan Mandal, with IAF chief Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari present at the HAL airport in Bengaluru.



The capabilities of the light-weight, multi-role 4.5-generation Tejas were demonstrated to the PM during the flight, and it comes at a time when the defence ministry is set to give preliminary approval to an order for 97 more LCAs to add to the 123 already contracted earlier, as was reported by TOI earlier this week.

Modi, who has been pushing for ‘Make in India’ in defence production, also visited the Tejas hangar at HAL’s Bangalore complex and appreciated efforts by the PSU and its team.





Mike • 1 day ago

Sortie definition, a sudden issuing of troops from a defensive position against the enemy,2,: one mission or attack by a single plane,3,a,: FORAY, RAID,b,: EXCURSION, EXPEDITION,. This is what happens when you have an illiterate prime minister.,

Sortie的意思是什么呢,军队突然行动抵御敌人;2.一架飞机执行任务或攻击;3. a突袭;b,:短途旅行,远征。没文化的总理就会闹出这种笑话。



Dr G • USA • 1 day ago

After 35 years of development the current Tejas is incapable of standing up to the PAFs 40 year old US supplied F-16s for both BVR and close in Dogfight type engagements. The choice of wrong wing and airframe design limits the performance of the Tejas even with imported GE engines.

经过35年的发展,无论是在近距离交火还是空战中,目前的光辉战机还无法对抗巴基斯坦空军已经服役40年的美国F -16战机。就算使用了进口的通用发动机,机翼和机身设计的问题还是限制了光辉战机的性能。



• 1 day ago

DRDO & HAL have made us proud.,We as Indians are thankful to the team of engineers who have made it possible.,It's matter of time that India should progress to all variants.




• 1 day ago

Although I come from a prominent and well-known family of freedom fighters and Congressmen, I became a devotee of Modi ji and now Yogi ji because they treat every citizen of the nation as part of their family and prioritize their welfare, whereas the majority of people, including myself, work hard to save money for our own families.




Jitesh • Dubai • 1 day ago

Opposition knows that they stand no chance with NaMo at helm to win an election and all name calling and abuses hurled at him is an precursor to that realisation. Post 2024, the opposition will completely disintegrate.




Gamer • Unknown • 1 day ago

Can you imagine he was waving to someone in the clouds...lol




Bheja • Duvasapalya • 1 day ago

Modiji is the Amitabh Bachchan of Indian politics.




Sundar • Unknown • 1 day ago

With 2024 elections coming up more such dramas will be staged.




• 1 day ago

No surprise in it. Our PM Modiji is a brave and petriotic person unlike his predecessors. PM Modiji is not only intelligent but also brave in nature. Even at this age he doesn't afraid of piloting a fighter plane which is indeginously designed and manufactured by Bharatiya engineers and scientists.




User • 1 day ago

Rahul khan family had dinner on the flying deck of Vikrant many years before! Flying a sortie on Tejas is peanuts for the mafia family!




• 1 day ago

Building better is everything




Quhesobi • 1 day ago

Crash is the only thing lacking in this photo-op of Feku.




• Quhesobi • 1 day ago

Why this coward Pakistani is commenting from Karachi ? Must have worried about our PM Modiji's 3rd surgical strike piloted by Modiji himself.




• 1 day ago

I am sure modiji was flying and pilot was taking pictures




• ModeeBakraBhakt • 1 day ago

You predicted absolutely correct.




Pri Mar • Unknown • 1 day ago

Porter Rahul lollypop lickers upset, as PM Modi completes sortie in TEJAS. First PM to fly in LCA.




• Pri Mar • 1 day ago

Pappu may fly to Thailand today itself for his divine massage treatment.




• 1 day ago

Now Sir should travel to space in Gagan Yaan




• Pratikriya • 1 day ago

PM Modiji is planning a manned mission to moon in 2026. Wait for that moment.




• 1 day ago

Tomorrow Scamgres CM of Karnataka will issue a press statement saying Modi has come to Bangalore just to enjoy the air ride in Tejas, and he was not interested to attend the funeral of slained warrior captain Pranjal and also he was not bothered to speak about the drought relief fund etc..




Prasanna • Krishna Murthy • 1 day ago

Oh really?!! Your comment simply means that the thought definitely crossed your mind about him enjoying the ride and not going for the funeral.




• Krishna Murthy • 1 day ago

I still remember his image of attending karanataka assembly in half pant when his sari went down accidently.




• 1 day ago

Modi should have supervised Silkyara tunnel collapse episode.




User • Unknown • 1 day ago

Modi is like the Amitabh Bachchan of Indian politics.




• 1 day ago

It's crazy that people writing negative comments here cannot appreciate one achievement of India and PM appreciating it. Are these people from Pakistan unable to see anything good about our country




Prasanna • Mohan M • 1 day ago

Your line started with appreciation for PM, and ended with people from Pakistan being unable to see anything good for the country. So tell me, why should people from Pakistan appreciate your country?!  




• 1 day ago

Man looks straight out of a circus




Jyshetty-1 day ago

Modi takes Indian Vaccine

Modi flys Tejas

He is asking Indians to choose made in India, pls support Indian companies.

Congress want to kill Tata,Ambani, Adhani and bring foreign companies.







Ajay -1 day ago

Incredible for the PM to fly in an Aircraft which is indigenously built .




Mmmm - 1 day ago

The son of the soil flying an indigenously built incredible TEJAS. 2024 is for the PATRIOTIC BJP.

Jai Bharat





User Panchal-1 day ago

Modi is self centered and self obsessed living his dream on tax payers money and the Media is the official PR


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