India set to kick off 3 mega defence projects worth Rs 1.4 lakh crore


NEW DELHI: India is now set to give preliminary approval to three mega indigenous projects to manufacture another aircraft carrier, 97 more Tejas fighters and 156 Prachand light combat helicopters, which together will be worth around Rs 1.4 lakh crore.


The Rajnath Singh-led defence acquisitions council is likely to take up the “acceptance of necessity (AoN)” -- the first step in the procurement process -- for the three crucial projects at a meeting slated on November 30, sources told TOI on Thursday.


Once the AoNs are accorded, the tendering and commercial negotiations will take place before the three deals are submitted to the cabinet committee on security for the final nod.


All these projects, which will take several years to be executed, are critical for strengthening the country’s operational military preparedness in the backdrop of China’s expanding multi-domain warfare capabilities.


The 97 Tejas Mark-1A fighters, at a cost of around Rs 55,000 crore, will add to the 83 such jets already ordered under the Rs 46,898 crore contract inked with Hindustan Aeronautics (HAL) in February 2021.


These 180 Tejas jets are critical for IAF to boost the number of its fighter squadrons, which is down to just 31 when at least 42 are required to tackle China and Pakistan. The first 83 Mark-1A jets are slated for delivery in the February 2024-February 2028 timeframe.


It will take 8-10 years for the second indigenous aircraft carrier (IAC-2), in turn, to be built at the Cochin Shipyard for around Rs 40,000 crore as a “repeat order” of the 44,000-tonne INS Vikrant or IAC-1.


INS Vikrant was commissioned in September 2022, after being built for around Rs 20,000 crore, but will be fully combat-ready only by mid-2024. The Navy also has the older Russian-origin carrier INS Vikramaditya, the refurbished Admiral Gorshkov inducted in November 2013 under a $2.33 billion deal with Russia.




Prabhakar R

In the previous regime all the orders would go to a foreign manufacturer with a heavy kickback going to one family!




Good news finally. But govt must work in reducing the timeline to war footing as the global dynamics is changing ao rapidly therefore a timeline of completion of such orders of 8-10 years is akin to ages..!



Pinaki Mukherjee

Modi Govt does not consult any more to local middlemen for Defence deals, aatmanirbharta, in full swing



Vipan Sharma

To establish global leadership, It is a must for Bharat to be not only self reliant on defence equipment but also build capability to export. Technology will play a big role..also, Drones are the future fighters of wars...need of the hour is to have it manufactured in Bharat.. can explore public -private partnership..




made in India will have its impact in multiple areas and will go beyond ensuring security of the country



2 hou

Manufacturing sector is the most important sector for India. It is the only sector which can provide employment to less educated and highly educated youth in large numbers. Science and technology is mainly developed by manufacturing sector. Agriculture sector has negligible potential for additional employment. It provides food security which has been achieved. However in Nehruvian socialism, the manufacturing sector is treated very badly. It is burdened with high taxes, very high power tariffs and excess government controls. On top of this, there is labour problem because of trade unions and socialism. It's mainly because of Nehruvian socialism that India could not become a developed country. However we can rectify this mistake. We should vote for a party which is genuinely interested in promoting Industrialisation and development. We must not vote for those fake socialist parties which attracts voters by giving freebies, subsidies and government jobs and involved in various types of caste politics.


然而,在尼赫鲁的社 会主义影响下,制造业没有受到重视,高额税收,高电价和过度的政府控制。除此之外,还有工会和社 会主义造成的劳工问题。印度之所以不能成为发达国家,主要是因为尼赫鲁的社 会主义。但是我们可以纠正这个错误。我们应该投票给一个真正关心促进工业化和发展的政党。我们不能投票给那些虚伪的政党,他们通过提供免费赠品、补贴和政府工作,以及参与各种种姓政治来吸引选民。


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Slowly but steadily



Deva null

This sign of Bharat heading towards as a developed nation and one of the super power.



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Given the unfortunate neighbourhood we live in, such spends are a requirement. Might is required to maintain peace in this world order.




Great…Jai ho




the Tejas must be renamed Teajuice and Prachand as Fekuchand after pyaaare modiji



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Seems it's a good news for my defense stocks



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we are still relying on GE American engine for Tejas ... that's sad ... it's 75 year of independence, we have reached moon and mara but fighter jet engine is still a dream



It takes decades of research and cost to develop a engine plus scale of production. It not something that you can put in a few years. One cannot set up a plant to just build 200 engines.



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The target should be to become the most powerful and most happiest country in the world.



User C Sivasubramanian

We need 4 aircraft carriers for effective counter against 2-front war scenario...2 against china in IOR...1 against pakistan in Arabian Sea...and 4th one as stand-by & in case any one ship is in port for maintenance/refit




The present government is aware of the potential threats emanating from neighbouring countries, and it is imperative for India to respond promptly.



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India is always within an inch of invasion. Two neighbouring enemies are seeking the slightest of chance to attack. Any lack of preparedness from our side, the two enemies will try to crush us.



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Govt should focus immediately to invest much more on tactical readiness like equip with better arms and gear for our personnel and technology to detect and defuse threats.. Strategic investments can go a bit slower.. increased military intelligence will help on that.,else we can consider these announcements as mix of political gizmos as well filling up party coffers through comms.



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Whst is the need for publicity The Ay deals are to be confidential Other need know our strength Whe the occasion comes we.prove our mighty to the world Vandemataram Bharatmataki jai



Suvendu Baral

Election time.. otherwise this govt is not at all bother about country but how to divert it to private hands..



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Whwn enemies are face to face then only such weapons are advantage




Why don't these defence company expansion their capacity even after getting huge orders.



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Hope these are not created for Adani's becoming more richer?


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